Bear Market Drives Crypto Events to Prioritize Discourse
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Bear Market Drives Crypto Events to Prioritize Discourse

written by John Murphy | May 10, 2023

The prolonged bear market in the cryptocurrency industry has promoted a significant changes like crypto events. These gatherings attract various participants from the crypto space. They have transitioned from extravagant spectacles to a more focused platform. Here we will discuss how Bear market drives crypto events to prioritize discourse.

Take Away

  • The bear market in the crypto industry has compelled organizers of crypto events to prioritize substantive discourse over flashy entertainment.
  • Crypto conferences are known for their extravagance during bull markets. They have toned down their lavishness and focused more on providing platforms.
  • Attendees are now witnessing a shift from extravagant performances by Huge DJs to more intellectually stimulating conversations.

Shift in Crypto Events

Crypto conferences have traditionally been known for their glitz and glamour. It features appearances by huge DJs and lavish parties. However, the bear market has compelled event organizers to prioritize substantive discourse over extravagant entertainment. Instead, if witnessing flashy performances, attendees now engage in thought-provoking conversations centered around regulation and taxation. 

Toning Down the Lavishness

Tiffany Fong, a renowned crypto vlogger, shared he observations after attending Bitcoin Miami 2023 and NFT NYC 2023. Fong acknowledged that she couldn’t compare the current events with those during bull markets but revealed that other attendees had mentioned a noticeable reduction in entertainment extravagance. 

Parties and events at these conferences have become more subdued, allowing attendees to focus on networking and engaging in intellectually stimulating discussions.

Insights From Attendees

During the XRP Las Vega conference, an event dedicated to XRP enthusiasts. The attendees expressed great optimism about the future of cryptocurrencies. According to pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton, they were referencing the absence of prominent DJs and the toned-down nature of the festivities.

Despite these changes, attendees remained unfazed, emphasizing their unwavering enthusiasm for the crypto industry and the networking opportunities the events provide.

Regulation and Crypto Tax

One of the most popular topics among attendees at recent crypto events. Such as Binance Australia’s meetup. The bear market has compelled individuals to focus on understanding and navigating the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Ben Rose, General Manager for Binance Australia and New Zealand, revealed that regulation dominated discussions at their meetup. 

Additionally, crypto tax garnered significant interest as attendees sought clarity on tax obligations within the crypto space.

Newbies and the Potential Bull Run

Interestingly, despite the ongoing bear market, a notable influx of newbies has been attending crypto events. Many newcomers are asking questions, indicating their growing curiosity about cryptocurrencies.

Ben Rose stated that Australian crowds are showing increasing excitement about a potential bull run. The price of Bitcoin has demonstrated facts of upward movement. Its renewed optimism further fuels attendees’ engagement and interest in the industry.

Do you know that?

  • Tinny Fong, a crypto vlogger, attended Bitcoin Miami 2023 and NFT NYC 2023. He noticed the change in the conference atmosphere, with passive parties and events.
  • Despite the reduction in entertainment, the enthusiasm for crypto remains strong among attendees. These events are valuable opportunities to meet others in the industry.
  • Regulation and tax-related discussions have gained prominence at crypto events, reflecting a growing need for understanding and navigating the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies.
  • Binance Australis’s recent meetup event highlighted the high level of interest in regulation and crypto tax among attendees. 
  • The bear market has also attracted newcomers to crypto events, with many asking beginner-level questions. Despite the market conditions, it indicates a growing curiosity and interest in the industry.


The Bear market drives crypto events to prioritize discourse, with a greater emphasis on substantive discussions rather than extravagant entertainment. Attendees have acknowledged the change, highlighting the opportunity to engage in intelligent conversations surrounding regulation and tax. 

Despite the toned-down atmosphere, optimism remains high among participants. So, newcomers continue to show interest in the industry. As the crypto space evolves, these events serve as valuable platforms for knowledge sharing, networking, and fostering enthusiasm for the future of cryptocurrencies.