Fujitsu Seeks to Offer Crypto Financial Services
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Fujitsu Seeks to Offer Crypto Financial Services

written by John Murphy | March 26, 2023

Fujitsu, a Japanese tech giant, has filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Therefore, Fujitsu seeks to offer crypto financial services. The application aims to register a new mark that consists of the stylized word” FUJITSU” with a sideways s-shaped swirl over the J and I.

The branding focuses on financial services such as accepting deposits, financial management and exchanging crypto assets. It plans to provide financial services, including crypto-related facilities. Fujitsu also disclosed its plans for the services it intends to provide along with the trademark request. It aims to enter the crypto and non-crypto financial facilities market.

Fujitsu’s Crypto Financial Services

The services Fujitsu offers are as follows;

  • Financial loan
  • Financial management
  • Accepting deposits Exchange of crypto assets

Fujitsu’s Updated Trademark Logo

The image above depicts the updated logo that Fujitsu plans to trademark for its crypto financial services.

Fujitsu’s interest in Web3

Fujitsu’s growing interest in Web3 technology became evident when it launched Web3. This Web3 acceleration platform is for startups and partner companies in February. The platform’s primary objective is to support the creation of a diverse ecosystem of Web3 applications. It is used in various cases, such as digital content rights management, business transaction, contacts and processes.

Japan’s Stricter Crypto Regulations

In Japan, financial regulators urged global regulators to introduce stricter crypto banking rules. The deputy director general of the Federal services agency’s strategy Development and Management Bureau is Mamoru Tanase. He acknowledged that the problem wasn’t with crypto itself.

Furthermore, he stated that what’s brought about the latest scandal is something other than crypto technology. He added that the blame lay with open government, lax internal controls and the absence of regulation and supervision.


In conclusion, we can say that Fujitsu seeks to offer crypto financial services. The growing interest of traditional businesses in the crypto industry. With its established presence in Japan’s technology market, Fujitsu’s move is expected to add credibility to the crypto space.

Not only this, but it boosts the crypto industry’s mainstream adoption. It remains to be seen how the proposed services will comply with the anticipated stricter banking rules for the crypto sector.