Amnesty Bans AI Protest Images: Sparks Controversy!
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Amnesty Bans AI Protest Images: Sparks Controversy!

written by John Murphy | May 3, 2023

According to recent news following the widespread online criticism, the human rights advocacy group banned the faked images.

Amnesty International’s human rights advocacy group has recollected the artificial intelligence-generated images. In 2021, during the national protest in Colombia, it used these images in a campaign to publicize police brutality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amnesty International banned AI-generated images after criticism.
  • AI-generated images protect Colombian protesters from state punishment.
  • AI-generated images are nothing more than propaganda.
  • AI- image criticism distracts from supporting the victims of Colombia.
  • Politicians, the Republican Party of the United States use AI-generated images for campaigning their politics.

Moreover, according to reports, the group was criticized for producing images using AI for its social media accounts. On 2 May, The Guardian especially highlighted 1 image.

This shows that police dragged a woman during a protest in Colombia against long-standing and deep economic and social inequalities in 2021.

However, a closer look at the image shows a few differences. These differences involve dated police uniforms, uncanny-looking faces, and the protesters that are somehow wrapped in the wrong flag of Colombia.

Source: consent

There is a statement at the bottom of each image that an AI generates the image. Amnesty International stated to The Guardian that to protect protesters from feasible state retribution, they use AI to produce images.

Director for America at Amnesty, Erika Guevara Rosas, stated that we had discarded the image from social media posts.

He added that we don’t want to criticize AI for generating images. And this system distracts the key message of supporting victims and their calls for justice in Columbia.

Photojournalists criticized the images used. They comment that in today’s highly contradictory time of fake news, people hopefully question the media’s credibility.

Roland Meyer, the media scholar, commented on the deleted images. He said that image synthesis reinforces and reproduces visual stereotypes almost by default. They were nothing more than propaganda before adding.

Amnesty deleted the other images that the Twitter user posted in April. Dave Craige, the founder of Hustler GBT, posted the United States Republican Party video using AI-generated images in its political campaign.

Claim that we know that deep fake images and AI will make it to politics. We didn’t realize it would happen so quickly.

Crypto Influencers & Platforms React to News: A Must-See!

NFT Often took to Twitter and made an announcement that Amnesty removed a generator image that it used in the campaign. It claims to use these images to protect protesters from possible state penalties.

Wen3 took to Twitter and made an announcement that Amnesty, a human rights advocacy group International, has banned artificial intelligence-generated images.

Coin Mantra took to Twitter and made an announcement about the ban of Amnesty on AI-generated images of Colombian protests after criticism.

The Human Rights advocacy group named Amnesty International banned using AI-generated images. It faced criticism because these images show some discrepancies.

Amnesty International remove these images from social media because they don’t want to distract the support for the justice of Colombian victims. Like most politicians, parties use AI-generated images for publicity.