Can cryptocurrencies merge?

Can cryptocurrencies merge?

written by John Murphy | October 22, 2022

Mergers have been an important business strategy. Many organizations in the past have adopted this approach as a means of gaining a competitive advantage. However, since the digital business mechanism is still in its infancy, hearing about cryptocurrencies merger is a new phenomenon. So, the question itself is a fresh one: can cryptocurrencies merge?

A simple answer is yes; cryptocurrencies can make marge. Along with the solution’s simplicity, the merger’s complexity is yet to be known in the real world. A crypto merger is a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

This article will cover all the details surrounding the cryptocurrency merger’s environment, phenomenon, and process.

So let’s get started and try to understand the question; can cryptocurrencies merge?

What is a Cryptocurrency Merge?

In traditional business, a merger means when two units are into one. Usually, the size of the corporations is the same. The reasons vary greatly, but we are not going into those details.

Now, apply the same merger formula to a cryptocurrency. Undoubtedly, we can deduce the definition – cryptocurrency merger is combining two cryptocurrencies into one. In other words, when two separate blockchains merge into one single blockchain with the main net.

Simply put, a cryptocurrency merger replaces an old blockchain with an updated or new blockchain protocol.

Importance of cryptocurrencies merge

Well, it is a subjective question. There are numerous motives behind a cryptocurrency merger. Let’s look into a few vital factors affecting a cryptocurrency merger.

  • Upgradation from existing protocols

Firstly, when a cryptocurrency blockchain plans to upgrade its existing protocol, it is said to have a merger because the existing blockchain will merge into a new one.

The upgradation may include; improved security, better services, server movements, and the addition of new features.

  • Gaining a competitive advantage

Competitive edge is a feature each business strives for while operating in the industry. The merger of two cryptocurrencies may put merged currencies in a better financial position than their rivals. 

  • Risk Reduction

Another purpose of a merger is risk reduction. When two cryptocurrencies merge, the risk of competition is halved. However, it is not that simple; the merger should offer a win-win situation for both cryptocurrencies, as otherwise, it is unlikely that owners will allow a union.

  • Financial Benefits

All business activities are subject to offer financial benefits. A merger is also subject to financial gains. When cryptos see upgrading or working as a single unit as more beneficial, they can opt for the merger. In short, mergers become imperative when the financial benefits of working combined are higher than working solo. 

Cons of the cryptocurrency merger

The major con of a merger is the loss of faith of investors, which can have serious financial struggles.

The value of a cryptocurrency largely depends on the investment it attracts. Since the environment in which cryptocurrencies are volatile, a merger fuels this volatility. 

As for the investors are concerned, they may have to bear losses. A decrease in demand will affect the devaluation of the coin, subsequently inflicting losses.

What happens if cryptocurrencies merge?

Upon merger, the consensus mechanism of a blockchain changes. Such changes alter the entire network of operations, including how blocks are created or mined.

To better understand changes, let us look at the Ethereum merge. Through the merger, the primary blockchain, which previously was the Genesis chain, changed to the Beacon Chain. The subsequent change of blockchain then changes the entire operating methodology. 

As a result of the merger, Ethereum, previously working on the Proof-of-Work mechanism, got updated to the Proof-of-Stake methodology.

So, the underlying merge completely changes the processes of coin minting. Investors must stay updated with the latest merges to remain aligned with the crypto environment.

Impact of Cryptocurrencies merge on investors

Well, investors are the ones most affected by mergers. It can be a positive effect or a negative one as well. Cryptocurrencies typically lose the faith of investors during such transitions. Their value drops, but the important thing is to bounce back.

However, since mergers are part of the process and are generally done to improve blockchain issues; hence cryptocurrencies get back to their actual value or even becomes stronger than their pre-merger value.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency founders get their investors’ confidence before making such a move. It is crucial for both of them. But since it is a business phenomenon, cryptos will lose value in the short term before gaining importance again upon completion of the merger process.

So, if you trust the founders’ decision, you can stick around, but if you think the merger move will likely end up being a wrong decision, you can sell out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cryptocurrencies merge?

In simple words, yes! Cryptocurrencies can merge. However, they have many financial and digital complexities that dictate such decisions. 

Can Ethereum and Bitcoin merge?

No, Ethereum and Bitcoin cannot merge. The reasons include that both cryptocurrencies operate in different environments with serving other purposes.

Can blockchains merge?

The merger in cryptocurrency is the merger of blockchains. So, blockchains can merge. Although it is a complex mechanism, practically, it is possible.

What merge is happening nowadays?

One of the highly anticipated merges done most recently is the Ethereum blockchain merge. They are upgrading their blockchain to offer an ecosystem with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Will I lose my cryptocurrencies after the cryptocurrency merge?

No, you will not lose your cryptocurrency. The merge only affects the processing mechanism. You can keep on trading your cryptocurrencies with changes in operational activities.


The straight answer to can cryptocurrencies merge is a straight yes. However, the applicable rules are complex. It is not a simple decision and can have profound financial implications if not carried out correctly.

As for investors, the valuation of crypto can have a short-term dent during the merger phase. However, cryptocurrencies gain value upon completion of the process. So, have faith in your decision and stick to the primary business formula.

Ethereum is one of the latest merge examples, which has clarified and answered many queries circulating the cryptocurrency merge mechanism. Financial experts today are better positioned to determine the outcome of cryptocurrency mergers.

That is all from us on the question can cryptocurrencies merge? We hope that the article touched on all the necessary points.