Unlocking Crypto's Secrets: Consensus by CoinDesk 2023

Unlocking Crypto's Secrets: Consensus by CoinDesk 2023

written by John Murphy | April 9, 2023

The wait is over! CoinDesk has come up with the world’s most popular cryptocurrency event. A great event Consensus by CoinDesk is scheduled to go live in April 2023. Likewise the year 2022, it will be hosting crypto, NFT, and blockchain geeks throughout the globe. 

This crypto conversation will continue for three days straight, covering many activities and lively sessions for the crypto community. To attend this longest-ever crypto conversation, you need to get registered. Pay for the best package, get your pass, and participate in the global crypto conference at Austin.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Consensus by CoinDesk 2023 is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency event that will take place in Austin in April 2023.
  • Consensus 2023 will cover topics such as the volatility of the crypto industry, regulatory laws, and safe transactions and trading.
  • The event will feature influential speakers from the crypto, Web3, and blockchain industry.
  • Consensus 2023 is sponsored by notable names from the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry.
  • Registration for Consensus 2023 is open and offers various pass types, including Pro Pass, Piranha Pass, Two-Day Pass, Student Pass, and Developer Pass.

Consensus Conference 2023; Crypto’s Mega-Event

Every year, the crypto community comes together, analyzes the market situation and innovations, and considers the crypto world’s challenges. The number of participants in this conference is occasionally widening, which has become a global sensation. 

Source: CoinDesk

Yes, it’s Consensus by CoinDesk. For 2023, this conversation will look at the volatility of the crypto industry, regulatory laws, and ensuring safe transactions and trading. Not only that, Texas will welcome crypto-adopters from everywhere. 

You can also participate in this great conference by registering for the program. There will be a lot of exciting meetups, Web3athon, Podcast competitions, and Women Who Web3-like events. 

Consensus 2023 Speakers & Invitees

With more than three stages and multiple workshops, Consensus offers an immersive crypto experience to the participants. It also hosts a Protocol Village, Metaverse, Gallery, and an Unlock Stage. 

There, a gaming stage will be available for the crypto gamers. To benefit the participants in the long run, Consensus is featuring speakers. These confirmed speakers belong to the most coveted places of crypto, Web3, and Blockchain. 

In addition, these guest speakers are from all walks of the crypto industry. We have enlisted some of them. Have a look at the most reputable speakers. 

  • Jenny Johnson, The President and CEO of Franklin Templeton
  • Edward Snowden, The President of the Freedom of the Press Foundation
  • Daniel Alegre; CEO of Yuga Labs
  • Christy Goldsmith Romero; The Commissioner- U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • Jeremy Allaire; The Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Circle
  • Caitlin Long, Founder, and CEO- Custodia Bank
  • Balaji Srinivasan, Founder of The Network State
  • Jon Heder, Partner of Verified Labs
  • Maryam Ayati; Co-Founder Watr Protocol
  • Cynthia Lummis; U.S Senator, WY – U.S. Senate
  • Simone Berry; From People of Crypto
  • Adrian Blust; Producer of CoinDesk

Following all these influential persons like influencers, traders, founders, investors, and pioneers, Consensus 2023 will be much more than an ordinary digital currency event. 

Sponsors For Consensus By Coindesk 

Many notable names from crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 are sponsoring this event. Crypto exchanges, payment gateways, and NFT marketplaces have backed Consensus in 2023. 

Some of these are;

  • Houbi
  • Crypto Tax Audit
  • LBank
  • Google Cloud
  • Crypto.com
  • Circle
  • Foundry
  • Hedera

The long and short is Consensus sponsors are not CoinDesk endorsers but renowned cryptocurrency ledgers and decentralized units. At the conference, you will get a chance to hear from these successful blockchain platforms about the upcoming projects and the ecosystem. 

How To Register For Consensus 2023? 

Consensus By Coindesk 2023

Consensus by Coindesk registration has started. Interested participants can choose any desirable package. The available pass types for Consensus 2023 are;

Pro Pass: 

Through registering with Pro Pass, you can get a three-day Consensus entry from Wednesday to Friday. It will let you have exclusive access to events and lounges. With this pass, you can join Web3 Creator, Brand Summit, and Money Reimagined Summit. The cost for Pro Pass is 2,199 USD. 

Piranha Pass: 

If you want a VIP Consensus experience, Piranha Pass is for you. It comes with all the features in Pro Pass and several add-on features. Get private curated discussion, VIP seating, VIP Welcome Bag, stables, and relaxation activities within 9000 USD.

Two-Day Pass: 

For 1,599 USD, you can get a Two-Day Pass at Consensus. Through this, you will have a 2-day course including networking, Expo Show Floor, and activations. In addition, this Thursday to Friday Pass allows you to select the night events at your disposal. 

Student Pass: 

Student Pass is another terrific way to join Consensus at a cost-effective plan. For that, you need to apply with proof of enrollment. The cost of this pass is 189 USD. Qualified students will receive the pass via email. 

Developer Pass: 

A developer pass costs ditto as a student pass. All Web3 and Web2 developers are eligible to apply for this pass. Successful candidates will get a discount code within 14 days. 

In addition, Consensus by CoinDesk also offers Emerge Scholarship, Group Rates, and Startup Packages. You can get a considerable discount for a group of 5 or more participants. And the start packages provide you with private startup meetups, easy PitchFest access, and an in-app company profile. 

Consequently, people from all over the world can join Consensus through CoinDesk without hassle. Just go for the desirable registration package and fill in the requisites. 


When and where will Consensus 2023 be held? 

This year’s Consensus by CoinDesk will take place in Texas, USA. The main event is scheduled from the 26th to the 268th of April. Over 20,000 participants will attend the world’s largest crypto and Web3 conversation. All cryptocurrency fans from 112 countries will gather at Austin this April. 

What Is The Purpose Of The Consensus Event?

The consensus conference aims to cover every aspect of cryptocurrency and Web3. It will provide insight into the latest blockchain projects, promoting women in Web3 Lounge and Defi sessions. 

Moreover, the most prominent 2023 crypto conference will spotlight the regulatory policies set up by world governments. Through the informative summits, various underlying issues of Blockchain also come to light. 


In conclusion to the Consensus 2023 discourse, the upcoming event will be the game changer. The conversation by CoinDesk will cover every corner of the Blockchain for new crypto traders and experts. 

With ten-plus strategic partners, this event will be the most extraordinary crypto meetup ever. The entry registration is easygoing for the participants. Various scholarships and discounts are available to students, developers, and newbies. 

So, prepare to visit Austin, Texas, for the crypto summit in April.