Bitcoin Price Threatens to Break Below $27,000

Bitcoin Price Threatens to Break Below $27,000

written by John Murphy | April 27, 2023

Traders anticipate further downside and are preparing with their downside targets. As they were predicting a potential breakdown to $25000. Bitcoin price Threatens to break below $27,000 and continues to hover at low levels, with traders closely watching the market’s next move. The cryptocurrency fell below $27,300 on Bit stamp, marking new monthly lows.

Potential Reserve Zone

Some traders have identified $26,500 as a possible reversal zone. It is a critical support zone that has been in place since mid-March. Although some traders remain reserved, others remain bullish. They are pointing to Bitcoin’s potential to replicate the price action from February.

Holders in Two Minds Over Selling

Recent data from analytics firm Glassnode suggest that holders are still deciding about selling into strength even as Bitcoin reached $31,000. The average investor is less likely to reduce exposure despite the cryptocurrency’s price losses last week.

However, the area at $28,000 and up represents a significant breakeven point. The temptation to make a profit should not overlook.

Uncertainty Across All Cohorts

Glassnode highlights that the aggregate value of profit realized remains relatively small compared to the asset size. At the same time, the market shows less decisive than it has been in the quarter of the year. The accumulation and distribution behavior across several wallet cohorts remain mixed.


The current uncertainty in the Bitcoin market has traders closely watching the cryptocurrency’s next move. They predict a potential breakdown below $27,000, and others remain bullish. At the same time, the holders must decide whether to sell into strength—the temptation to profit felt with the area at $28,000. It represents a significant breakeven point. As the market appears less decisive, traders remain patient while waiting for the market to sweep.