5 New Cryptocurrency Launches To Invest
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5 New Cryptocurrency Launches To Invest

written by John Murphy | March 1, 2023

Cryptocurrency is a relatively young asset class compared to traditional classes, such as bonds and equities. However, with cryptocurrencies gaining global support, people are looking for projects to invest in. Buying in the presale phase can help investors with good returns, so we have compiled a list of the 5 new cryptocurrency launches to invest in.

Although the newest cryptocurrencies are as volatile as the existing market, traders and investors can select a project that shows potential, relevance and creditability with the right strategy and market study. 

Moreover, early entry promises the highest returns in the long term. So, keeping tabs on future explosive cryptocurrencies can return favorable yields. Similarly, if you aim to become a millionaire with cryptocurrency, it is vital to diversify your portfolio.

Here is a list of 5 new cryptocurrency launches to invest in as these projects await public launch.

  • FightOut   

In just six months, FightOut has amassed a large community of followers on its social media platforms. Despite a bearish market trend, FightOut is getting fast-growing interest. 

FightOut is a fitness application at the heart of it. Therefore, the application uses the move-to-earn concept. Crypto aims to bring ease and efficiency to users’ fitness by applying the latest technologies like the blockchain. Moreover, the project attracts users by promising, ‘Level up your health, earn rewards, and compete in the metaverse.’ 

FighOut is in its pre-sale phase and offers $FGHT, its native token. From their website, you can buy this highly promising coin with ETH, USDT, direct bank deposit or credit card.


  • Mass appeal
  • Diverse reward system
  • Ambitious roadmap
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • A novel approach to move-to-earn 


  • Non-transferable NFTs
  • Dash2Trade

D2T has established itself as a high-relevance utility token of 2023. Based on strong presale phases, the coin will explode further once its first CEX listing is slated. Currently, the token is in its last presale phase.

At its core, D2T is a crypto signal and analytical platform that support traders in making smart investment decisions. Although the crypto market is full of bots providing analytics, only a few cater to a broad user base. Furthermore, the project is exploded to blast away once its much-awaited dashboard is launched.

The project aims to support investors to take a closer look into the market without drowning their investments. 


  • Social sentiment tracker
  • Board user base
  • Presale alerts
  • Strategy builder and back-tester


  • Tiered subscription
  • EYE AI

One of the 5 new cryptocurrency launches to invest in is Eye AI – a free-to-use telegram bot to access CHAT GPT and DALL-E. The project aims to integrate human activities and business solutions through artificial intelligence.

Since there is great demand for highly autonomous systems for maintaining standardization, thus EYE AI holds growth potential in 2023 and beyond.

Currently, the project is in its presale phase and has received impressive traction from crypto and non-crypto communities. Moreover, the project is expected to add to the crypto market cap significantly. Moreover, the project is expecting new partnerships and integrations in 2023.

Furthermore, the EYE AI project donates 1% of the EYE-AI BEP20 tokens to AI institutions.


  • Business intelligence
  • High scope of innovation


  • Complex narrative
  • C+Charge

With projects like C+Charge in the making, experts consider cryptocurrency is the future of finance. One major criticism cryptocurrencies face their carbon footprint; therefore, new projects are addressing the issue.

C+Charge is an ideal example that aims to heal the planet by offering a proof-of-stake mechanism and providing a P2P payment and charging ecosystem for EV charging stations.

Electric vehicles are great, but much work is still required to keep them up and to run. So, projects like C+Charge support EVs. It allocates individual wallets to users, who can use the platform to pay for EV charging using its native token, $CCHG.


  • Carbon-credit tracker
  • Charging stations’ technical diagnosis
  • Geolocated easy-access charging stations finder
  • Integrated options for seamless payments


  • Need large-scale infrastructure for adoption
  • Calvaria

It is a hot property for gaming enthusiasts, as the platform brings unmatched gripping game mechanics. So, you can become an ultimate force on the battlefield by winning duals and tournaments.

Moreover, the games touch on a unique after-life concept that is fascinating and intuitive. The project comes in two versions, free-to-play and earn-to-play. Players only need to invest in crypto if they intend to play for money.

The Calvaria is live and expected to offer handsome returns to users. The token is expected to go as high as 30X to 50X upon public launch. Thus, early birds can make handsome returns as the project is appealing due to its thrilling gameplay.


  • Gripping games mechanics
  • Low financial barriers
  • Free-to-play options
  • Play-to-Earn version


  • High competition

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the newest crypto to invest in?

We discussed the top 5 new crypto projects to invest in, which are listed below.

  • FightOut (FGHT)
  • C+Charge (CCHG)
  • Calvaria 

Will crypto boom in 2023?

With the newest cryptocurrencies appearing in the market, cryptocurrency is expected to make good returns if chosen wisely. There are numerous new projects with high-yield promise.

Is D2T a good investment?

Dash2Trade is expected to blast in 2023; the project has attracted handsome investment and will gain value once its dashboard is launched. So, based on trends, we can tip D2T as a good investment.

Parting Thoughts

We have comprehensively covered the best 5 new cryptocurrency launches to invest-in in 2023. These are highly potential-bearing projects, like Calvaria, rooted in the evergreen gaming sector, while C+Charge focuses on green energy.

Moreover, new projects give high yields and are perfect opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio. Therefore, searching for new projects and investing in them is always a good position to take.

Furthermore, these projects can offer multifold returns if the cryptocurrency market remains favorable. So, stay alert to new projects, and buy them at low prices in their presales phases.

However, the crypto market is highly volatile, so staying active in market changes is the key to making good profits. Therefore, we always recommend seeking professional advice and an extensive market study before choosing any crypto project.

We hope you enjoyed reading and wish you the best of luck with your investment in new crypto projects. Adios!