Arkansas Senate And House Pass Bitcoin Mining Protection Bill - A Game-changer
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Arkansas Senate And House Pass Bitcoin Mining Protection Bill - A Game-changer

written by John Murphy | April 11, 2023

The state of Arkansas has made a significant move towards Bitcoin Mining Protection and the rights of Bitcoin miners with the passing of a new bill in both the Senate and House.

The legislation, which is the first of its kind in the state, aims to provide legal clarity and stability to those engaged in Bitcoin mining activities, an important part of the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Arkansas passed a bill to protect Bitcoin miners and attract data center investment.
  • Bitcoin miners in Arkansas are exempt from regulatory requirements and fees.
  • Data centers in Arkansas receive tax incentives and exemptions.
  • President Biden’s budget proposal includes a potential 30% tax on electricity used for crypto mining to reduce environmental impact.
  • There is growing recognition of the importance of protecting crypto miners and promoting the digital economy in the US.

The bill number HB1799 named Arkansas Data Centers Act of 2023 was suggested by Senator Joshua Bryant on 30 March and the lead Sponsor is McClure. The Arkansas Data Centers Act of 2023 has recently been signed into law, bringing about a significant change in the state’s regulatory environment for data centers.

The new law, which was passed unanimously by both the House and Senate, is aimed at attracting more data center investment to Arkansas and promoting the growth of the state’s digital economy.

Bitcoin Mining Protection

Under the new law, Bitcoin miners in Arkansas will be considered as providing a “utility” service, and therefore will not be subject to the same regulatory requirements as other businesses operating in the state.

This means that Bitcoin mining operators will not be required to obtain a license, permit, or pay any additional fees to continue their operations.

The legislation has been widely praised by members of the cryptocurrency community, who have long been calling for greater regulatory clarity in this area. Many argue that the new law will provide a boost to the state’s economy, as it will attract new investment and stimulate job creation in the Bitcoin mining sector.

In addition, under the new law data centers in Arkansas will be eligible for a variety of tax incentives and exemptions, including a sales tax exemption on electricity used for data center operations, and a property tax exemption for certain data center equipment.

John Buhl makes an announcement on Twitter;

This shows that President Joe Biden’s budget proposal, introduced on 9 March, includes a provision that could result in a 30 percent tax on the costs of electricity for crypto miners operating in the US. The proposal is aimed at reducing mining activity, which has been criticized for its environmental impact.

The new legislation extends the same tax incentives and regulatory framework to crypto mining operations in Arkansas, providing these entities with similar benefits and protections as traditional data centers operating in the state.

Similar to Arkansas, Montana has also taken steps to protect crypto miners operating within the state. In late March, the Montana Senate passed a bill aimed at safeguarding miners from taxes on digital assets used for payments and eliminating energy rates that discriminate against home crypto miners and digital asset businesses.