Diamond Price Forecast 2023, 2025, 2030
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Diamond Price Forecast 2023, 2025, 2030

written by John Murphy | April 29, 2023

Diamond Price forecast is a significant aspect for investors who intend to trade the DMD coin in the market. Due to the high volatility of the crypto market, it becomes essential for investors to go through some nearly accurate diamond price predictions.


  • Diamond DMD is one of the older cryptocurrencies to exist.
  • there are various features of the Diamond token that make it an impressive choice like security, lower transaction fees, and more.
  • by the end of the year 2023, the coin may reach a maximum of $33.74.

DMD token has recently emerged as a profitable cryptocurrency in the market due to which more and more investors are showing interest in it. While understanding the future price forecast of the DMD coin helps determine whether it is the right time to buy or sell the token.

There are various factors that can affect the price of the Diamond coin such as market trends, market sentiment, and even the supply of the token. An investor must be aware of all such possible factors that may affect the token’s price. In this article, we will learn more about the price forecast of the Diamond token and see how high it can reach in the coming years.

Diamond Price Forecast: Past Price Analysis

Diamond DMD cryptocurrency has witnessed a wide range of price fluctuations over the past year since its inception in 2013. If we look at the past 90-day analysis of the Diamond coin its price has increased by 82.79% which makes the DMD coin an interesting option.

Moving on to the last 30-day analysis, the Diamond has been performing well even in that range. As its price increased by 12.07%. The steady upward trend of crypto has been a reason for attracting more investors as this seems to be a profitable opportunity for them.

Over the last 3 months, the price of Diamond reached a maximum of $4.27. Again an attractive price range for investors. While reaching the past 4-months analysis the coin went down by -8.87% though its maximum price range was $5.58. This downtrend was alarming for some obviously but it’s a known fact that the crypto market is highly volatile, so anything can be expected.

Looking at the Diamond price trend over the past 7 days we will notice a strong potential for the coin’s growth. This indicates a good opportunity for investors to look for investing in the Diamond coin.

Diamond DMD token Overview

Coin nameDiamond
24h Volume$8,210
Total Supply3,751,489
Current price$3.97

What is the Diamond DMD coin?

DMD Diamond Coin is a digital cryptocurrency project founded in 2013. Which makes it one of the oldest blockchain networks in the market. It is the first network to implement cooperative consensus with a PoS-powered validator election. Furthermore, this aspect of the coin makes it a true pioneer for its functions in the industry. The Diamond coin focuses on empowering people by allowing them to make the required value of the transfer anywhere in the world.

The latest update of the DMD coin offers a range of features for users. These include true decentralization, fast transactions with lower fees, on-chain governance, security, low carbon footprint, and even smart contracts deployment on the chain as well. Also, even the reward mechanics used by the platform is sustainable.

One of the most unique aspects of DMD is that it’s an entirely community-driven coin. Where the most active members of the community are Aleksander Mesor and Helmut Siedl, while Thomas Haller, Dr. David Forstenlechner, and Dietmar Hofer. They work on the technical aspects as well as the code-level improvements on the platform.

Diamond token price prediction: Future price analysis

To determine the price prediction of the Diamond coin the the analysts study the technical and fundamental analysis of the coin. the technical analysis comprises certain technical indicators that help determine the future of the coin like the historical market trend, Relative strength index, and more.

On the other hand fundamental analysis consists of aspects like the adoption of the protocol or market sentiment surrounding the coin to help determine the price forecast. These are the factors that can impact a token’s price.

Diamond Price Forecast 2023

As the market has shifted to the bullish side lately we can expect the price of Diamond coin to reach $7.15 of maximum by the end of the year.

Diamond Price Prediction 2025

Over the next few years based on the current analysis, we expect the Diamond coin to see impressive growth. The coin may reach as high as $15.09

Diamond price prediction 2030

If a continued rally occurred in the price of Diamond we can expect the coin to reach a maximum of $33.74 under bullish circumstances.


Is Diamond DMD a good investment?

According to the current price analysis of the DMD token, we can say for now that it is a good investment.

How High can Diamond go?

The Diamond DMD token if remains on the bullish path of price rally then it may reach as high as $23.43 in the next five years.

What will be the Diamond price prediction 2024?

By the year 2024, the price of DMD is expected to reach $7.64.


The Diamond Price forecast is important to many investors for various reasons. One of which is that it is among the oldest cryptocurrencies and also because the token has amazing features that most investors find attractive.

Despite all that they must be aware that the price of any coin can either boom in a night or its value may turn to ashes within no time. This is primarily due to the high cryptocurrency volatility in the market.