Apple to Discard Bitcoin White Paper from Latest Beta MacOS
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Apple to Discard Bitcoin White Paper from Latest Beta MacOS

written by John Murphy | April 26, 2023

According to recent news, since 2018, the shipping of Bitcoin white paper within the Mac operating system of Apple has been available. The largest tech company in the world upgrades it on 25 April.

The company Apple to Discard the Bitcoin white paper from the latest beta version of its operating system.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple to Discard Bitcoin white paper from the latest beta MacOS.
  • NFT Often announced the removal on Twitter.
  • The white paper was included in MacOS for 5 years, but it’s unclear why it was included or removed.
  • Conspiracy theories were floated, including the idea that Steve Jobs was Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Apple has faced legal challenges over its in-app payment policies, which require a 30% commission.

NFT Often took to Twitter and made an announcement on Twitter that Apple removed Bitcoin White Paper from its MacOS beta version.

On 25 April, the largest tech company removed Virtual Scanner II, a test scanner app in the latest MacOS Venture 13.4 beta. Afterward, according to the Apple-focused news site, 9to5 Mac removed the Bitcoin white paper.

Moreover, within the vitreous scanner II document was discovered. No one knows the reason behind the presence of documents there. The report said it was just a joke among the Apple engineers.

According to the technologist Andy Baio’s blog post on 5 April, Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin pdf copy had shipped with a MacOS copy for the past five years.

Apple Insider said other wilder conspiracy theories like Apple co-founder Steve Jobs id Satoshi Nakamoto appeared.

Dr Martin Hiesboeck took to Twitter and announced that Apple deleted the Bitcoin White paper from its operating system. That is exciting for Apple. Also, by this action, more attention diverts to Bitcoin.

However, from the latest beta version of the operating system, Apple discarded the document. Apple didn’t know the funny side.

The white paper is available within the Image Capture app in a folder. At the same time, the other files seem like images and Pdf.

According to 9to5Mac, it is pretty sure about the original theory that regular users cannot find the internal tool and Bitcoin White paper.

Justin B took to Twitter and announced that Apple upgraded its operating system and removed the Bitcoin White Paper.

Tech Giant forbids developers from using alternative in-app payment methods in corresponding development. So, the California court found that Tech Giant breached the competition rules. The company forced the developers and creators of NFT to use its payment platform, and by using this, they would charge a 30% commission.