Bitnob and Zebedee Unite: African Gamers Win BTC
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Bitnob and Zebedee Unite: African Gamers Win BTC

written by John Murphy | April 16, 2023

According to recent news, Zebedee, a payment app for African Gamers of Bitcoin gaming, will reward satoshis when they listen to podcasts or play games. Additionally, the Zebedee app uses this reward to make crypto-border payments instead of converting them into local currencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zebedee rewards African gamers with satoshis for gaming and podcast listening.
  • Zebedee uses the rewards for crypto-border payments instead of converting to local currency.
  • The app’s new feature is currently available in Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, and Zebedee.
  • Zebedee collaborates with Bitnob to award Bitcoin to African players and expand in Africa.
  • Zebedee’s chief strategy officer highlights the advantages of BTC Lighting Network for cross-border payments and why fiat rails are expensive for gaming payments.

Bitcoin News announced on Twitter that the users of the Zebedee app utilize it to resolve cross-border duty rather than earn BTC.

Similarly, the Zebedee app highlights the collaboration with crypto on and off Bitnob firm

Let’s see how Satoshi converted to local currencies. African users will convert satoshis into their respective currencies after the collection of satoshis.

According to the 12 April blog post, There are plans to add more African countries, but currently, the app’s new feature is accessible to Zebedee, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Kenya. To settle cross-border duty, Zebedee uses rewards and also earns BTC.

TOP News PRO tweeted on Twitter that the collaboration of Bitnob and Zebedee awarded African players Bitcoin.

The company’s blog also highlights why BTC Lighting Network is an ideal network for moving funds across the border. And why Zebedee grow its footprint in Africa. Moreover, with the diverse and vast continent of Africa, the first step of Zebedee is its collaboration with Bitnob.

This is just a start as we plan to enlarge coverage in many other countries with the partnership of Bitnob.

Also, BTC Lighting Network provides entry and exit points to the world’s economy. Why are Fiat Rails so expensive? According to a blog post, Zebedee’s opened a similar channel in the Philippines and Brazil. Zebedee has also created such channels in the U.K., U.S., and European Union.

Bryan Tan @ Asia Digital Lawyer took to Twitter to announce that the payment app and BTC gaming African User Zebedee achieve Satoshis when they listen to podcasts and Play games.

In one report, the chief strategy officer, Ben Cousens of Zebedee said, “Why the BTC lighting Network is the best fit”.

Moreover, Cousens highlights that I cannot pay players on fiat rails. If I run giveaways or tournaments, I am EA games or Activision Blizzard, and I have 30 million for my games. It is too expensive. I lose money because of the less involvement as I am restricted to the United States.