10 Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters
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10 Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters

written by John Murphy | February 23, 2023

Newsletters are one of the best sources to stay updated with cryptocurrency news. So, to stay informed about the latest news, trends and prices, read the 10 best cryptocurrency newsletters.

Although people consider the crypto market as highly volatile cryptocurrencies, there still is hesitation among investors while embracing cryptos. But with the right information, the DeFi system can bring confidence to consumers.

Education is the key to gaining investors’ confidence; this is where reading expert-backed crypto newsletters come in! You can only make informed decisions if you are up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the blockchain and crypto space.

The crypto world is more than Bitcoin and Ethereum; thus, knowing is having, so staying updated is the name of the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the crypto world confidently by reading the 10 best cryptocurrency newsletters discussed in this article.

10 Best Crypto Newsletters

Here is a list of the 10 best cryptocurrency newsletters for beginners and old-timers.

  • CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the oldest groups serving crypto newsletters to its clients free of charge. They publish newsletters every day of the week for users ranging from investors, newbies and financial advisors.

Since they have a team equipped with crypto market insights, thus they send out the Market Wrap providing details about the latest crypto trends. Moreover, their publication Crypto for Advisors equips advisors with education to discuss the present and future of digital assets.

Other newsletters include The Node, State of Crypto and Money Reimagined.

  • CoinSnacks

The newsletter boasts of providing investors, traders and novices with “digestible news, education, and research.” Moreover, the CoinSnacks newsletter is issued every Wednesday and has over 60,000 subscribers.

The platform has published more than 200 weekly newsletters starting in 2018. The newsletter is divided into easily followed sections like deep dives, tweet of the week, regulatory front, and must-reads. 

  • Unbanked

To help people develop an understanding of cryptocurrencies, a team of professionals started releasing a newsletter by the name of Unbanked (not to confuse it with unbanked.com). They offer daily newsletters with a free subscription. 

However, a paid version offers detailed insights, price predictions, and strategic decisions for investors. Moreover, the paid version is ad-free and is ideal for profit-maximizing articles, research and polls.

  • The Pomp Letter

With around 210,000 subscribers, The Pomp Letter is one of the most followed newsletters about cryptocurrency. In addition, they have thousands of paid subscribers as well, which shows their popularity.

The main topic covered by the newsletter includes Bitcoin, Federal Reserve’s decisions, interest rates and other crypto-related news and developments. Furthermore, users can choose a weekly free subscription or paid version from an annual $199 or a monthly $19 plan.

  • Bankless

Bankless started operating in 2020 and has grown to become a trusted name for providing educational material for the crypto market. The platform has developed to feature podcasts, a YouTube channel, and a newsletter.

Although they do not have regular publications, their DeFi newsletter details tech, finance and cryptocurrency-related topics. You can get unrestricted access by paying $22 per month. Their publications include Inner Circle, Tactic Tuesday, and Market Monday.

  • Decrypt

Decrypt is another reputed name for seeking crypto-info. The platform has four free subscriptions, including Job Openings in Crypto, Daily Crypto News Highlights, Weekly DeFi News Report and Decrypt’s Weekend Roundup.

Moreover, users can benefit from their daily podcasts. Decrypt offers updates about Bitcoin, Ethereum, DEXA, and NFTs.

  • Coin Bureau

Although Coin Bureau draws inspiration from YouTube, where they provide the latest updates, their crypto newsletter is as effective as well. They have over two million subscribers across different platforms, including blogs, Telegram channels and YouTube.

Users, specialists and newbies can receive the latest news in their emails every Sunday, free of cost. The newsletter targets price fluctuation, market cap, and the latest developments.

  • CryptoWeekly

You can receive updated crypto job opening details and market analysis every Monday if you subscribe to CryptoWeekly. Blockchain developments, digital currency futures, and IRS taxation are the topics of interest for CryptoWeekly.

The newsletter also covers the latest price trends and technical analysis regarding the latest crypto projects. The platform also has a YouTube channel covering market predictions.

  • The Node

The team behind The Node specializes in providing live price updates, blockchain news, key takeaways from the crypto market and a rundown on the latest trends. The newsletter is made interesting by adding top crypto memes and occasional crypto limerick.

Coin Desk is the parent team that is also publishing numerous other newsletters.

  • Bloomberg Crypto

One of the biggest media organizations and financial data, Bloomberg, has a dedicated team to look after the crypto metaverse. The platform issues more than 40 daily and weekly newsletters covering topics regarding digital assets, crypto news, crypto events and blockchain developments.

The newsletter is suited for experts and new joiners alike. The publication also has a daily podcast called Bloomberg Crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a crypto newsletter subscription?

Crypto enthusiasts, traders, investors, and journalists can benefit from newsletters that offer information suiting the needs of newbies and experts. Therefore, you must get a crypto newsletter subscription without a second thought.

Where can I get crypto news?

The best sources of information for crypto include the following.

  • Newsletters
  • Social media platforms
  • Podcasts

What type of crypto news do I need?

You can read basic or advanced-level crypto news based on your level. Moreover, other topics include in-depth market analysis, future price predictions, and advance level trading information.

Parting Thoughts

Since the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, with changes happening every minute, thus staying up-to-date with what’s happening is key to remaining in the game. 

Thus reading material comes at the core of making educated decisions. At the same time, newsletters are the best source of information for newbies and pros. So, having a regular subscription can support your investment decision.

We have mentioned a list of the 10 best cryptocurrency newsletters ideal for all crypto stakeholders. These newsletters have expertise in various topics, including Bitcoin, DeFi, Ethereum, blockchain, and new projects to NFTs.

We hope this list helped you select the right newsletter for your interests. Please let us know which newsletter you subscribed to in the comment section.