BTC potential dip to $40K Impacts First republic Bank's Stocks to Drop

BTC potential dip to $40K Impacts First republic Bank's Stocks to Drop

written by John Murphy | April 29, 2023

The price targets of Bitcoin are on the rise, as they are reaching beyond recent 10-month highs, with bulls becoming more confident. This may be a result of the banking woes in the United States.


  • Bitcoin and gold are benefitting from the U.S. banking crisis.
  • This whole scenario may lead to a mini-price rally for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Briefly reach the $30K mark on April 26th as it regained momentum. This resulted in a total of around 11% gain compared to its local lows on April 24. The banking crisis in the U.S. has led to this positive response. The investors are also following developments related to First Republic Bank.

The Bank revealed a $100 billion worth reduction in deposits. These reductions triggered concerns across the U.S. banking system of insolvency and a potential chain reaction. The former CEO of BitMex Arthur Hayes warned that a refusal to bailout of the First Republic Bank by government, it could lead to the failure of other banks with similar issues.

As a result, both BTC, digital gold, and real gold benefitted from the lack of clarity. Also associated it with the bank’s fate and the lawmaker’s next step.

Is Bitcoin going to reach $40K soon?

With investors turning to Bitcoin and Gold as safe after the U.S banking crisis Bitcoin briefly reached the $30K mark and analysts are confident that the uptrend may continue until the coin reaches the $40K mark.

Some traders are comparing the current rebound to the prior breakdown of the monthly lows of Bitcoin. While some are forecasting a range bound Price action for Bitcoin at $30K,

The derivatives market has also been affected by it all. With a $500 million reduction in Open interest which indicates a mini rally is likely to come soon for the coin.