Apps to buy crypto under 18
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Apps to buy crypto under 18

written by John Murphy | April 20, 2023

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular among all age groups. Especially among youngsters, as such things really seem to catch their attention. However, there are only a few apps to buy crypto under 18. This is to limit the options for buying crypto for kids under 18. Most of the crypto exchanges have age restrictions for buying crypto like Coinbase, lacking a certain age group from trying out this innovative investment option.


  • Only a limited number of apps allow teenagers to trade crypto.
  • Bybit is one of the best apps to buy crypto for those under 18.

Fortunately, there are still various apps that allow teenagers to buy crypto and trade it. They don’t even need to go through the KYC verification process. This allows the young generation to access the crypto world; including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

Investing in crypto is no joke or child’s play. It is necessary to have some extent of knowledge of investing in cryptocurrencies. The youngsters must educate themselves before they step foot in it. Moreover, the parents should also be involved in the investment process for their teenage kids. Despite being able to invest it raises many concerns and questions regarding trading crypto.

In this article, we will explore the best apps to buy crypto for those under 18. More so we will also try to address many of the concerns along the way. This article will be your guide to stepping on the trading crypto bandwagon soon,

Best apps to buy crypto under 18

Here are some of the apps where teenagers can buy cryptocurrencies.

  2. Lumi Crypto Bitcoin wallet
  3. WazirX
  4. Good crypto
  5. Voyager
  6. Bitstamp
  7. Kucoin
  8. Bybit
  9. Bisq
  10. Margex is for trading and requires you to be at least 18 to trade like many US-based crypto trading platforms. it is also one of the apps to buy crypto under 18 as it allows parents to make custodial accounts. Then they can invest as much as they want with 0 charges.

Lumi Crypto Bitcoin wallet

A Bitcoin wallet app made by LUMI WALLET LTD. Since Lumi Crypto has no registration requirement, teenagers or kids under 18 can buy crypto using a Lumi Crypto Bitcoin wallet. Moreover, it has 0 charges for trading.


The WazirX app is made by Zanmai Labs Private Limited. It is an Indian crypto exchange and trading app. People 18 years and above can apply for the account.

Good Crypto

Good Crypto is an app made by The app allows crypto trading for 0 charges. It has a rating of 500.


Voyager is yet another trading app for ages 18 and more. The investors may invest as much as they want. The app is created by Voyager Digital, LLC.


Bitstamp made an app to buy and sell bitcoin and for crypto exchange. The app is convenient and easy to use with an 1194 rating.


one of the best platforms for free trading. The exchange comes with more than 700+ coins to trade. The Kucoin exchange has very low fees and you can instantly purchase crypto even under 18 since it does not require any authentication.


This is one of the best apps for trading crypto, especially for Australian who are under the age of 18. Bybit is a trusted platform and has over 10 million users. Moreover, the platform is very easy to use and you can trade several coins on the platform. The trading fees are also very low at 0.1%. Also, they provide live support 24/7.


Another one of the best exchange apps to buy crypto. It is also the best-decentralized exchange for Bitcoin. The platform provides you with complete anonymity. Not only that it is also very safe to invest in digital assets. It might not be an ideal option for beginners but there is a lot of stuff accessible for traders. On Bisq the traders can only buy BTC directly while for the rest you need to go through an intermediary process.


Margex is another app you can use to buy crypto for kids under 18. To purchase crypto the user may use a debit or credit card. They are popularly known for providing extensive security for their users. The only drawback is that Margex only allows the trade of 13 coins which is too little considering there are so many coins available in the market. Other than that it is a great option.


How to buy crypto under 18?

You can buy crypto from the list of crypto trading apps shared on our site either on your own or via custodial accounts.

Can you buy crypto under 18?

Yes, you can but not from every single app. Only a few apps allow teenagers to trade crypto.

How to sell crypto under 18?

To sell crypto under 18 you can go on apps that allow under 18 people to trade.


In the end, While finding apps to buy crypto under 18 we most certainly think is it illegal to buy crypto under 18, since many crypto exchanges don’t allow teenagers to trade. But that’s solely the choice of the exchange to keep an age restriction. Other than that crypto itself does not imply any age restrictions on its traders. It is the exchange and there should be since trading financial assets requires a good knowledge about it.