Bitcoin fixes democracy and fights corruption: HRF
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Bitcoin fixes democracy and fights corruption: HRF

written by John Murphy | February 26, 2023

Alex Glandstein – a Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation – recently stated in one of his interviews that bitcoin fixes democracy and has the potential to fight corruption. More so, he believes bitcoin promotes free speech, and property rights and opens capital markets for people. On the contrary, this could be suffocating for repressive governments.

The Chief Strategy Officer is known to back bitcoin for its benefits. In his interview on 20th February, he asserted that bitcoin fixes democracy and fights corruption as well as oppression against people. He said:

“Where the democracies have broken down, I do think it’s very clearly related to fiat currency, and I do think that Bitcoin fixes this in a way,”

So, he believes bitcoin has the power to fix broken or unstable democracies. He further added that it even fights corruption as it limits the control of tyrannical governments over its people.

Human rights foundation is a non-profitable organization. It primarily focuses on promoting human rights at all levels in all countries, Where there is ‘autocratic rule’ it is especially applied, as such governments do not take into consideration the concerns of their people.

Glandstein has been a member of this organization since 2007. Not only that, according to his bio, he also delivers lectures in singularity university events on ‘bitcoin and the future of money’.

In addition to that, centralized digital assets (bitcoin) are stifling to a dictatorial government that prefers to keep its deeds behind the curtains and thus prefers closed capital markets. He said:

“This is what China and Russia need to survive they need censorship, they need close capital markets and they need confiscation; Bitcoin makes it really hard for governments to impose those things on their people.”

Russia and China both are against the crypto trade. They have somehow banned crypto in their countries. Russia in its crypto law “Digital financial assets” restricts people from using crypto as a payment currency. Regardless of that, there is no ban on unregulated crypto trade via local crypto exchanges.

however, the subtle endorsement of the Chinese government of Hong Kong’s crypto licensing regime says otherwise and sheds light on their slight inclination towards crypto trading.

“I don’t see these dictatorial powers doing well in a Bitcoin standard; I think it becomes really hard for them,” Gladstein added.

Glanstein’s views about crypto coincide with several others from the past. OneNode is the infrastructure provider of Bitcoin and they shared similar views regarding the pros of Bitcoin against the authoritative regimes as is evident from their statement

“One of the benefits of Bitcoin is its censorship resistance,”

his entire point of view is in