Ethereum Withdrawals Unlocked: Polygon zkEVM Bridge Launches
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Ethereum Withdrawals Unlocked: Polygon zkEVM Bridge Launches

written by John Murphy | April 27, 2023

According to recent news, polygon made an announcement that Polygon PoS Bridge is now available for Polygon’s zkEVM on Wednesday, 26 April. The Polygon zkEVM network provides decentralized applications (dApps). The dApps run on the Ethereum blockchain network.

The user experience of Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM is the same as Polygon PoS mainnet. However, it follows the many UX improvements that comprised the feedback taken from the community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM allows quick withdrawals from Ethereum without a bridging process.
  • Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM has improved user experience, including progress bars and transaction history.
  • Bridged tokens automatically map without the need for manual mapping, providing a seamless experience.
  • Polygon zkEVM is an open-source, public, and permissionless network for transactions and dApp building.
  • zk-technology bridges like Polygon zkEVM and Ethereum are efficient for transferring assets across different blockchain platforms.

CoinGape News took to Twitter to make an announcement that Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM goes live and permits the withdrawal from Ethereum.

Moreover, these UX improvements involve a visible progress bar, transaction history, and recent transaction panel with completion status.

In the crypto space, the Bridge concept is very popular. They assist in transferring assets across different blockchain platforms.

However, using zk-technology bridges transferred much better than the regular ones. Smart contracts regulate them. One is Polygon zkEVM, and the second is Ethereum.

Crypto411 took to Twitter and made an announcement that on 26 April, Polygon PoS Bridge is now accessible for Polygon zkEVM after launching its beta version last month.

This Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM launch will allow the withdrawal of the user’s funds from the Ethereum Mainnet. After initiating the withdrawal, just within 30-60 minutes.

Some of the user’s favorite assets, such as the extended features of ERC-777 tokens and ERC-20 tokens, should support the Polygon Bridge.

Additionally, those who use Polygon Bridge have not undergone the bridging process. The bridged token should automatically map once the user triggers a bridging transaction.

Moreover, many platforms need users to map the tokens before bridging. This will take time from hours or even days. However, the Polygon Bridge eliminates these hurdles by offering its users a seamless experience.

Akanksha Saxena. The Web3 Girl took to Twitter and announced that with Polygon Bridge, users could withdraw funds within 30 to 60 minutes without undergoing the bridging process from zkEVM.

The Polygon zkEVM launched last month as mainnet beta is considered open source, public and permissionless. Thus, they made the transaction of their assets and built atop. Some teams started to build up Polygon zkEVM. This involves premier dApps like the Lens, Balancer, and other gaming projects.