Best Cryptocurrency Brokers in January 2023
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Best Cryptocurrency Brokers in January 2023

written by John Murphy | December 30, 2022

The digital currency got immense popularity in the last few years. Investors are interested in converting their assets to cryptocurrencies and avail handsome returns. Similarly, numerous exchanging firms are offering services for staking in cryptocurrency. Furthermore, investors can directly stake their coins with firms as well. Thus many users are searching for the best cryptocurrency brokers in January 2023.

However, picking the best crypto exchange is key to a successful investment venture with cryptocurrency. Luckily, there are numerous options in the market, with each broker having its pros and cons. The section depends on each investor’s requirements.

In addition to selecting the right broker, a crypto wallet is another crucial decision investors must consider for better and safe returns.

If you, too, are hunting for the best brokers to get in touch with in January 2023, you have come to the right place, as this guide will introduce you to top-of-the-line crypto brokers.

Best Crypto Brokers of January 2023

Based on our crypto market research, customer reviews, and word of mouth, here are the best cryptocurrency brokers in January 2023.

In addition, these are trusted names, and a few you may already know; however, they deserve mention as they provide the best services to their clients.


Since its inception in 2016, the platform has established itself as one of the leading global crypto exchanges. In addition to offering many supported assets, has started its own blockchain to provide a vast digital ecosystem for its clients.

What stands out the most is its user-friendly mobile app. Thus, you can quickly contact your broker with your ease. The platform invests highly in its app to provide the best customer experience. Mobile users can trade, buy, sell, and even earn crypto interest.


  • Supports over 250 cryptocurrencies
  • Trading fess up to 0.075%
  • Available in 90 countries

One of the best features on offer with GEMINI is its robust security protocols, SOC 2 certification, and insurance funds.

Further, it is a US base exchange established in 2014. Additionally, users must go through the KYC protocol to open an account. Further, it encourages users to use two-factor authentication to secure funds.

In addition to other nifty features, GEMINI offers a professional-grade trading dashboard to its valued clients. If you are looking to hire a broker that can keep your digital assets secure from hacking, GEMINI is the answer.


  • Supports over 100 cryptocurrencies
  • Trading fees of up to 1.49%
  • Available in all 50 US states
  • BitMart Exchange

You name cryptocurrency, and BitMart has it for trading. It is ideal for small to mid-cap cryptocurrency trading. It offers more assets than any of its market-leading peers, so if you want to diversify your portfolio, BitMart is here for you.

Furthermore, users can get rewards for trading with BitMart and earn the exchange’s native token, BMX. Despite recent setbacks, the broker is enthusiastic to bounce back to offer impeccable services.


  • Supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies
  • Trading fess up to 0.25%
  • Available in 180+ countries
  • Kraken Pro

Kraken has platforms, a basic and a pro for professional-grade trading. It is the ideal broker for professional investors as it supports advanced financial facilities, including margin and futures trading.

Established in 2011, Kraken is the world’s most trusted broker. It has established itself as a go-to platform for seasoned professionals worldwide. In addition, it offers customized chart analysis, multiple order types, and a fast-paced transaction execution facility.


  • Supports over 185 cryptocurrencies
  • Trading fees up to 0.16%
  • Available in 50 countries
  • Cash App

If you are focusing on Bitcoin, Cash App is the right broker, specializing in Bitcoin trading. You can trade, buy, and sell Bitcoins from your mobile phone through the Cash App.

However, it differs from your thing if you plan to trade Ethereum or other cryptos. It was launched in 2013 and has since established itself as a trusted app. In addition to trading, you can even withdraw your Bitcoins to third-party wallets.


  • Specializes in Bitcoin
  • Trading fee up to 0.50%
  • Available in 30 countries

How to choose the best broker

Investors can select the best cryptocurrency brokers in January 2023 by checking the following attributes.

  • Trust

Trust is everything in crypto trading, so one should check whether a trusted body regulates the broker.

  • Fees

To avail of the services, the broker charge fee. It varies from broker to broker, so a comparison can save you reasonable amounts. The trading and withdrawal fees are two essential.

  • Availability

The availability of real crypto coins is also a matter of fact. So always choose a crypto broker that offers the maximum number of crypto options.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are staking with a broker a secure method?

Yes, as these firms assure security, trading with brokers is very effective and secure. They offer high-quality preventive measures, and in case of any turbulence in the whole process, they guarantee recovery.

What is a cryptocurrency broker?

A crypto broker is a services provider. It offers online financial services for users and charges them premiums for their services.

How is the trading with Bitpanda?

Bitpanda is a cryptocurrency broker that offers users extensive support via the Bitpanda help desk.

People can exchange fiat currencies for Bitcoins, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Binance or Coinbase, which is the better broker?

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but Coinbase is easier to use and ideal for beginners, while Binance is cheaper and better suited to advance traders.

Parting Thoughts

Cryptocurrency trading as an individual is much easier, while trading with brokers is a preferred and challenging ask. Crypto staking with security can give you mind freeness. However, this peace comes with a price; you must pay a fee to ensure safety and security.

Similarly, other key features need a look-in before choosing the broker for crypto trade. Therefore, as the new year approaches, many existing and new investors are looking for the best cryptocurrency brokers in January 2023.

For your ease, we have outlined the best in business in this article, so you can easily pick one of them and step into the new year with the best services, lowest fees, top-notch security, and safe investment.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section, as we love to hear back.