10 Best Crypto Gaming Platforms
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10 Best Crypto Gaming Platforms

written by John Murphy | March 13, 2023

The crypto gaming industry is flourishing like roses in the spring and has already become a billion-dollar industry. The attribution of games to blockchain technology has revolutionized the gaming and crypto industries, enabling genuine, real-world trading of NFTs. So, if you are for the best of the lot, here we will discuss the 10 best crypto gaming platforms.

Play-to-earn games are crypto games that have developed economies within the platforms as the players get rewarded with crypto gaming coins; thus, both cryptocurrency and the gaming industry benefit.

Moreover, many crypto gaming companies allow players to purchase NFTs and transfer their earnings to digital wallets. Additionally, players can also convert their earned coins into fiat money.

So, pretty cool! Let us now explore the 10 best crypto gaming platforms.

  • Fight Out

One of the finest platforms to earn crypto rewards is Fight Out. It pushes users to take certain fitness challenges and get paid in $FGHT, the platform’snative token.

However, these tests are not straight physical exercise challenges, but the platform has gamified the arena through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. In short, the project is well taken by investors and has raised $4.6 million during its pre-sale phase.

Early investors can access 13.5% of the 10 billion tokens while receiving a 10% bonus for six months by investing $500 or more.

  • Tamadoge

Tamadoge listed as one of the best blockchain gaming platforms of 2022, and thus it made it to the 10 best crypto gaming platforms in our article. The platform was a huge success during its presale as it pumped about 2000% from its initial price.

While it has gathered further interest after the launch of the first game in its ecosystem – Super Doge, players battle for daily and weekly challenges and earn rewards in TAMA (the native token of the platform). 

Moreover, the platform has issued a Tamadoge NFT collection and launched a meme coin project.

  • Calvaria

Another top-seeded P2E gaming platform that offers high IEO. The platform has the backing of top cryptocurrency exchanges like Uniswap, Changelly Pro and others.

Although card games are in, nothing beats the heat of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. If you are a pro and want to enhance your skills, this is your place to explore. The game’s plot sets in the afterlife, so a pretty unique idea.

The platform is ever-evolving and adding new games like Fortnite.

  • Lucky Block

If you are a multi-game type, Lucky Block is your gaming arena, as the platform offers numerous games under a single login. It offers Casino and Sportsbook games which are highly addictive, and guess what? You can take home rewards in its native token LBLOCK.

Moreover, players get 15% cash back on the first week’s losses. Lucky Block gathered $1 billion during the pre-sale phase and has spiked to 20% in price since then.

  • Meta Masters Guild

It is the World’s first Web3 mobile gaming platform. While other gaming platforms focus on developing AAA-type games, MMG primarily focuses on fun, as the platform allows re-playability.

MMG has three games in the making, including Meta Kart Championship, Raid NFT and Meta masters World. Users paid in NFTs in the MMG metaverse, while users can easily sell them in the market.

  • Silks

As silky as its name, Silks is a P2E horse racing game. The graphics on the game are a treat to watch as it provides a real-world experience. What matters with Silks is its uniqueness since very few platforms are offering horse racing games.

Moreover, Silks is also rewarding real-world horse race winners, which is never heard of. Players are rewarded in NFTs, while 65% of the NFTs on the platform are already sold out. Likewise, players can stake their coins to earn interest.

  • SX Bet

SX Bet is the World’s largest crypto gaming platform in terms of users and volume. The platform has recorded over 235 million bets since its inception.

The platform is based on the Polygon network and works as a Prediction marketplace allowing users to offer game bets. Moreover, the game offers instant payouts with no deposit requirements. The top six leaderboards of the game have all won $1 million each in bets.

  • Battle Infinity

The name sounds so gaming to the ears. It is one of the best future blockchain gaming platforms that aims to offer an unmatched NFT-based metaverse. However, the platform’s flagship offering is fantasy sports games, where players can win and earn IBAT.

Moreover, users can easily swap IBAT with other cryptocurrencies, and many experts are optimistic about the platform’s future.

  • Space Misfits

It is a multiplayer crypto game that works with the Enjin blockchain protocol. Players explore space and collect different resources to expand their space fleet. Additionally, you fight with other players to gran the maximum space.

The rewards on the platform are paid in BITS, the native token of the Space Misfits.

  • Mobox

Mobox is another popular crypto game that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. The DeFi ecosystem offers numerous free-to-play games across blockchains by combining yield farming with NFT.

The reward is offered in the form of MOMO NFTs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best crypto gaming platform?

Meta Masters Guild is regarded as the best crypto gaming platform by many experts. Since it is based on Web3 and offers a mobile gaming option, thus becomes a project to look up to for the future.

Which is no. 1 crypto game?

Axie Infinity is the number 1 crypto game based on market capitalization and the number of users.

Can I convert my rewards from crypto gaming to fiat money?

Certain blockchain gaming platforms allow you to convert your earnings into fiat money.

Parting Thoughts

That concludes our take on the 10 best crypto gaming platforms.

The collaboration of cryptocurrency and the gaming industry through blockchain has revolutionized the entire industry. Many users enjoy millions of dollars through P2E platforms that pay users in native tokens and NFTs.

While this is not the end, developers are taking full advantage of the scenario and offering new features and games on these blockchain-based gaming platforms.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to earn money, crypto gaming is your piece of cake. There are daises like Fight Out, Calvaria and Axie Infinity which can take your gaming experience to the next level. 

So, tighten up your seat belt and enjoy the crypto gaming platforms.