Future of Bitcoin and price prediction from 2025-2030

Future of Bitcoin and price prediction from 2025-2030

written by John Murphy | March 31, 2023

Despite a raise in interest rates Bitcoin has been trading at an all-time high for a long time. Investors tend to be aware of the market forecast along with the Future and price prediction of Bitcoin for the years to come, be it from 2025-2030, or 2040. As it has grown to be one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies in the world.


  • The Bitcoin price prediction is surrounded by ultimate bullish sentiment
  • Despite the optimistic approach, the Price cannot be predicted exactly because of the fluctuating associated factors

Interestingly while the rest of the market was dealing with the US Fed rate hikes, Bitcoin showed resilience in the face of the increase in interest rates. Moreover, it also crossed the $28,000 price briefly and is now trading at $27,891. However, the coin is still on the bull run, reflecting the investor’s sentiment

Institutional investors are also placing bets on the future of Bitcoin trading, with bitcoin whales like MicroStrategy who own 130,000 BTC. Goldman Sachs has also extended support to Bitcoin. Additionally, there are signs of a growing accumulation of Bitcoin by the whales, which may prove fruitful in the long run.

Prices go up with every halving that occurs for Bitcoin. Halving is a programmed mechanism in the Bitcoin network that reduces the reward for mining a new block in half. This process occurs every 4 years. As the next Bitcoin halving is on its way people are optimistic. The future of king coin seems bright because this may eventually help in the price prediction of Bitcoin from 2025-2030 and onwards. Many believe that this may have a great impact on Bitcoin prices in the future

Why do these price predictions matter?

Price predictions from 2025-2030 or 2040 2050 matter and this is because it makes people aware of the future of Bitcoin. Crypto has emerged as a strong store of value. Moreover, Bitcoin’s performance may have a ripple effect on the rest of the crypto market even if it is not as high.

Despite a decrease in market shares, Bitcoin still holds almost 38% of the shares. This seems to be an obvious indicator of a ripple effect. Even if someone is only invested in the altcoins they should also pay heed to Bitcoin’s performance.

In addition, usually, after the halving occurs the prices go up in the days, months, or years to come. The price reaches a high usually within a year and a half later.

Bloomberg’s Senior commodity expert Mike Mcglone also showed optimism for the future of Bitcoin as he said that the coin may hit $100,000 by the next halving or by 2025.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin or crypto investors may be divided into two categories; Holders and traders. To invest in Bitcoin it is a must that you do a thorough technical as well as fundamental analysis of the coin. Not only for Bitcoin but for any coin you’re looking to invest in. The technical analysis mainly focuses on chart-based data while the fundamental analysis provides the underlying value of an asset.


  • Coin Name – Bitcoin
  • Symbol – BTC
  • USD Price – $28,081
  • Market Cap – $549.82B.
  • 24H Volume – $ 19.86B 
  • Total Supply – 19.33M

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis of crypto helps determine future price movements from trends and patterns by studying the historical price and volume data. It gives us an understanding of various important aspects including, the trend, the momentum and volume indicator, support and resistance levels, etc.

Certain metrics are used for the technical analysis of a coin. Like Relative Strength Index, MACD, and more. For instance:

  • Relative Strength Index

The Relative Strength Index RSI is a parameter that measures the strength of price movements. It tells whether a currency is overbought or oversold. However, the ideal place for a currency to lie within would be a neutral zone which is neither above 70 nor below 30. The RSI of Bitcoin lies somewhere within the neutral zone indicating positive momentum for the king coin.

Source: TradingView

Fundamental Analysis:

Unlike traditional stocks, Cryptocurrencies are decentralized projects that require a different approach to analyze. Fundamental analysis of Bitcoin involves evaluating the underlying factors that can impact its value.

For one, to determine the value of Bitcoin you may analyze its supply and demand. It is quite easy to determine the amount of Bitcoin in circulation due to its predictable and well-defined monetary policies. Stock-to-flow is a model that can forecast Bitcoin prices based on the rate at which new Bitcoins are introduced to the network relative to the available supply.

Various on-Chain metrics and the sentiments of investors around the currency. Gauging these analytics can also help the fundamental analysis.

According to the data from Santiment, the largest transactions of 2023 happened in March. This indicates the engaged whale addresses and fluctuating whale supply.

By analyzing Bitcoin’s unique data investors can get insights into the forecast of prices and the ease of transactions. The data may include On-chain Volume, address generation, network fees, etc.

Bitcoin Price projections

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Source: Bitcoin Wisdom

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

There can be contrasting viewpoints on the future of Bitcoin. For instance, the platform named, Changelly predicts that Bitcoin’s average trading price will go as high as $124,508 by the year 2025. With the potential to go even higher.

However certain other factors like the introduction of central bank digital currencies, global regulatory and legislative regimes, and even the tendency of retail investors to sell during market downturns, may limit the growth of the Bitcoin network. To the extent, one may expect.

Furthermore, the growth of the Bitcoin network may even be compared to the growth of high-tech companies like Google. Google expects exponential growth in the next 5 to 10 years. The same is the case with Bitcoin or the overall crypto market in general, due to their correlation. Studies have shown a correlation of as high as 91% between Bitcoin prices and Google search volumes.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030

As noted earlier that the predictions for Bitcoin prices may vary based on the analytics and even the platforms. It is hard to forecast accurate analysis for Bitcoin price prediction. This is due to the unpredictable nature of the crypto market. However, despite all that, most of the predictions made for Bitcoin price are on the Bullish side anyways.

According to Changelly the price of Bitcoin will reach around $937,000 by the year 2030. This is a pretty optimistic approach to the prediction of Bitcoin’s price. Nevertheless, these predictions are based on the crypto’s scarcity, maximalists’ belief in endless demand for Bitcoin, and the rising adoption rate of the cryptocurrency.

Not only that, another prediction by Robert Breedlove of Parallax Digital is even more Bullish. He believes that bitcoin might hit $12.5M by 2031. As his previous prediction went in vain, not many people take into account his predictions anymore.


Consequently, various factors can impact the current and future state of the Bitcoin market. Many times the market can take such turns no one might be predicting. Similarly, the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate left a huge impact on the crypto market.

Furthermore, the analytics keep changing depending on the circumstances. For instance, some analysts are predicting a potential downtrend in the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the current year.

Additionally, if larger mining companies are also struggling to pay off debts, they may sell off their Bitcoin holdings. This may further lead to even more selling pressure and potentially drive the price of Bitcoin down.

Regardless of all the factors affecting the price of Bitcoin, one can expect the prices to fluctuate as you may never know how things will unfold. Predictions can be made based on current and analytics from the past but future analytics come forth with time. But in the end, Bullish sentiment can pretty much drive the market from bears to bulls.