Treasure Found; Bitcoin Whitepaper Uncovered at Apple's Modern MacOS
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Treasure Found; Bitcoin Whitepaper Uncovered at Apple's Modern MacOS

written by John Murphy | April 8, 2023

Looks like, the white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto outlining the 27, 849$ Bitcoin network can be found within every Apple’s modern macOS version.

A blog post published on April 5 by technologist Andy Baio disclosed that a brief PDF comprising of the Bitcoin whitepaper has been shipped with each Apple macOS beta copy since 2018. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto can be found in every updated Apple macOS version since 2018.
  • The discovery was accidental when a technologist was fixing his printer.
  • The file can be accessed through a command prompt in the Apple macOS Ventura interface.
  • It was likely intended for testing purposes, and Apple has not commented on the discovery.
  • The reason for the white paper being included in advanced versions of Apple macOS is unknown.

He further added that he was only working to fix his printer and trying to scan documents with the aid of a wireless scanner called a ‘’virtual scanner ||’’ but it hit him like ‘’never seen before’’.

By default, a photo popped up on the screen of the virtual scanner. When he changed the settings of the media type from Photo to Document. Out of nowhere, Nakamoto’s white paper popped.  

Like it was all part of some plan: I was not looking for any Bitcoin paper, just casually trying to fix my printer. That’s all!

On November 2020, Sharing a Twitter thread from Joshua Dicken (a well-known designer). He wrote a caption saying: “virtually nothing about this online.” Joshua happened to find the whitepaper which Bioa himself was using to file location. 

Crypto Macro in their recent tweet shared insights about Apple macOS monetary hiding as technologists recently discover it:

Bioa made a prompt to insert in a terminal, the prompt is called a command line interface of the Apple macOS Ventura, which is why it’s quite helpful for others to bring up the whitepaper. 

He said: 

“I started asking other Mac-using friends if they could confirm it, and all of them could,” 

Luckily, the prompt he made worked its way and the Bitcoin whitepaper easily opened on abundant Apple Mac devices including Apple macOS download.  

There was a detailed blog post shared by Baio in which he made a claim that the mentioned file can be error-free operated at:

 “every version of macOS from Mojave (10.14.0) to the current version (Ventura), but isn’t in High Sierra (10.13) or early’’

Fero shared a tweet about Apply MacOS undercover whitepaper and it’s been 5 years:

The reason why Nakamoto’s white paper was shipped with advanced versions of Apple macOS update is still unknown. But Baio hypothesized that  this was

“just a convenient, lightweight multipage PDF for testing purposes, never meant to be seen by end users.”

On the other hand, our reporter immediately got in touch with Apple to comment on it but didn’t get any sort of response.