Best NFT Games To Play

Best NFT Games To Play

written by John Murphy | March 15, 2023

The value of digital transformation is surprising to many; many legacy systems are looking for transformations. Besides blockchain technology, NFT (non-fungible tokens) are popular technological interventions of modern times. Like cryptocurrency, NFTs have garnered much attention and attracted billions of dollars quickly. The latest technology highlight is crypto gaming; let us move on and study the best NFT games to play.

NFTs are playing a major role in the transformation of crypto games. Thus, e-gamers are eager to explore more about NFT games. The crypto gaming platform has already swelled to a billion-dollar industry, so we will discuss NFT games alongside enlisting the best NFT games to play right now.

So, stick around and enlighten yourself with the top NFT games going around.

  • Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the hot cake these days and is making headlines in crypto gaming. Although it is based on a Pokemon character, adding blockchain technology makes it more engaging.

The game’s primary objective is to breed and collect NFT-based creatures known as the Axies. The game is based on the Ethereum network and facilitates a unique genetic fingerprint for each Axie.

The Axies are eligible for trading on NFT marketplaces, and users need to collect at least three Axies to start their game journey. Moreover, prices depend on the unique genetic and rarity traits of each Axie. In addition, players also receive rewards for a mission, adventure mode and one-on-one fights.

  • Alien Worlds

With active players of 1.1 million, Alien Worlds is one of the best NFT games. Since it involves DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) to offer additional gameplay by providing Trilium (TLM) in a play-to-earn setup, it encourages economic competition within players to run for elections for a seat on the planetary council.

In addition, players can complete a mission within the metaverse to explore NFTs, which are then used to mine Trilium or to fight battles in ongoing missions. The value is added based on the rarity levels and shininess. In short, Alien Worlds is one of the best NFT games.

  • CryptoKitties

An Ethereum-based NFT game that is shaking the crypto gaming world is CryptoKitties. Players are required to collect and breed cats; moreover, users must solve puzzles to create their NFT collections. It is easily one of the most played NFT games with over 50,000 Kitties generation. 

CryptoKitties highlight unique attributes in digital cats by efficiently utilizing NFTs. Another key feature is that each kitty is unique in attribute, as the code for each is different, and pricing depends on the generation of the cat. Players can purchase, sell or breed virtual kittens on the NFT marketplace.

  • F1 Delta Time

Another top NFT game to look forward to is the F1 Delta Time. It portrays formula one racing, where players participate in tournaments by leveraging digital collectibles. These collectibles range from car models, drivers, trinkets, tires and even new racing tracks. Another interesting point is that all collectibles come with different racing qualities and are based on trivial amounts.

Moreover, it is a unique crypto gaming experience for players, and the price of NFT depend on four level of a rarity – Common, Epic, Legendary and Apex.

With a weekly turnover of 1000 new users and a trading volume of $1 million, F1 Delta Time is the most popular NFT game.

  • Gods Unchained

Although it appears as a conventional card trading game, adding blockchain technology takes it to the next level. Moreover, it is free to play, which brings NFTs into contention. Players can earn rewards by purchasing directly from the platform or winning games.

Two factors that determine the value of any card depend on the quality of the cards and the gaming ability of the player. Another interesting fact about Gods Unchained is that its emphasis is more on players’ gaming skills to determine the value rather depending on the in-game developments.

Players can exchange NFT cards either within the game or over the marketplace.

  • Splinterlands

It is another tradable P2E card game. Players can earn rewards as they play new games and win them. However, at the start, players must purchase a pack of cards and display them on the platform to start their Splinterlands journey.

Moreover, the value of each card depends on the quality and rarity of the card. Moreover, the game allows users to make a group of cards to enhance their strength. Once satisfied with the cards, players compete with other players in the mission, and upon winning, they will collect new cards.

  • Sorare

The perfect NFT crypto game for football lovers. The game allows users to develop their teams, create startup lineups and build strategies. There are weekly tournaments to take part in for players to win them and gather points, then users can use these points to buy new players and other stuff.

The game has been classified into four levels of rarity – limited, rare, super rare, and unique, with each level depicting the value. So, players win games to collect NFTs and then sell them within the Sorare or on the open marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFT games?

NFT games offer players rewards for taking part in blockchain-based games. Each win provides the winner with a unique NFT, whose value depends on the rarity and quality of the NFT.

What is the number 1 NFT game?

Axie Infinity is the number one NFT game, with 2.8 million daily active users.

Which NFT game is free to play?

The following are a few free-to-play NFT games.

  • Thetan Arena
  • Voxie Tactics
  • Gods Unchained
  • Axie Infinity

Parting Thoughts

The crypto gaming industry has reached new highs with the addition of NFTs, as they have monetized online games. Although at first look, they may seem odd, these NFT games have changed how users perceive the gaming world.

Moreover, NFT games enable players to participate in games to collect in-game assets by winning tournaments. These NFTs have value in the real world, and players can sell them on the NFT marketplace.

Since there are thousands of games to choose from, thus selecting the best NFT games is important to make good money from these play-to-earn platforms. Therefore we recommend engaging with Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds or Sorare to enjoy playing games and earning rewards.

That concludes our discussion regarding top NFT games, and please leave your thoughts in the comments section.