GensoKishi Online: Lists BNB Chain Bridge on Japanese Exchange

GensoKishi Online: Lists BNB Chain Bridge on Japanese Exchange

written by John Murphy | April 9, 2023

The decentralized blockchain network popularly known as the (build N build) BNB Chain Bridge enables creators and innovators to create decentralized network applications called Dapps immersed in the transition to Web 3.

Key Takeaways:

  • GensoKishi Online upgraded BNB Chain Bridge to support Dapps on Web 3.
  • BNB Chain has fast and efficient transactions, supports smart contracts, and provides a platform for emerging developers.
  • MV and Rond tokens by GensoKishi are listed on Japanese crypto and exchange programs since April 26, 2023.
  • GensoKishi and Polygon launched the “Polygon Samurai Sword” NFT to celebrate the Polygon chain listing on a Japanese exchange.
  • GensoKishi Online integrates NFT and GameFi elements in a 3D MMO metaverse, leveraging blockchain for a fresh fantasy world economy.

What is BNB chain? This high-speed chain possesses high-speed transition and low-cost efficient transactions within the Ethereum network.  

It is capable of supporting smart contracts and provides a platform for emerging developers to create applications based on the decentralized pattern.

GensoKishi provides full fledge support to these chains so that they can grow and immerse in other projects in order to improve user convenience. 

These tokens which are online and creed by GensoKishi are called MV and Rond. these will be included in the chart list of the Japanese crypto and crypto exchange precisely on April 26, 18:00. 

Bitcoin shared ground-breaking news on Twitter regarding the level-up of the BNB chain  to polygon bridge and inclusion in the Japanese listing also crypto exchange programs: 

Both MV and Rond tokens are available online for purchase and can be directly purchased from the polygon chain available on zaif. MV and Rond tokens are also available on the game platform and their NFTs are available for purchase on GensoKIshi Marketplace even if the Japanese crypto exchange is hacked. 

Nft Giveaway In Order To Commemorate Listing 

A collaborative NFT has been launched by GensoKishi and Polygon to celebrate the listing of the Polygon chain launched for MV/ROND listed on a Japanese exchange.

The commemorative NFT called the “Polygon Samurai Sword,” features a stylish design inspired by a Japanese sword. If wondering are BNB and BNB smart chains the same? No, they aren’t. 

The goal is for GensoKishi to lead the way and promote boosting the development related to the growing  Polygon ecosystem in Japan. The giveaway of this NFT will continue during the AMA with Zaif, a Japanese crypto exchange platform. 

Japanese Crypto Exchange With Zaif 

Zaif is its own kind of crypto asset which is a form of Japanese exchange list created by CAICA Exchange, Inc. They offer various crypto-related services, including exchange, coin accumulation, and automated trading.

It also exclusively handles CICC, FSCC, and NCXC tokens in the Japanese crypto exchange app.

Crypto giants announced the news that soon GEnso Kishi will introduce a chain bridge comprising BNB  with inclusive listing on the Japanese game platform:

GensoKishi Online is an innovative online 3D Multiplayer (MMMO) game that has been developed under the licensing agreement of the acclaimed Japanese title, “Elemental Knights Online“.

Boasting an impressive track record of being awarded the “Game of the Year Gold Award” in Taiwan in 2012 and enjoyed by a staggering 8 million players, GensoKishi Online is a new version of this popular game in the Japanese crypto exchange ranking. 

What makes GensoKishi Online unique is that it seamlessly integrates NFT and GameFi elements in a metaverse that employs 3D MMO technology. By leveraging the power of blockchain, the service aims to establish a fresh fantasy world economy that is both exciting and innovative.