Doge's Destiny: Elon's Twitter Takeover Sparks 6-Month

Doge's Destiny: Elon's Twitter Takeover Sparks 6-Month

written by John Murphy | April 27, 2023

According to recent news, since the takeover, Elon Musk introduced many changes on Twitter. It was a short Dogecoin logo trade that took the market of Crypto by storm. While in October 2022, the Musk News acquired on Twitter raised the price of $DOGE.

Due to the impact of the FTX collapse, the rally was short-lived. From the takeover of Twitter, memecoin leaned advantage despite dominating the sentiments by the bear run. Doge may be well placed in a better environment after 6 months of the acquisition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover led to changes, including potential crypto payments and encrypted messages.
  • Musk hinted at Dogecoin support on Twitter, leading to a brief bull run in November 2022.
  • Market conditions favor a DOGE bull run and memecoin adoption.
  • Binance opened new liquidity pools for Dogecoin and Bitcoin.
  • Dogecoin may have growth potential with potential crypto payments and a more favorable market. took to Twitter and made an announcement that Elon Musk made many changes at Twitter after taking over. After 6 months of the takeover, Dogecoin is full-blown in the market.

The CEO of Tesla took over the social media platform a long time before. It reflects that the company would launch payments based on Crypto for many purposes. These aims involve paid services of Twitter. Musk got rid of blue ticks’ legacy, initiated subscriptions for creators, and paid verification.

The list of changes made by Musk is not over yet. Most importantly, Twitter looks to authorize payments and encrypted direct messages.

All the above leaves potential for payments of Crypto and have a scope of money transfer, especially memecoin, and stablecoin.

Crypto411 took to Twitter and made an announcement that the conditions of crypto markets favor the Dogecoin price bull run. In November 2022, it peaked after bringing Twitter by Elon Musk.

Although, the company didn’t introduce crypto payments, specifically, Dogecoin payments. Musk dropped hints on Twitter unofficially. Musks liked the tweets about the possibility of Crypto payments on the platform posted by users.

Mainly, among the cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin enjoys the privilege of being a Billionaire.

John Morgan took to Twitter and made an announcement that 6 months after the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, the Crypto market was in favor of Doge.

However, after hitting a peak in November 2022, overall conditions of the crypto market favor the DOGE bull run. At the same time, much has been happening for the adoption of memecoin. According to the Coin Gape, Binance opened new Liquidity pools including Dogecoin and Bitcoin.