Best Ethereum Wallets of 2023
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Best Ethereum Wallets of 2023

written by John Murphy | March 1, 2023

Ethereum – one of the top and investor favorite cryptocurrencies. The last couple of years have observed a huge surge in Ethereum’s demand, leading to increasing digital wallets. So, looking for the best Ethereum wallets of 2023 is an obvious search when you buy a coin.

Ethereum is a smart contract-enabled blockchain that enables users to partake in a wide range of dApps, ranging from DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols and P2E (play-to-earn) games to NFT (non-fungible tokens) and more.

Thus, users need a crypto wallet to hold their ETH coins safely. Since a wide range of wallets is available, getting the best one becomes daunting. 

But do not worry; we have gathered a list of the best Ethereum wallets of 2023. So, let us move forward and have a look.

  • MetaMask

If you are looking for a hassle-free and full of convenient crypto wallet, MetaMask is the name. It is, without a doubt, the most popular Ethereum wallet available in the market. Currently, it has more than 30 million active global users.

Moreover, Metamask allows users to interact with dApps, and manage Ethereum-based assets in the ETH ecosystem. The wallet is a mobile app for iOS and Android; you can easily access it through a browser extension.

It was launched in 2016 in New York by Consensys, an Ethereum development company.


  • Supports NFTs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports all Ethereum tokens
  • Allow access to dApps and Web3


  • Do not support Bitcoin
  • Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is best known for offering a wide range of digital assets, supporting over 4.5 million across 65+ blockchains. Moreover, a mobile app allows users to easily interact with the Ethereum ecosystem, NFTs, DeFi and more.

It was launched in 2017 to enable crypto investors to store coins purchased during ICOs. Since, at that time, the majority ICOs were taking place on the Ethereum network, thus it focused on the lending smart contract network.

In short, if you are looking for a platform to manage all your digital assets, including Ethereum, Trust Wallet is the place.


  • In-app staking facility
  • Support over 4.5M cryptos
  • Easy-to-use mobile wallet
  • Access to dApps


  • No deposit wallet
  • Guarda Wallet

If you are looking for top-notch security for your Ethereum coins, Guarda wallet provides it. So, the platform is known for its highly secure, multi-asset crypto wallet to receive and send Ethereum-based tokens.

However, based in Portugal, it was launched in 2017 and has made good strides in the crypto space by supporting its clients with a feature-rich cryptocurrency software wallet. Moreover, users can access their digital currency on the go with their app. Luckily, there is not a single security breach incident at Guarda wallet.

In addition to supporting Ethereum-based tokens, it allows users to hold more than 400K crypto assets. 


  • Fiat-rate security
  • High-quality customer security
  • Top-notch security
  • Support more than 400,000+ assets


  • High in-app purchase fees
  • Exodus

Exodus is ideal for beginners, as they can manage their digital assets in one place, including NFTs and Ethereum-based tokens. Established in 2015, the platform support 290+ tokens.

Furthermore, Exodus allows users to stake their assets and earn rewards, and they can also earn interest by lending in a DeFi protocol.Moreover, as the wallet targets new entrants, thus the interface is simple and easy to grab. Thus, Exodus is perfect for investors who are looking to expand their investment beyond Bitcoin.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports a wide range of Ethereum-based coins
  • In-app asset swapping
  • Offers to stake rewards


  • Not an open-wallet source
  • Myetherwallet (MEW)

MEW is one of the best Ethereum wallets of 2023, as it is a client-side wallet that stands out for supporting smart contracts. So, the wallet came into existence in 2015 to support Ethereum users by providing an open-source interface that enables them to interact with the ETH ecosystem.

Moreover, MEW was a go-to wallet during the early days as it was popular for holding coins during the ICO phase. However, today, MEW allows users to deploy smart contracts, stake Ethereum, manage NFT collection, and manage all Ethereum coins in one place.

Additionally, MEW also supports a part of EVM-compatible blockchains. EVM compatibility allows users to create smart contracts to facilitate blockchain interoperability by enabling dApps.


  • In-app asset swapping
  • Ethereum NFT support
  • Supports all Ethereum tokens
  • Smart contract functionality


  • Not suited for beginners 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ethereum is the best?

Although there are multiple options, below 3 are the best Ethereum wallets of 2023.

  • MetaMask
  • Trust Wallet
  • Exodus

What is the safest Ethereum hot wallet?

Based on active users and sales, the below-mentioned hot wallets are considered the best for Ethereum-based tokens.

  • Ledger Nano X
  • Trezor Model T

Which Ethereum wallet is the cheapest?

MetaMask is one of the cheapest Ethereum wallets, and users can take advantage of free- of charge options. Moreover, the trading fee is also zero.

How can I protect my Ethereum wallet?

Protecting your crypto wallet is vital to securing your digital assets from unwanted access. The following are a few tips to make your Ethereum wallet secure.

  • Use different passwords for each account.
  • Use complex passwords bearing numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase, and symbols.
  • Use long passwords with at least 40 characters.

How can I avoid Ethereum fees?

By following the below-mentioned tips, users can avoid Ethereum fees.

  • Use DeFi save app
  • Optimize transaction timing
  • Utilize gas tokens
  • Use a layer-2 blockchain

Parting Thoughts

Choosing the best Ethereum wallet of 2023 depends on the user’s needs. Since each investor has their set of priorities, thus selecting the one that resonates with your requirement is key to securing your coins. 

Therefore, if you are an active crypto trader intending to interact with Ethereum-powered dApps, go with Metamask or Guarda. 

On the flip side, Trust Wallet is preferred if you are more into DeFi applications and the NFT marketplace.

Moreover, if you have a diverse set of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum-based tokens, and want to manage all of them in one place, then the Exodus wallet is a better option. 

Furthermore, MyEtherWallet is another option for users who intend to deploy Ethereum smart contracts.

In short, there are many options to choose the best Ethereum wallet of 2023. We hope you can get a crypto wallet perfectly suited to your requirements.