Best Crypto Platform Europe
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Best Crypto Platform Europe

written by John Murphy | April 2, 2023

Currently, the crypto market is doing well. For the year 2023, experts predict it to skyrocket even more. And it will surely enhance the crypto’s largest economy, i.e., Europe. In the recent past, crypto in Europe has reached 1 trillion USD. 

Most EU-block countries are considering implying low crypto-taxes. Recently more and more countries have been choosing to go crypto-friendly.

Following that, why don’t you give a shot to European crypto trading? Many crypto platforms are adding up Euros, pounds, and other EU currencies for easy fiat currency trading. 

These exchanges offer to buy, sell, and invest in crypto at cost-effective pricing plans. Do you want to leverage the best crypto platform in Europe? This blog will spotlight the best of all and highly profitable platforms that you can easily access. Let’s delve into the description below.

Key Takeaways:

  • In 2023, the crypto market in Europe will reach 1 trillion USD.
  • Crypto-friendly EU-block countries consider low crypto-taxes.
  • Europe’s best crypto platforms include Bybit, Kraken, Coinbase, eToro, and Bitpanda.
  • Choose a crypto platform in Europe that considers fees, security protocols, and add-ons.
  • Traders in Europe are not taxed on crypto income, though some countries do.

5 Best Crypto Platforms in Europe

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Are you looking for which is the best cryptocurrency platform? We have enlisted some highly promising, low-budget, and secure crypto platforms. Check the list of crypto exchanges in Europe. 


What’s better than a one-click buy crypto exchange operating in the EU with 180 plus countries, offering low fees and highly secure security? Yes, it is none other than Bybit, one of the best and most widespread “non-Known Your Customer” platforms. It is a non-regulated exchange. Thus, users won’t have to go through the hassle of identity verification. 

Moreover, Bybit lets you enjoy free deposits and withdrawals for P2P trading. All you need to pay is just a 0.1% fee for spot trading.

It is nothing Surprising, but Bybit has more than 10 million users worldwide. It supports 20 fiat currencies as deposits, including the euro, pound, and dollar. Bybit is a profitable marketplace Europe provides;

  • NFTs trading across the world
  • Best staking coins for making money
  • Lowest crypto trading fees


The next most popular cryptocurrency in Europe is Kraken. It is a widely accepted crypto exchange and ranks fifth worldwide due to its huge trading volume of 207 billion.

Not only that, Kraken comes with high-end security features like cold storage cages, offline coins, and a round-the-clock strict check and balance. Furthermore, Kraken also provides giveaways to its users. By staking your cash on the Kraken app, you can generate 7% interest on Ethereum. 

Being licensed by the European Financial Conduct Authority also makes you trade in euros. It is a highly liquid exchange supporting many cryptocurrencies and 100-plus coins. Here’s what you will get at the oldest crypto platform in Europe;

  • Up to 24% rewards per year
  • Low latency API
  • No hack history


Thirdly, we have Coinbase as the most sought-after crypto platform in Europe. For newbies, it offers a simple and user-friendly interface to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Further, Coinbase is a highly secure exchange and has never undergone any malware or theft. 

It uses safe listing, two-factor authentication, and offline fund storing to reduce the chances of hacking.

Users can buy or sell quickly through trading with euros. Paired trading options are also available, like BTC-EUR.

Moreover, Coinbase lets you deposit or withdraw fiat money through SEPA with no hassle. You can use a debit card or bank account for that. The best bitcoin platform Europe offers;

  • More than 100 coins 
  • Keep track of your trading
  • Free rewards on SOL, ATOM, and ETH


Our penultimate pick for the best crypto platform in Europe is eToro. It has more than 30 million users across Europe and other countries.

Users can access 65 trading coins and 60 crypto tokens with this exchange. About the platform fees, eToro charges a 1% flat fee for its services.

In addition, it contains a user-friendly interface, ideal for beginner traders. Through the social trading features of this exchange, traders can benefit from Copy Trading, Virtual Accounts, and SEPA transfer. eToro security is also exemplary.

It works with CySEC and FCA providing the best crypto wallet in Europe for each user offering private keys, multiple signatures, and ISO 27001/27032 protocols. With the best crypto exchange for business, you can get;

  • Zero Commission fee
  • Offers a wide range of ETFs and stocks
  • 100,000 demo accounts


At last, we have Bitpanda, the most high-performance European-based crypto exchange. It is best for local users who can use their digital assets for trading at no commission at any time. Bitpanda offers a saving plan for its users to minimize the fickling market effect. 

Moreover, via SEPA Direct Debit, the exchange allows deposits or withdrawals in Euros. It will buy crypto at the user’s disposal whenever the trading volume escalates.

At Bitpanda, any trader can easily buy or sell stocks, ETFs, crypto, and commodities through the easy-gig interface. With more than 4 million users, Bitpanda will let you;

  • Trade with zero payouts
  • Round-the-clock investment options
  • Robust security

What To Consider When Choosing A Crypto Platform in Europe?

Before trading at any crypto exchange, it is an important question to consider. Since different cry[pto platforms come with additional features and regulations, you must know the details of the particular exchange before choosing one. Here is what you need to know; 


Determining when you’re trading on the exchange is crucial. Look for the pricing plans for deposits, withdrawals, swapping, and staking. Also, check if there are any hidden charges for using the platform.

Security Protocols: 

Another crucial thing is the platform security that you must consider even once. Always go for the hacking history of the exchange, and drop the idea of trading on it if you find anything fishy. A good crypto platform must have anti-phishing codes, strong passwords, and whitelisting to prevent fraud. 

Add-On Services: 

Before trading, you better check out the services provided. Any reliable crypto platform offering investment services, easy withdrawals or deposits through debit or credit cards, access to the NFT marketplace, Web3, and portfolio management should be on your bucket list. 


Is Binance legal in Europe?

Yes, Binance is legal in seven European countries. However, some EU countries have banned it, Germany and UK. Due to security loopholes, Binance was blocked in Europe previously. Now, various countries from the EU block have legalized its use.

Is crypto taxed in Europe? 

Crypto taxation in Europe is variable. Some countries do not consider crypto trading a business income, so these investments are not liable to taxes. Meanwhile, others have put forth tax on crypto investments and labeled them as gains tax. 


In conclusion, to find the best crypto platforms Europe 2023, you can go through the listed ones. All these exchanges offer high-speed transactions with top-notch security. They are legal and widely accepted throughout Europe. 

Through the best crypto trading platform in Europe, you can sell, buy and invest in crypto at meager fees. The tax ratio for these exchanges is dependable on your current residence. Several European countries have taxed crypto income, but some still exempt the traders from tax. In short, you can choose any of the exchanges mentioned earlier and earn revenues with high ROIs.