Asia's Gaming Domination: Web3's Crucial Powerhouse

Asia's Gaming Domination: Web3's Crucial Powerhouse

written by John Murphy | April 15, 2023

According to a new report, it is stated that for the Web3 Gaming industry, Asia is critical. As Asia already boasted the revenue of gaming and Gamers share and showed a keen interest in the blockchain industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Asia is critical for Web3 Gaming, with 1.7B players and $72B in revenue.
  • Asia drives global gaming, with 62 of the top 100 companies.
  • China prohibits blockchain for gaming, but Saga leads in SK and Japan.
  • Poll shows Japanese interest in blockchain gaming; 50% swayed by Bitcoin.
  • Game experience and airdrops are key for gamers; visual quality matters most.

It is highlighted in a 13 April report from the DappRadar analytics platform that over 1.7 billion players of video games, considering 55% of the world’s tot, are present in the Asia market. Additionally, Asia has been a long-time driving force behind the global gaming industry, accounting for half of the revenue of global gaming.

Elizbeth Harris posted on Twitter that it is reported in Dappradar that Asia dominates the gaming industry based on the blockchain industry.

However, DappRadar claims that “In assuming blockchain gaming, Asia plays a critical role” because of all these points.

By market capitalization Asia dwell 62 of the 100 top world gaming companies, and South Korea, China, and Japan in Asia dominate the gaming industry.

DappRadar Reported that China prohibits using blockchain technology for gaming businesses and banned crypto.

On the other hand, it is reported that based on the news that Saga released a new blockchain gaming technology and the patent of Saga on NFT, blockchain technology is taken as the leading gaming business in South Korea and Japan

Coinatory announced on Twitter that DappRadar reported 1.7 billion games in Asia, resulting in more than $ 72 billion in revenue in the capital market.

According to the report, the poll of 1,030 women and men of 20 to 60 years of age shows the idealistic approach toward the Japanese gaming industry based on blockchain.

 Moreover, it is disclosed that only 40% of the participants are familiar with Bitcoin gaming, and 50% of the familiar sway them.

Source: startuplithuania

The report emphasized that in the evaluation of the new game for gamers, “game experience and visual quality” are the most significant factors over game economics, entry prices, and the number of active users.

CoinLivespace announced on Twitter that Asia plays a crucial role in the gaming industry as it has control over most players and gaming revenue and is eagerly interested in blockchain technology.

Additionally, airdrops play a very important role in motivating gamers to try out new games. Gamers expect to receive airdrops before starting a new game as Airdrop is considered the “essential factor”.