Binance.US Introduces Web3 Domains for US Crypto Traders!

Binance.US Introduces Web3 Domains for US Crypto Traders!

written by John Murphy | April 27, 2023

According to recent news, users of Binance.US established the decentralized Web3 Domains by collaborating with unstoppable Domains. This domain will serve as a digital identity across the Web3 ecosystem.

The new contribution permit users to stamp out the Binance US domains. This offering provides users with a better understanding of cryptocurrency wallet names.

So that users will easily sell, buy and transfer cryptocurrency in Binance. Across the compatible Web3 services, platforms, and applications, this domain serves as a digital identity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Binance.US and Unstoppable Domains have partnered to launch Web3 domains for US crypto traders as a digital identity.
  • The service will go live in May, allowing users to mint Binance.US domains on the Polygon blockchain without fees.
  • Unstoppable Domains users can withdraw cryptocurrency from different domain addresses using Binance.US, including .x, NFT, and .crypto.
  • Binance.US aims to increase Web3 accessibility and maintain a secure ecosystem for users.
  • Unstoppable Domains has collaborated with various companies to provide decentralized domains, including Polygon and 1inch Network.

Meriwether.BTC took to Twitter and made an announcement that in a new collaboration with Unstoppable Domains, Binance enables Web3 identities for users.

On 26 April, unstoppable domains and Binance announced the service launch. This launch will go live in May. On the polygon blockchain, mint Binanace.US domains. This permits decentralized domain generation without renewal costs and gas fees.

Moreover, the users of unstoppable domains have permission to use Binance.US due to collaboration. They use Binance.US to withdraw cryptocurrency from different Unstoppable domain addresses. These addresses involve .x domains, NFT, and .crypto.

Crypto Cat. polygon| 619.nft took to Twitter and made an announcement that Binance.US authorized free web3 domain creation for American users. In the United States, Binance users can create web3 domains. These domains serve as digital identities in a new collaboration with Unstoppableweb.

The vice president of Binance.US Business Development named, Nandini Maheshwari made a statement. She said that the key task of Binance.US is to increase the accessibility of Web3 to maintain a secure and safe ecosystem for consumers.

Unstoppable Domains are accountable for remanding all Binance.US domains. All these domains originate from the Binance.US app.

Todays World took to Twitter and made an announcement that for US users, Binance.US created a Web3 domain.

Over the past years, service providers of decentralized domains collaborated with several cryptocurrencies, Web3, and blockchain companies. This involves collaboration with polygon to provide the ability to stamp out “polygon” Web3 domains.

In November, Unstoppable also provided an avenue for decentralized finance (DeFi) 1inch Network. This domain helps users to send cryptocurrencies to Web3 domain addresses.

Furthermore, from 2022 to 2023, Ethereum Name (ENS) and Unstoppable Domains have seen expanding numbers of users as the Web3 service demand grows continuously. Coinbase opened up its decentralized domain name Collaborate in September 2022.