Crypto's Giant Robot vs US Gov's Monster: Balaji's Bitcoin Bet
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Crypto's Giant Robot vs US Gov's Monster: Balaji's Bitcoin Bet

written by John Murphy | April 15, 2023

In recent news, Balaji Srinivasan, an author of The Network State, angel investor, and tech entrepreneur, said that to fight with the Giant monster of the U.S. federal government, crypto proponents, and proverbial “giant robot” of supportive governing bodies are needed.

Coinbase’s CTO reported that an update was issued on his $1 million-dollar Bitcoin bet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Srinivasan wants a crypto-friendly “giant robot” to fight the US government.
  • He’s optimistic about network states and crypto weathering social and economic changes.
  • Social trust is needed for building network states and preventing complete decentralization.
  • Srinivasan funds network states, DAOs, and physical meetups to build community.
  • Srinivasan sees a sovereign government and network state as the “giant robot” needed to fight the “gigantic monster”. announced on Twitter that Balaji Srinivasan elaborated on why he made a $1M bitcoin bet to support “to fight with a gigantic monster, a crypto-friendly Giant robot is required”.

On April 13, Balaji Srinivasan spoke remotely at ETHGlobal Program Tokyo Summit. He highlighted to the program participants that social and economic changes are coming.

But he shows optimism about the network states, a larger community, and crypto tool to provide the weather storm. News asked Srinivasan what work is being done and what next steps are taken to build network states. He said that “due to the deficit trust in the world”, people will be drawn to decentralization. So, to deal with this situation, social trust is required to work at the primary level.

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Furthermore, he elaborated that re-centralization is needed to prevent decentralization, but this is done in small clusters with the consent of the opposite side.

Additionally, it is noted by the Author that many things are coming in a few; instead, I believe these are coming after ten years, so Srinivasan is working on his book named “The Network States” and made videos to deal with the situation.

The Paradise announced on Twitter that Srinivasan said the difficult situation is coming. It may be economic or societal, but network states and a large community must beat this situation by explaining is a Bitcoin bet.

Srinivasan illustrated that he funded network states, more DAOs, and other stuff occurring now, but I am happy to see this happening. And the physical meetups of the people are arranged to build community.

The angel investor highlighted that “the network state is a part of the new normal” while speaking about the draconian physical in recent years.

According to Srinivasan, Web3 is shifted from a stupid thing to a very useful thing.

Moreover, in his presentation, while speaking about American politics, Srinivasan said that the farther you are from Blue America socially, physically, and financially the better you are.

He illustrated that perceiving pro-freedom and crypto-friendly, most people are migrating to America.

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The Author noted that humans could not fight a big monster that surfaced from the ocean by pointing toward the Hollywood film Pacific Rim. He said that the real monster is the U.S. Federal Government, which attacks tech and crypto banks.

 One Eyed Trader tweeted on a tweet that Srinivasan said that, as a person, you didn’t fight against the giant monster. For this, you need your own Govt. and Network state.

Nevertheless, he said that a person or a company could not fight against monsters. You need a giant robot to deal with these gigantic monsters. Now it is sovereign vs sovereign; you need good states and their government to beat the bad states.

According to many crypto freedom and bitcoin proponents said, there is no such thing as good states. As the top tax is theft, Srinivasan claims everyone needed the power of government-tier action and “HP”.

At the closing of the Tokyo program, Srinivasan explained his $ 1M Bitcoin bet and demonstrated to satisfy everybody that the reason behind this bet was to grab the attention of this crisis. And He will make an update on this.