Get the Inside Scoop on Crypto Market Makers: Ultimate Guide!
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Get the Inside Scoop on Crypto Market Makers: Ultimate Guide!

written by John Murphy | April 11, 2023

With the vast popularity of cryptocurrency, the need for market makers has also become important. Traders provide liquidity to the market by quoting asset prices for both buys and sell. 

They act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, helping to ensure that there is always a market for an asset and that prices remain stable. Today we will explain crypto market makers, their role, and how to become one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Crypto market makers provide liquidity to the market and ensure stable asset prices.
  • Market makers in the crypto world can be individuals or companies of any size.
  • Market makers use various strategies to manage risk, including order book management and spread management.
  • Trading bots are commonly used by market makers to operate more efficiently.
  • Companies like SCP Crypto provide market-making services to the crypto industry.

Crypto Market Makers: What Are They?

The crypto market maker maintains cryptocurrency liquidity and ensures the market runs smoothly. To provide liquidity in the market, a market maker stands ready to buy and sell an asset at any time.

Market makers typically are large financial institutions in traditional financial markets. Individuals or companies of any size can be market makers in the crypto world.

Crypto Market Maker List

Many market makers operate in crypto, ranging from large institutional firms to smaller independent traders. Some of the market makers in crypto include:

  • Jump Trading
  • Susquehanna International Group
  • Jane Street
  • DRW Trading
  • Hudson River Trading
  • Flow Traders
  • Cumberland
  • Alameda Research
  • Wintermute Trading
  • GSR

However, this is a partial list, and new market makers are constantly entering the space.

Cryptocurrency Market Makers’ Role

In crypto, market makers primarily provide liquidity. Market makers offer to buy and sell asset prices, ensuring a stable need for the investment. With market makers, the crypto market would be much more volatile and manageable for traders

Crypto Market-Making Strategies

Here are three of the most common crypto market-making strategies market makers use to provide liquidity and manage risk.

Order Book Management: 

This crypto market-making strategy involves market makers using order book management to maintain a liquid asset market.

Spread Management: 

Market makers adjust the spread between the bid and ask prices based on market conditions to maintain profitability and manage risk.

Risk Management: 

Market makers must manage their risk carefully, as they can expose to price volatility and other market risks. They may use various tools and techniques to manage risk, including hedging and portfolio management.

Crypto Market Making Bot

Crypto Market Making Bot

One way that market makers can operate more efficiently is through the use of trading bots. These bots monitor the market 24/7 and can run trades automatically.

By using trading bots, market makers can take advantage of market movements and execute trades more quickly than manually.

Top Market Makers in Crypto

There are many significant players in the crypto market-making space, but here are three of the top market makers in the industry:

Market MakerIndustryNotable Contributions
Susquehanna International GroupCryptoProviding liquidity, driving industry growth
Jump TradingCryptoExpertise in liquidity provision
Jane StreetCryptoExpertise in liquidity provision, driving industry growth

How to Become a Crypto Market Maker

For those interested in becoming a market maker in the crypto industry, there are several vital steps to take.

  1. Firstly, you should know deeply about the market and the traded assets.
  2. Secondly, it is necessary to have the expertise and resources to provide liquidity to the market.
  3. Finally, it is vital to have access to the required technology and infrastructure to operate efficiently.

Crypto Market-Making Services

Several companies offer crypto market-making services for those needing more expertise or resources to become market makers. These companies provide liquidity to markets on behalf of their clients.

SCP Crypto Market Maker

SCP Crypto Market Maker
Source: cryptologi

SCP Crypto is one such company that provides market-making services to the crypto industry. Their platform allows users to benefit from their expertise in market making and access to liquidity in a range of crypto assets.

Market Maker Crypto Example

An example of a market maker in the crypto industry is GSR, a trading firm that provides liquidity to exchanges and trading platforms. Crypto market maker GSR uses algorithms to monitor market conditions and execute trades, ensuring that there is always a buyer and seller for any given asset.

Crypto Market Maker Salary

The salary of a crypto market maker varies depending on a range of factors, including experience, expertise, and the size and complexity of the market. While there is no set salary for a crypto market maker, one can estimate what one might earn based on industry trends.

Crypto Market Maker Signals

One way traders can benefit from market maker expertise is through market maker signals. These signals provide insights into market conditions and can help traders make more informed decisions about buying and selling assets.

Market Maker Signals Table

Below is a table of some popular market maker signals and their meanings:

Bid-Ask SpreadThe difference between the highest bid and lowest ask prices
Order Book DepthThe amount of buy and sell orders at different price levels
VolumeThe number of assets being traded within a certain timeframe
Implied VolatilityThe expected volatility of an asset based on options pricing
LiquidityThe ability to buy and sell an asset without significantly affecting its price

Is Binance a Market Maker?

Being one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Binance does not function as a market maker. Instead, Binance provides a platform for users to buy and sell assets, with liquidity provided by market makers and other participants in the market.


Who is the biggest market maker in crypto?

The biggest market maker in crypto is hard to determine as there are many significant players in the industry, but some of the top ones include Jump Trading, Jane Street, and DRW.

Who is the Binance market maker?

Binance is not a market maker but a cryptocurrency exchange facilitating trades between buyers and sellers.

How do you become a crypto market maker?

To become a crypto market maker, one typically needs a deep understanding of the assets, experience in trading, and access to market-making tools and technology.


In conclusion, the market maker’s role in the crypto industry is crucial. By providing liquidity to markets and stabilizing prices, market makers help to create a more efficient and accessible market for all participants.

To become a crypto market maker, deep market understanding, expertise, resources, and technology are crucial for efficient operation. And for traders looking to benefit from market maker expertise, market maker signals can provide valuable insights into market conditions.