Crypto Dividends – The Best Cryptocurrencies For Dividends

Crypto Dividends – The Best Cryptocurrencies For Dividends

written by John Murphy | January 16, 2023

Historically, the stock market has created the greatest wealth, and you know long-term investment benefits. However, there is another asset class that is paying dividends, and that is cryptocurrency. So, if you are not aware of this fact, we will mention the best crypto dividends.

Since there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, it becomes scratchy, which is the best long-term investment. Additionally, the crypto market is never stable. Thus, choosing the right token is vital to generate wealth for a longer period.

Since the value of cryptocurrency is volatile, thus a thorough technical analysis is mandatory to do well in the market. This piece will introduce you to the best cryptocurrencies for dividends.

So, stick around and get a chance to fill your wallet with handsome returns.

Crypto Dividends – An Overview

Crypto dividends are a kind of profit sharing with investors. In most cases, it is paid as an incentive for supporting the project’s growth and development. 

Furthermore, dividends are paid to the total number of coins an investor holds. Dividend-paying cryptocurrencies payout automatically. Thus investors do not need to fill out any form or perform any specific task.

Conversely, few cryptocurrencies require investors to hold their currency in a particular wallet to qualify for dividends.

The Best Dividend-Paying Cryptocurrencies

Now let us look at the best cryptocurrencies for dividends that you must consider investing in.

KuCoin Shares (KCS)

  • Market Capitalization – $ 1.63B
  • Daily Trading Volume – $ 6.58 million
  • No. of Supported Exchanges – 4
  • Estimated Annual Dividend – 5.93%

KuCoin has established itself as one of the leading crypto exchanges. Its native token is KuCoin Shares (KCS), an ERC-20 token.

Investors who hold their KCS in their KuCoin exchange wallet earn daily dividends. The cryptocurrency staking reward reaches as high as 5.53% annually, among the best crypto dividends. You also earn daily bonuses from 50% of the trade’s revenues earned from trading fees.

However, investors are required to hold a minimum of 6KCS to qualify for dividends.

VeChain (VET)

  • Market Capitalization – $ 1.35 billion
  • Daily Trading Volume – $ 34.2 million
  • No. of Supported Exchanges – 100+
  • Estimated Annual Dividend – 1.34%

VeChain works on the same lines as Ethereum or NEO for smart contracts. It boasts an eco-friendly and highly scalable layer-1 blockchain.

Additionally, VeChain does not require heavy investments. You only need to hold your VET tokens in your wallet to get dividends. One of the perks is that it pays dividends in its native token – VTHO.

VET’s payout rate is 0.00042 VTHOR tokens per day per staking of 1 VET. So, if we calculate its yearly dividend rate, it becomes about 2.2%. Considering the market trend, it is a good payout and thus becomes one of the best cryptocurrencies for dividends.


  • Market Capitalization – $ 476 million
  • Daily Trading Volume – $ 35 million
  • No. of Supported Exchanges – 150+
  • Estimated Annual Dividend – 2.73%

Formerly known as AntShare – NEO is a popular blockchain that supports smart contracts. NEO broke into the crypto market with a flash and was called the ‘Chinese Ethereum”. 

NEO token is the native coin of the NEO ecosystem. Investors can hold their currency in their NEO wallets to earn crypto dividends in GAS tokens. GAS is the second token of the NEO network and is used to pay dividend rewards.

The annual dividend payout rate of NEO is around 2%. In addition, you need to hold 0.0003 GAS per day to qualify for dividends.

AscendEX (ASD)

  • Market Capitalization – $ 52.2 million
  • Daily Trading Volume – $ 1.9 million
  • No. of Supported Exchanges – 5
  • Estimated Annual Dividend – 9.09%

BitMax rebranded itself to AscendEX and is a centralized best crypto exchange. Th ecosystem is fueled by ASD, which represents the ERC-20 token.

In addition to enjoying trading fees, ASD holders can have daily dividends. Almost 80% of the profits made by the exchange are distributed among holders as an ASD-staking bonus.

Furthermore, the platform offers an ASD Investment Multiple Card, which increases the rate of return. At the same time, the estimated annual dividend payout rate is 9.09%.

Komodo (KMD)

  • Market Capitalization – $ 27.4 million
  • Daily Trading Volume – $ 2.2 million
  • No. of Supported Exchanges – 20
  • Estimated Annual Dividend – 5.10%

Komodo is a privacy-centric digital currency that enables users to make private financial transactions. In addition, the platform also allows projects to launch token sales and create blockchains.

The platform also hosts DEX (decentralized exchange, blockchain development solutions and NFTs.

To qualify for KMD dividends, users need to hold at least 10 coins in their wallet. Komodo names its dividends as Active User Rewards, and the annual payout rate is around 5%, which is impressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cryptocurrency dividends?

Crypto dividends are regular payments made to investors for holding their coins in digital wallets. Dividend rates vary from token to token and increase with many cryptos withheld.

Do any crypto coins pay dividends?

Yes! Crypto coins pay regular dividends. Usually, these dividends are in the form of the exchange’s native token, which is one of the modern ways to create a passive income stream.

Should I invest in dividend cryptocurrencies?

Few cryptocurrencies pay dividends. Similarly, dividend payments are subject to profits made by the exchange. In addition, you will only receive coins. Fluctuating prices and uncertainty surrounding the crypto market make it a tough decision. However, crypto dividends are a good passive income stream. 

Parting Thoughts

Investors get dividends as cash or additional company shares with traditional stocks, while crypto investors get rewards in crypto tokens.

Crypto dividends have become a preferred form of investment for many investors. Since active trading takes a lot of time, thus new users feel comfortable receiving passive income through dividends.

However, since the value of cryptocurrencies varies dramatically, it is advisable to select crypto investments carefully. In addition, crypto is notoriously volatile and can lead to drastic results.

A tip is to go through the project in detail before investing. Since dividends are relatively new, stand y and consult experts beforehand. 

We hope you are now well-equipped to select the best cryptocurrency for yielding dividends. Please share your experience with earning crypto dividends.