Price of ETN Cryptocurrency | Electroneum (ETN) Cryptocurrency - Price, Market Cap, Charts

Price of ETN Cryptocurrency | Electroneum (ETN) Cryptocurrency - Price, Market Cap, Charts

written by John Murphy | January 30, 2023

Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency is a UK-based blockchain project that intends to facilitate users to make Cross-Border transfers at minimal costs. Further, the project has launched the ETN app that helps the platform fulfil its promise.

ETN boasts of itself as one of the first cryptocurrencies to offer an instant payment option. Moreover, it has expanded the digital payment ecosystem and made ETN cryptocurrency the most wanted coin for investors.

Since it supports the global market, many freelance marketplaces have adopted ETN as a payment method. Furthermore, users can purchase many services without opening a bank account through Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency app. Thus, the world’s unbanked population now has the potential to earn money online, too, with minimum deduction.

Since ETN has taken crypto mining by storm and is challenging established names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, thus we will study the project in detail and cover its price trends, market cap and charts.

So, let’s get started.

ETN Overview

Here is an overview of the Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency.

  • Sellers – Electroneum Ltd
  • Founded – 2017
  • Market Cap – $ 51.28M
  • Max Supply – ETN 21.00B
  • Circulating Supply – ETN 17.94B
  • Current Price – USD 0.00283
  • 24-hour Trading Volume – USD 50.811

How To Buy Electroneum (ETN) Cryptocurrency?

A crypto exchange is an easiest and most adopted way to buy ETN. Almost all crypto exchanges deal in ETN trade. However, selecting the right exchange can save you extra cents on your purchase.

For your ease, we provide details in a step-by-step guide to buying Electroneum cryptocurrency.

Step 1: Select a Crypto Exchange

Selecting the right exchange is the first step to buying ETN coins. There are several key factors to consider before choosing between different exchanges.

Please consider below key variants while making an exchange selection.

  • Commission fees
  • Available trading options
  • Payment methods
  • Reputation 

Here are a few famous crypto exchanges that deal in ETN.

  • KuCoin
  • Huobi
  • HitBTC
  • Probit
  • CoinDTX

Step 2: Open An Account

Once you have selected an exchange, the next step is to open an account. So, leading crypto exchanges require new customers to go through a KYC (know-your-customer) process. The process requires you to provide your full credentials.

Thus, it will take around two days to set up your account upon verification of your documentation.

Step 3: Transfer the Money

Depending on the payment method accepted by your exchange, you will have to transfer fiat money to your newly opened crypto account.

Generally, large crypto exchanges accept payments through multiple options. Here are a few payment methods.

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Trading Pairs
  • Atomic Swap
  • Bank Transfer

Step 4: Buy Electroneum (ETN) Cryptocurrency

You are almost there with your purchase. Upon successful transfer of money, you can buy ETNs. Just select the number of coins to wish to get and click the “Buy” option n your exchange’s app or website.

Upon verification of transaction details, you will receive ETN coins.

Step 5: Store ETN

The last step is to store your ETN tokens, and most crypto exchanges offer storage facilities in digital wallets. So, you can hold them with your exchange or buy your digital wallet, called a cold wallet.

Electroneum’s Price

Since the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, thus having a decision backed by homework will have you yield better financial results. Therefore, price history is one of the factors that can support your buying decision.

Such price patterns are easily available online and with your crypto broker. Moreover, fundamental and technical analysis are two of the most used price analysis techniques.

Here is ETN’s price history.

  • All-Time High – $ 0.2362 (Nov 02, 2017)
  • All-Time Low – $ 0.001428 (Mar 13, 2020)
  • 7d Low / 7 d High – $ 0.002381 / $ 0.003339
  • 90d Low / 90d High – $ 0.001903 / $ 0.003339
  • 52-week Low / 52-week High –  $ 0.001903 / $ 0.00856

Like any other cryptocurrency, ETN’s price is unstable and keeps changing. There are numerous factors which affect the price of ETN. Here are the key factors behind its price fluctuations.

  • Changes in the global economy
  • Government intervention in the crypto market
  • Tax policies
  • ETN supply
  • Newsmakers

Electroneum Future

Based on past price and investment trends, many experts tip ETN to stay relevant for the foreseeable future since ETN developers actively engage the community by launching new features.

Additionally, since the crypto market cap is reaching new highs and seeing an investment boost, we can tip Electreum to perform stable if not break out. 

Having said that, since the crypto market is always turbulent, we cannot say anything with certainty about the future of ETN lies. So, stay up-to-date daily to keep your noses in the market mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ETN coin a good investment?

If we analyze the first month of 2023, we can say ETN is a good investment. However, since the crypto market is highly volatile, numbers lie. Therefore, always seek professional advice about any coin before investing.

How much is ETN crypto worth?

Electroneum has a circulating supply of 17.924B while a market cap of 42.8 B.

Where can I buy Electroneum?

You can buy ETN coins from the following crypto exchanges.

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • HitBTC
  • Probit

What is Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency?

ETN is a cryptocurrency designed for mobile phones, making it accessible for users to send and receive payments from their hands. Additionally, you can transfer them to your crypto wallets.

What will the ETN price be in 2030?

ETN’s price prediction model shows that its price will reach $ 0.12 in 2030.

Parting Thoughts

Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency has been in the crypto market for some time and has gained a fair share of the market. However, turbulent waters have stayed around it as well. As the crypto market cap reached new heights, ETN also experienced a surge in its value.

Moreover, buying ETN is simple as it is listed with numerous crypto exchanges. Therefore, interested investors can get ETN in their wallets with minimum effort.

The future of ETN, however, stays foggy, as has been the case with the entire global financial system. Moreover, experts predict ETN’s price to increase gradually in the future.

But remember to run a market analysis and seek professional advice before you invest in ETN.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please share your investment experience with Electroneum and let us know where the future lies for ETN coin.