ChatGPT-like Personal AI
Press Release

ChatGPT-like Personal AI

written by John Murphy | April 16, 2023

A breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has emerged with a ChatGPT-like personal AI unveiling. It can install and run on a home computer without an internet connection. 

The new AI tool, GPT4, was developed by programmers from Nomic AI in just four days at $1,300. It requires only 4GB of space, making it accessible to users with lower-end hardware.

Personal AI Revolution 

While GPT4All is not as powerful as ChatGPT-like Personal AI, it is currently one of the most advanced AI in the world. It still presents a powerful tool in its own right. According to Brian Roemmele, founder of the technology blog Multiplex, GPT4All is one of the most potent personal Ai systems ever released.

Unveiling GPT4All Without Internet

The development of personal AI technology represents a significant milestone in the advancement of AI. Users can now experience the benefits of AI without the requirement for an internet connection or access to cloud based-AI models. Furthermore, GPT4All provides users with immunity to AI censorship. It has become a growing concern in recent years.

Experience AI Without Censorship 

Elon Musk, an early investor in Open AI, has been vocal in his criticism of AI development. He is warning about the potential risks associated with the technology. In March, Musk signed a letter published by the U.S. tank Future of Life Institute, calling for all AI companies to immediately pause training robust AI systems. The letter warned that human-could pose profound risks to society and humanity.

Elon Musk’s Warning on AI Risks

His concerns are not unfounded, as the development of AI has brought us closer to a technological point of no return. The singularity is a hypothetical moment when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible. It is becoming increasingly possible with the development of self-improving synthetic intelligence. Musk jokingly tweeted on April 12 that “The singularity is near.

The Future of AI is in Your Hands

It could lead to a dystopian future similar to that depicted in the Terminator sci-fi franchise. Roemmele has various points on AI, arguing in his guide that it is more suitable called Intelligence Amplification.

 Last Chance to Own Your AI

In reply to the push for a pause on AI development, Roemmele suggested that people choose a side. He claimed that AI is rapidly becoming the target of censorship, regulation and worse, citing Italy’s decision to block ChatGPT on March 31. Furthermore, he added that this might be the last chance to own your AI.


The development of ChatGPT-like Personal AI represents a significant milestone in advancing AI technology. At the same time, it may not be as powerful as some of the most advanced AI models available today. It provides users a powerful tool that can be run locally without an internet connection.

The development of personal AI technology represents a new era in AI. It provides users access to AI’s benefits while maintaining their privacy and freedom from censorship. However, the development of AI has also raised concerns about its potential risks. We must continue to explore these issues and find ways to mitigate them.