Cardano Founder Betrayal: Ethereum Fate in Peril
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Cardano Founder Betrayal: Ethereum Fate in Peril

written by John Murphy | April 30, 2023

According to recent news, Fabian Vogelsteller is one of the Ethereum Foundation members. He took to Twitter to discredit the Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson’s role in building the Ethereum blockchain.

Vogelsteller tweeted in response to the tweet of Twitter users. He said that all the core contributors to Ethereum have gone on to build their blockchain protocols. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Vogelsteller discredited Hoskinson’s role in building Ethereum.
  • Ethereum’s core contributors went on to build their own protocols.
  • Vogelsteller’s statement was based on facts and not meant to offend.
  • Vogelsteller is now building the Lukso Network, a next-gen EVM blockchain protocol.
  • Industry observers express concern over the strife sparked by the conversation, while top crypto leaders promote unity and denounce FUD.

XRP-WINS took to Twitter and made an announcement that the Ethereum Foundation member named Fabian Vogelsteller took to Twitter to discredit the role of Cardinal founder in the Ethereum blockchain building.

Furthermore, Roach’tweet ranked Vitalik Buterin, the main developer of the Ethereum protocol, Gavin Wood, Polkadot’s founder, Vogelsteller and Hoskinson. Vogelsteller told Charles Hoskinson against the Roach’s ideas.

“He was not a builder of Ethereum. As much as I know, he did not do anything for Ethereum. Early on, he was in the right place. Later, he was hanging out. That’s why I would erase him from the pic as well.”

Contrary to all the facts that offended the community, Vogelsteller clarified that his status was not offending anyone but rather on pure facts. The developer is the builder of Lukso Network. The branding of the protocol is next-generation EVM blockchain.

The protocol aims to familiarize brands, creators, and users with Web3 and blockchain technology in the New Creative Economy.

CoinGape News took to Twitter and made an announcement that the Foundation member discounted the role of Cardino founders in Ethereum.

However, Lukso is hidden as compared to Polkadot and Cardano. The developer hopes the protocol will be equivalent to others in the other 2 years.

Charles Hoskinson answers Vogelsteller, the main person, had the right to claim a spot among the developers of Ethereum. Cardano’s founder met the discount on Hoskinson’s role with sarcasm. 

Hoskinson wrote to answer the tweet that he was happy to get Fabian’s opinion. He expected that either Switzerland just materialized out. Moreover, Hoskinson also said that he would like to meet people behind Cardano despite his incompetence. Somehow, a pretty cool project for self-manifestation.

Crypto411 took to Twitter and made an announcement that one of the early Ethereum Foundation members named, Varian Vogelsteller, has discounted the role of Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.

Some industry observers have expressed concern about the type of strife sparked by the conversation. To help propel the broader industry, Top crypto leaders like Binance, CEO, Changpeng, CZ, and Zayo embrace unity and regularly advocate FUD.