Audius Price Prediction: What is AUDIO crypto?
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Audius Price Prediction: What is AUDIO crypto?

written by John Murphy | May 4, 2023

Audius, the decentralized music streaming platform is gaining more and more traction in the music industry. This platform with its unique features makes music less susceptible to censorship, performance issues, or even security breaches. What makes Audius more secure is that it relies on the global network of nodes that work together to store and even validate data. Such aspects of Audius (AUDIO) crypto have made traders ponder upon the Audius price prediction. More so, to determine the price trajectory of the token.


  • Audius is a popular decentralized platform for music streaming. It gives a whole lot of privacy and security to the creators and listeners alike.
  • The growth of the token may have been slow and steady but its demand is increasing day by day.
  • The price of AUDIO tokens may reach a maximum of $10 by the year 2030.

Furthermore, with the potential to grow Audius has been attracting more users to its platform. Not only that its performance has made people curious about what its future holds. Another reason for the growing attention in the market would be the ongoing bullish trend of Audius crypto in the crypto market.

In this article, we will try to determine the Audius token price prediction, with the help of various analyses and indicators. This will prove helpful for those looking to invest in the AUDIO token, as they will be able to assume the possible market potential of the token in the coming days.

Audius Price Prediction: Past Price Analysis

To understand the AUDIO crypto price prediction, let’s first look at the past price history of AUDIO crypto. Audius token ranks #117 in the crypto market and is currently trading at $0.29. With a market cap of $298,394,070 and a circulating supply of 1,045,289,093 AUDIO.

The recent data suggests that the Audius token experienced an increase in its trading volume by 3.27%. Along with the increase in the market cap that shows a good sign for investing. While over the past 7 days, the token’s value declined that showing bearish signs.

If we look at the last 30 days’ worth of data we can see that the token increased in price by 2.73% which also pushed the market cap of the token. Still not good or profitable enough for short-term investment.

Looking at the past 3 months of price analysis, Audius experiences a slight 0.66% increase in price, indicating the slow and steady growth of the token. However, the past 4-month analysis shows a growing trajectory of the coin, with a significant increase in the trading volume of Adudius. The overall data suggests a good opportunity for quick investment.

Audius AUDIO Crypto Overview

Coin name-Audius
Market Cap-$293,963,984
Volume 24h-$9,966,052
Circulating Supply-1,045,289,093 AUDIO
Current Price-$0.2812

What is Audius AUDIO crypto?

Audius is a decentralized platform with its unique features built on a blockchain for streaming music. With AUDIO as its native token. The platform allows its users to upload their music or connect without the involvement of any intermediary. Ultimately giving the musicians further control over their music content and making more revenue out of it.

The AUDIO token is involved in the performance of the platform and is also used as a governance token on the platform. Privacy is one of the key features of the platform that make it intriguing for its users. Moreover, it also has encryption that allows users to protect and optimize who they choose for accessing their content.

The popularity of the Audius platform is driven by the support of big names in the industry, along with its revolutionizing music streaming platform. All of these features and more make it a potentially game-changing opponent in the music industry for creators and listeners alike.

Future Price Analysis of AUDIO Crypto

While conducting the Audius price forecast it is important to take a comprehensive approach while carrying out analysis. This includes technical and fundamental analysis with various indicators we need to study.

As for technical analysis, there are certain specific indicators that help identify price movements and trends. Some of which are Relative Strength Index RSI, trading volume, historical market trends, and more. For instance, the RSI indicator helps determine whether a coin is overbought or oversold.

Then comes the fundamental analysis, This is more associated with things that drive the price of the token. For instance the protocol adoption or the market sentiment. Market sentiment alone holds a significant position in driving the value of any cryptocurrency. It poses great potential to drive the price of a token.

Source: TradingView

Below you will find the price predictions of the Audius token, derived with the help of these tokens.

AUDIO Price Prediction 2023

By the end of the year 2023, the AUDIO crypto is expected to reach a maximum of $0.509.

AUDIO Price Prediction 2024

The price of AUDIO tokens may go as high as $0.78 by the year 2024.

AUDIO Crypto Price Prediction 2025

As per the data, we can say that the price of AUDIO may reach a maximum of $1 by the year 2025.

Audius Price Prediction 2030

If the market conditions remain in favor the price of AUDIO can even reach or cross $2 by the year 2030.

Audius Price Prediction 2040

If AUDIO followed the same trend in the next decade then we can expect the coin to even reach or surpass $10 by the year 2040.


Can Audius reach $100?

Maybe sometime further in the future Audius may reach $100 but not too soon.

Is Audius a good investment?

As the coin is expected to grow in the coming days, months, and years we can say that it may be a good investment.

How high can Audius go?

The AUDIO coin can go as high as $0.4 or at least closer by the end of this year.


Audius price prediction has become a hot topic lately for being a revolutionary token in the music industry. By completely giving a new meaning to music streaming this token has gained much popularity in the industry. Since privacy is one of the most attractive features for any platform user and Audius platform is committed to providing that. This is why its demand is increasing with time. Regardless, no matter what coin you’re investing in there are always risk associated with it. The highly volatile crypto market and unpredictability is the major reason behind this. Therefore, it is important that investors carry out thorough research into the coin before they think about investing in it.