Best Cryptocurrency Law Firms
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Best Cryptocurrency Law Firms

written by John Murphy | November 22, 2022

Cryptocurrency is gaining momentum, seeing new investors joining the community each day. At the same time, many others remain in the queue to enter the crypto army. Despite high volatility, investments continued pouring in. So, here are best cryptocurrency law firms to handle different cases.

However, it has never been a smooth sail. Many investors faced hacking, scamming, and other similar issues causing them hefty losses. The picture gets dirty when an unwanted string of problems occurs, and the cryptocurrency market is no different.

Because of increased interest in cryptos, hackers see it as a potential source of big money moves, thus provoking their bad sentiments. The Crypto market has seen multiple significant hacking threats over the past decade, causing friction between users and crypto exchanges.

Despite all good, many investors could not get compensation from their exchanges. Since it is a decentralized system, thus making it more complex to determine whom to follow for a rebate if anything goes wrong.

So, having the best cryptocurrency law firms to take your case forward is vital. Through this guide, we will discuss top cryptocurrency law firms.

  • Latham & Watkins LLP

Latham & Watkins LLP is an incredibly deep bench of financial experts well-versed in cryptocurrency economics. The firm represents clients across the board, from the conventional financial sector to digital platforms.

Further, it played a significant role in Coinbase’s IPO. In addition, the diverse client base adds expertise to its portfolio in startup investments, capital markets, and financial regulations.

Although the firm is U.S. based, it offers services worldwide through its global reach.

           Key Clients:

  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • Citi
  • Bank of America
  • Mayer Brown

Mayer Brown covers all the bases of fintech practices, including cryptocurrency. The firm has clients from the U.S. and across borders in Europe and Asia.

They have expertise in new product launches, finance-related regulatory enforcement, and partnership agreements. In addition, the fintech leadership showcases the group’s multidisciplinary strengths. Further, Mayer Brown has excellent experience dealing with cybersecurity cases.

           Key Clients:

  • PayPal
  • Binomial Exchange
  • Goldman, Sachs & Co.
  • American Express Company
  • Paul Hasting LLP

An in-house team of experts that gets as good an understanding of dealing with cryptocurrency requires. So, the team at Paul Hasting LLP is hyper-technically competent with a firm grip on crypto coins.

The firm comprehensively covers relating to compliance, litigation cases, and regulations. In addition, you can involve them in the reimbursement of funds in the case of hacking of an exchange. 

Furthermore, the firm recently assisted Coinbase and Circle in their joint venture for cryptocurrency issuance.

           Key Clients:

  • MoneyGram
  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • Facebook
  • Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

It is a team of legal experts in both transactional and regulatory affairs. In addition, the firm can handle underwritings concerning public and private securities offerings.

In addition, the team has experience representing Robinhood (a famous crypto exchange) to support their clients. Further, they successfully defended Robinhood’s temporary trade restriction decision during the volatile GameStop squeeze.

The firm onboarded experts to deal with blockchain and fintech issues to enhance its footprint further. Thus these features make Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP one of the best cryptocurrency law firms. 

           Key Clients:

  • Robinhood
  • IBM
  • Dfinity
  • American Express
  • DLA Piper LLP (U.S.)

The firm is well known for its unmatched experience and reputation for dealing with issues related to crypto-economics, blockchains, and other digital fintech. It has a solid client base from financial institutions, tech companies and investment funds.

Furthermore, the firm has represented clients from the blockchain, fintech, and non-fungible (NFTs) communities. One notable work of dealing with NFTs includes its advisory role with TikTok for the release of its first NFT.

The team is highly experienced and regarded by clients in Silicon Valley, and they have good words for them.

           Key Clients:

  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Q2 Holdings
  • DocuSign
  • Fenwick & West LLP

The cryptocurrency sector is a core focus of the team at Fenwick & West LLP. The firm has expertise in dealing with startups, payments and receipts issues related to digital finance.

In addition, they represent some big names from the cryptocurrency metaverse, like Coinbase. They were crucial partners for Coinbase’s Nasdaq IPO and supported through their advisory role.

Further, the firm can represent contentious matters, including investigations, securities litigations, and enforcement proceedings.

           Key Clients:

  • Coinbase Global
  • FTX Trading
  • Bolt Financial
  • Goodwin

Goodwin has established itself as the best law firm in tech markets, including cryptocurrency and blockchain. They effectively deal in wealth management, insurance, blockchains and digital currencies.

In addition to transactional matters, the firm offers partnership agreements, privacy, non-contentious regulations, and cybersecurity services. Further, they are skilled in dealing with investment funds and NFTs.

           Key Clients:

  • Stripe
  • DailyPay
  • CoinFlip
  • Bank of America

Frequently Asked Questions

Do law firms represent blockchain issues?

Many leading law firms have dedicated teams who accept and represent a blockchain and other fintech lawsuits.

Who are the best crypto practitioners of 2022?

Here are a few famous practitioners dealing with cryptocurrency;

  • Joshua Becker, Counsel, Pillsbury, New York
  • Dan Davis, Partner, Katten, Washington D.C
  • Lewis Cohen, Crypto Lawyer, Co-Founder, Dlx Law, New York

Can I get a refund from the exchange by a lawsuit?

It depends on the nature of the lawsuit. However, there are examples where courts have issued verdicts in favour of individuals while crypto exchanges have to pay high compensations. But this is only sometimes the case. We recommend consulting your counsel before applying for a lawsuit.

Can I file a lawsuit on my own?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit on your own. However, we recommend seeking professional advice for better output.

Can I sue a cryptocurrency exchange?

Yes! You can use a cryptocurrency exchange. However, check the nature of the exchange, whether centralized or decentralized and prepare a lawsuit accordingly.

Parting Thoughts

Considering the increase in cases about cryptocurrency and blockchains, many front-line law firms have established designated desks. You can quickly contact them and seek professional advice regarding any problem.

Although laws covering cryptocurrency are still evolving, just like the industry, you can still file a case against exchanges. However, it depends on the nature of the exchange or dispute.

This article discussed the best cryptocurrency law firms, which covered their experience with related matters. 

These law firms are well known and have established themselves as critical players when dealing with lawsuits about blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

However, we hope you do not have to take the legal route and that your operations run smoothly, but this guide will come in handy in case of a mishap.

Do share your feedback in the comments section. Cheers and adios for now!