Bitcoin ATMs in the USA
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Bitcoin ATMs in the USA

written by John Murphy | March 14, 2023

Cryptocurrency ATMs have exploded recently; with an increased crypto market cap, users are provided with trading ease through ATMs. Although it is a relatively new concept but has gained immense popularity as there are more than 35,000 Bitcoin ATMs in the USA alone.

In addition, new Bitcoin ATMs are popping up all over the USA, where users can easily buy and sell Bitcoins. The number has swelled to more than sixfold over the past two years, offering hassle-free crypto trading facility.

Moreover, most of these ATMs are the property of private companies and are installed around gas stations and convenience stores. However, renowned companies like Walmart and Circle K have also started investing in and installing Bitcoin ATMs.

So, let us now study further about Bitcoin ATMs in the USA.

Bitcoin ATM Locations

Finding a Bitcoin ATM in the USA is not hard, as you can easily locate one around the corner. The machines are super easy to operate, so even if you are not tech-savvy, you can still get your hands on your favorite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Although many traders prefer trading Bitcoins by visiting cryptocurrency exchanges or their websites, ATMs are becoming a go-to option for many users across the United States and beyond. 

In addition, multiple online websites serve customers by providing ATM locations in different states; one of the largest and most trustworthy websites is Coin ATM Radar Locator. You can locate a nearby Bitcoin ATM by visiting the website, free of cost.

Likewise, popular convenience stores, including Walmart and Circle K, have also started installing Bitcoin ATMs at their stores, proving handy for users. For instance, Circle K has over 700 Bitcoin ATMs at its different stores across the US. At the same time, Walmart has more than 200 Bitcoin ATMs, and the number is increasing. 

In short, locating a Bitcoin ATM in the USA is not hard anymore.

State-wise Bitcoin ATM count

The USA has the most active Bitcoin ATMs globally, although few machines only offer one-way transaction facilities like purchasing Bitcoins. In contrast, others provide buying and selling facilities.

So, depending on your requirement, you can choose an ATM. Here is a brief list of the number of Bitcoin ATMs in each state (these are tentative numbers and may vary over time).

  • Los Angeles – 1,991
  • Chicago – 1,209
  • Houston – 1,207
  • Dallas – 1,153
  • Atlanta – 965
  • Miami – 886
  • Detroit – 834
  • Orlando – 686
  • Tampa – 681
  • Austin – 661
  • Boston – 657
  • Phoenix – 650
  • Baltimore – 554

The above list depicts that Bitcoin ATMs are all over the USA, and this number is increasing daily. LA has the most Bitcoins ATMs, nearly 1,000 more than Chicago’s next-in-line state. 

However, USA’s major cities have fewer ATMs; for instance, New York City counted fewer machines than Orlando or Detroit. Moreover, the United States houses the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs.

Withdrawing Bitcoins from ATM

If you are wondering how to use Bitcoin ATM, keep reading to learn the process. Users can easily withdraw Bitcoins from ATMs. However, one key point to note is that there are two types of Bitcoin ATMs – one only offers buying options, while the other provides both buying and selling facilities.

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to withdraw Bitcoins from an ATM.

  • Locate a nearby Bitcoin ATM

The best way to locate an ATM is to use online Google maps or CoinATMRadar. In the search bar, you can enter your location and move around to the pin to reach the nearest Bitcoin ATM.

  • Create an account (optional)

A few crypto ATMs require customers to open an account before transacting. However, this is optional as most machines do not have this requirement. 

Although there is a $900/day limit, you can easily transact by providing basic information like your email address or phone number.

  • Choose Buy or Sell Bitcoin

You can select either Buy or Sell Bitcoin based on your requirement on the ATM. Then enter the amount you want to trade. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the machine before verifying transaction details.

  • Send Crypto to Bitcoin ATM

In case you want to purchase Bitcoins, you will enter fiat currency into the machine, provide your digital wallet’s address, and the machine will transfer the desired amount to your account.

However, when selling Bitcoins, the machine will provide a QR code to approve the transaction for further processing.

  • Withdraw cash or receive a redemption voucher.

After transaction confirmation, you will have two options: collect cash or a voucher.

For a redemption voucher, you will have to re-enter the voucher code to collect your cash. Users can also use this redemption voucher for other purchases. Likewise, users can make crypto payment from these ATMs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there charges on Bitcoin ATMs in the USA?

Bitcoin withdrawals from ATMs charge higher transaction rates than crypto exchanges. ATMs generally charge 15% to 20% fees, which is quite high compared to exchanges, which charge around 3% to 6%.

Are there Bitcoin ATMs in the USA?

As per available data, there are more than 30,000 Bitcoin ATMs in the USA, the largest number for any country worldwide.

What are the best Bitcoin ATM operators in the USA?

The following are a few popular Bitcoin ATM operators.

  • CoinFlip – 4,066
  • Bitcoin of America – 2,347
  • Bitctop – 2,037
  • RockItCoin – 1,790
  • Coinsource – 1,577

Do Bitcoin ATMs require an ID?

Some Bitcoin ATMs only require a phone number; others may require a photo, government-issued ID or a social security number to process the transaction.

Parting Thoughts

Although ATMs are not the best source for trading Bitcoins as they charge a high fee, they are super easy to find and make a transaction. Luckily, Bitcoin ATMs have opened up in large numbers in the USA. The USA has the largest number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world.

ATMs are an ideal source for Bitcoin as they offer convenience, reliability, security and quick service. In addition, they are a great source to make small transactions without providing personal details.

In addition, locating Bitcoin ATMs in the USA is easy; you can use google maps or any other search engine to find a nearby ATM. Likewise, many ATM operators have installed machines at fuel stations and top convenience stores.

That concludes the topic covering Bitcoin ATMs in the USA, and please leave feedback in the comments section.