Crypto Faucet Casino: Top Faucets to Earn Crypto
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Crypto Faucet Casino: Top Faucets to Earn Crypto

written by John Murphy | May 14, 2023

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular every single day and much of this popularity is attributed to its growing roots in various fields. Today there is hardly any field cryptocurrency isn’t already a part of. Just like that Crypto Faucet Casino is yet another illustration of Cryptocurrency embedding its roots deeper.


  • Crypto faucet casinos allow users to earn cryptocurrencies by completing simple tasks.
  • These platforms offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies to be earned.
  • One of the best free Bitcoin faucets games is trust dice which provides its player with an exceptional experience.

Crypto Faucet casinos provide an alternative unique approach to online gambling. Its process is quite different from the traditional casinos, where the participants must wager their own money to partake. While on the contrary, with crypto gambling the players can earn faucet rewards merely by clicking on advertisements and solving captchas.

Moreover, it is highly convenient to access cryptocurrency faucet casinos as anyone with a stable internet connection can join these platforms. Regardless of where the users are from, they quickly start earning crypto. These crypto faucet platforms have been gaining traction lately. This may be because these casinos provide an avenue for individuals who may not have the means or don’t want to risk their crypto assets.

In this article, we will explore the vast world of cryptocurrency delving into crypto faucet game casinos.

Best Crypto Faucet Casino

Here are our picks of the best crypto faucet casinos:

  1. Trust Dice Faucet
  2. Fortune Jack faucet
  3. CyberDice casino faucet
  4. BC Game faucet
  5. DuckDice casino faucets

1. Trust Dice Faucet

Trust Dice is one of the best free Bitcoin casinos built on the EOS blockchain. The platform offers its players an exceptional experience by utilizing blockchain. Blockchain technology integration allows the trust dice to ensure provable fairness, good speed, and a higher level of trustworthiness.

The key feature of TrustDice is its recurring free crypto faucet, allowing users to claim free EOS, BTC, ETH, USDT, Vitality (VITA), TXT (Casino’s token), and U-Network (UUU) every 6 hours. Opening up the opportunity to accumulate a vast range of cryptocurrencies.

Around 200,000 registered players are on the TrustDice platform which offers an extensive selection of 2,000 games. The process to get registered on the forum is easy and swift. interestingly, users also receive a reward bonus upon email verification.

2. FortuneJack Faucet

FortuneJack Faucet Casino is one of the most trusted and older gambling sites to earn faucets. You can easily sign up and start earning facing, but make sure to verify your phone number first. After the verification, you can earn Bitcoin no-deposit bonuses such as free spins.

You must have an account balance of zero to qualify for faucet funds. But once you meet this requirement, you can find the faucet in FortuneJack’s dice game section. The faucet allows you to claim 532 Satoshi within a 24-hour period. Thus presenting an opportunity to earn 0.0000266 BTC from the faucet daily.

There is a license held by the FortuneJack platform called Curacao license and it has been in operation ever since 2014. It was created by the Nexus group with a strong and trustworthy reputation.

3. CyberDice crypto faucet casino

CyberDice was created by the OneHash group as an innovative approach to the classic dice game. The members of the Hash group can easily access the cyber dice with their main accounts. It is one of the best faucet casinos.

The platform has some exciting features: it allows its players to claim 100 Satoshi every 60 seconds. Providing an opportunity for the users to accumulate crypto. Not only that you can also use your earned crypto to enhance your gaming experience.

One of the main aims of the platform is to create a highly secure platform. CyberDice does this by providing secure cold storage wallets and it is highly recommended to use a hardware wallet for storing your coins. It is also licensed by Curacao.

4. BC Game Faucet

BC Game is also another online casino that also has its coin called BCD. It is a reputable platform that offers generous deposit-based bonuses. ultimately the platform allows you to accumulate rewards without the need for a deposit.

You can access the BC game casino from your mobile app. There is a wide range of cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the platform around 30 kinds of coins. Moreover, over 10,000 games are present in BC games. Renowned providers develop the games to experience an amazing virtual and live gaming experience.

Other than that the customer support of the platform is also really efficient as they provide quick assistance to the users.

5. Duck Dice Faucet

With a crypto faucet, the DuckDice casino offers a user-friendly experience. The amount of faucet depends upon young wagered amount. However, to earn the bitcoin you must have zero balance in your wallet. You also get bonuses on the platform; for example the welcome bonus and more.

In addition you can use 12 cryptocurrencies on the platform l; like BTC, ETH, and Litecoin. You need to play tic tac toe to earn your faucet and also win up to 30 times per day. Before claiming your reward again play Duckdice’s unique dice game once you have funds. on the plus side, the rewards also increase as you excel in levels.


Can we avail free crypto faucet?

Yes with our above-mentioned casinos, you may avail of free crypto faucets.


If you are looking for a way to earn crypto without investment then the crypto faucet casino is the right spot for you. here you can easily not only earn crypto rewards but enjoy other perks as well. These are some of the games that we find better than the rest as a crypto faucet casino.

You earn free rewards through faucets which you can later use to claim small amounts of cryptocurrencies. it does not only focus on attracting new players to the platform but also incentivizes existing users to stay.