Why Didn't Crypto Walk The Walk AT ETHDenver?
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Why Didn't Crypto Walk The Walk AT ETHDenver?

written by John Murphy | March 8, 2023

Crypto, a robot designed to wander around and interact with attendees at ETHDenver, did not walk as intended. According to reports, Crypto struggled to navigate the event and had to be carried around by its handlers. This disappointed many attendees, especially those excited to see Crypto in action.

Blockchain enthusiasts want others to use blockchain technology, but Julien Genestoux points out they were still using Eventbrite on ETHDenver. 

The ETH conference in Denver last week highlighted some troubling trends in the crypto industry. The trend of not using our industry-made products is not unique to blockchain, but it is something the crypto community needs to work on. Increase. Microsoft employees must use Outlook, Word, etc.

However, in a nascent industry like blockchain, this dynamic has yet to be resolved.

Why won’t the Web3 community take our word for it when using its technology? It says it will create a better version of its web experience. Yet we continue to see projects across the ecosystem leveraging the technology we want to replace (and already have).

The issue was related to technical difficulties, specifically with the robot’s GPS navigation system. While it was initially able to move around freely, Crypto began experiencing problems with its location tracking after a short period. As a result, it became difficult for the robot to move to different areas of the event and engage with attendees as planned.

In addition to the disappointment of those attending ETHDenver, the situation also brought attention to the challenges of developing and implementing cutting-edge technology. While robots like Crypto have the potential to revolutionize industries ranging from healthcare to transportation, there are still many technical hurdles to overcome.

Many attendees expressed hope that Crypto and similar robots would be able to operate more effectively in the future and that they would continue to play a role in events like ETHDenver. However, the technology will need more development and refinement before it can walk and deliver its full potential.

Overall, while Crypto’s struggles at ETHDenver were disappointing, they also serve as a reminder of the challenges and opportunities inherent in cutting-edge technology. As developers continue to innovate and create new solutions, it will be important to remain patient and continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.