Crypto Clash: Kosovo Police Seize Serbians' Mining Rigs

Crypto Clash: Kosovo Police Seize Serbians' Mining Rigs

written by John Murphy | April 17, 2023

According to recent news, In Serbia, where residents are in the country’s northern region, Kosovo police seize dozens of crypto mining devices. Belgrade and Pristina’s authorities claim this activity.

Moreover, these authorities can potentially increase stress in the partially recognized and ethically divided state of Balkan.

Why is crypto mining banned in Serb North? According to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, the northern municipality of Kosovo is taking action to assault the mining of cryptocurrency where Serbs are the most population.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kosovo police seized crypto mining devices from Serbs in northern Serbia.
  • Crypto mining is banned in most areas of northern Serbia due to tensions in the Balkans.
  • 174 mining devices were seized due to illegal use caused by unpaid electricity bills for the past two years.
  • Serbia’s non-recognition of Kosovo’s independence and tensions between the two countries is exacerbated by the crackdown on crypto mining.
  • The ban on crypto mining is seen by some as positive while others view it as a political move to provoke Serbia and escalate tensions.

Bitcoin News took to Twitter and announced that the mining of cryptocurrency in most areas in the north of Serbia is banned because this results in tension in the Balkan States.

The police grabbed 174 devices designed to mint the digital currencies, Economy Minister Artane Rizvanolli stated. Zubin Potok announces on social media. She said these illegal activities happen due to failure to pay a bill. For the last 2 years, the northern Serb part’s consumer doesn’t pat electricity bills.

Serbia doesn’t acknowledge the territory’s unilateral declaration of independence, while the others live in Ethnic Albanians.

Zentaurios took to Twitter and announced that in the main north region of Serbia, the Government of Kosovo is cracking down the Crypto mining because of the Kosovo municipality’s assault on mining cryptocurrency and also on the population thereof Serbs.

According to Belgrade, the main purpose of the crackdown is to provoke Serbia to create stress in the breakaway region. The police conduct a raid on a holiday of Orthodox Christians, on Friday, according to the Metohija and Kosovo office for the government of Serbia.

This raid is the continuation of police harassing the people of Serbian. Blerim Vela, the cabinet chief of Kosovo president Vjosa Osmani stated that Serbia illustrates this operation as someone targeting Serbs.

And in the start, he said,

“In northern Kosovo, the government of Serbia supports the illegal activities in the country and shows as they are attacking local Serb people”.

Bess.M took to Twitter and announced that this is a very good step to ban crypto mining in the region because mostly take mining is an illegal action. They don’t disclose any money nor pay a penny for using electricity.

However, Kosovo has a huge cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, he said that I hope VitalikButerin and CZ-Binance come to Kosovo and watch the youth’s potential

In January 2022, Pristina stopped extracting cryptocurrencies in Kosovo. They said that the last year, hundreds of mining machines stopped due to the ban on renewals in August and the global energy crisis’ negative effect.

According to a report, the total unpaid bill for water and electricity exceeds almost $ 300 million in four Serb municipalities of northern Kosovo.