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Dynamic Avatars For Legacy Capture: Click Here to Witness the Blockchain Revolution! - Coin Amazon

written by John Murphy | February 18, 2023

Project Arcana is a project in which there is Blockchain technology that seeks to unshackle your digital identities for physical benefits and legacy storage. 

The NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) started as necessary tamper-proof ledgers that are used to guarantee collectors’ ownership rights and to verify the authenticity of the artworks. Nonetheless, since their disclosure, NFTs have become far more than that. 

Currently, many new projects are being pursued to deliver new and different forms of utility and value. So far, many projects have centered around intellectual property and community building. Until now, no projects have tried to build their center around the potential of Blockchain’s core technology.  

Concurrently, the growing traction of the Web3 and the Metaverse concept has led to many supporters pointing out themselves by way of NFTs as their profile pictures. 

Although, this way has proven to be an interesting way for the holders to represent their involvement and growing collection in the Web3 space, a future for something more worthwhile can be seen. 


Particularly, NFTs are frequently static unless the creator, and not the holder, go for the addition of updated or adjusted designs to the chain. The PFPs can only represent what we hold. This can be considered somewhat sarcastic since we can see the constant changes in the nature of Web3 space. 

Project Arcana is a Web3 project whose objective is to invigorate the cases of the use of Blockchain through comprehensive, lasting virtual profiles and dynamics that grow with the users’ virtual and real-world identity. If it is successful, it may just redefine the integration between Web2, Web3, and real life. 

The dynamic avatars will be able to constitute the social and gaming achievements of the holders. Via a partnership with Clique’s identity oracles, Web2 games players’ experience will be captured as their build solidifies. The result will be the user’s comprehensive record of social and gaming experiences. 

Gaming Reshaped Thanks To Soulbound Tokens 

Soulbound Tokens

Project Arena has the belief that more should be done to bring real value to space and also to legitimize it. This is why a platform on which users can customize their NFTs is being built. Such kind of customization will be attained by asset traits that reflect the real and virtual world.  

This vision will be attained by Soulbound tokens. They will represent gamers’ accomplishments and will unlock arguments for base Avatars. Project Arena claims to build the first gaming-related data streams before expanding its customization services. 

ArcanaHQ’s Vision of Identity Legacy 

ArcanaHQ's Vision

The project will release unique NFTs. The arcana collection has 8 clear character classes defined by lore elements. The classes show a variety of people.  

Arcana is built by Promisphere. A new era of Web3 communication will be escorted by Dynamic NFTs. SBTs have the future of changing Web3 space completely. The project is also partnering with ChapterX, which produces and designs accessories powered by Web3.

By bridging realms with Arena Card, ChapterX and Arcana will introduce a new way of gaming identity. A new concept in the context of the gaming blockchain ecosystem is being introduced by Arena.