Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI)

Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI)

written by John Murphy | April 29, 2023

Blockchain Transparency Institute BTI is a non-profit organization that aims to promote integrity and transparency within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It comprises a team of experts in blockchain technology as well as data research. The team is dedicated to providing a culture of trust and honesty in the digital currency space.


  • Blockchain Transparency Institute BTI is a non-profit organization that promotes transparency within the crypto and blockchain industry
  • BTI uses a methodology to assess the accuracy of the trading volumes reported by the crypto exchanges

The Blockchain Institute recognizes the potential of blockchain technology with the motive of transforming various industries. In addition, to build a sustainable society for the future it helps acknowledge the need for transparency and accountability.

For the long-term success of blockchain technology in the world, it is crucial that there is transparency in the crypto industry. BTI serves the same mission of promoting honesty along with transparency in the industry assuring a better future for blockchain.

BTI makes this directness possible by providing unbiased and reliable data. The aim of the institute is to build a culture of trust and conscious integrity merely to support the sustainable development of the blockchain-based future society.

Breaking Down Blockchain Transparency Institute

The blockchain transparency institute is focused on bringing more transparency to blockchain technology. But first, we dive deeper into that let’s know more about blockchain and transparency and what it does.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that came in to revolutionize and transform the day-to-day transactions made across the world. It is basically a distributed ledger system that uses a decentralized network of computers to operate. Unlike the traditional centralized manner. It is a distributed network that gives the participants access to the same information.

A blockchain stores data in the form of blocks thus the name. Then with cryptography, these blocks are linked together. Moreover, there is a unique cryptographic code that identifies each block. Once a block becomes a part of the ledger, there is nothing that can be done to delete or alter it. Here are some major benefits blockchain serves:

  • In various areas where trust is critical, such as financial transactions or legal documentation. The immutability of a blockchain makes it ideal.
  • Blockchain technology is also used in hospitals to store medical records securely. Also to create digital identities and track the supply chains

What is transparency and how it relates to blockchain?

Transparency is the ability to see through what is going on in a system or a process. Whereas, in Blockchain transparency means being able to trace and record any transaction made on the network with easy access.

The decentralized nature of the blockchain allows it to record and share all transactions in an immutable ledger to ensure transparency. There are certain areas where transparency plays a significant role like online gambling. Blockchain technology allows online casinos to verify the game result to make sure that they are fair and unbiased.

What is a BTI and how does it work?

The BTI is dedicated to bringing transparency to the industry of blockchain. Its major focus I the cryptocurrency market. The Blockchain transparency institute was established by a group of Data researchers as a way to include honesty and openness in this rapidly growing sector. Its mission is to provide accurate information on trading volumes, exchange rankings, and fraud risks in the crypto market.

BTI uses a unique methodology to assess the accuracy of the trading volumes that are reported by the crypto exchanges. Its purpose is to focus on a number of unique site visits with the reported volumes to identify any discrepancies. With thorough research, BTI was able to determine that many crypto exchanges were using false data on their sites.

Anything the BTI finds it records and reports its analysis. In which they rate and grade how accurate a certain provided data is. Also analyzes the susceptibility of exchanges and trading platforms to fraudulent behavior. These reports are then designed as such to help investors before they decide to invest in any crypto assets.


Blockchain Transparency Institute is a leading organization that aims to promote transparency within the crypto industry. A unique methodology of the BTI helps investors make well-informed decisions. Furthermore, BTI is also working on implementing blockchain solutions in real estate, banking, and government. And also provides education on the potential of blockchain technology to eliminate corruption.