Greenpeace War On Bitcoin Unintentionally Spawns ‘Badass’ New Mascot
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Greenpeace War On Bitcoin Unintentionally Spawns ‘Badass’ New Mascot

written by John Murphy | March 24, 2023

Greenpeace’s “Satoshi’s Skull” artwork highlights anger at Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism, but Bitcoin supporters have embraced it as a new mascot.  

The latest salvo against the Bitcoin BTC ticker by environmental group Greenpeace dropped $28,119 and commissioned artwork highlighting its climate impact. Instead, the painting is widely admired by the bitcoiners who want to adopt it as their mascot.  

Climate, Not Climate” is an ongoing initiative launched on 23 march by a climate activist group and artist Benjamin von Wong to change Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism into a proof-of-stake (PoS) one. “Change the code” campaign. Greenpeace has revealed his artwork called The Satoshi Skull, a 3.3m tall skull with the Bitcoin logo and red laser eyes, a popular meme adopted by Bitcoin supporters. 

Key Takeaways

  • Greenpeace recently targeted Bitcoin as having negative environmental effects.
  • In order to represent Bitcoin, Greenpeace created a cartoon character called Bitman.
  • Bitman’s design, however, has been widely criticized.
  • Social media mocked it, with many users creating alternatives.
  • Alternative designs feature Bitman with a muscular body.

Following Greenpeaceusa’s most recent Tweet;

Some climate activists believe #Bitcoin is fake internet money that can be safely ignored. Truth? Bitcoin is causing a dangerous amount of real-world pollution by consuming so much fossil fuel. This is all due to that old code.  

The skull, made from recycled e-waste, represents “fossil fuel and coal pollution” caused by “millions of computers” used to mine bitcoins and verify network transactions. There is a so-called “Smoky Mountain.” 

Greenpeace’s marketing efforts took an unexpected turn when the Bitcoin supporters expressed admiration for artwork or some already adopting it as a quasi-mascot.  

As Greenpeaceusa Tweeted;

Bitcoin is causing an enormous amount of pollution and is a major obstacle in our fight to phase out fossil fuels. Created giants, raised awareness, and helped bring about change.  

Will Foxley, director of media strategy at cryptocurrency miner Compass Mining, called the artwork “badass” and changed his Twitter profile picture to a picture of Satoshi’s skull. 

Crypto_Mags’s Tweeted;

Coin Metrics co-founder Nic Carter tweeted on the March 24 that art is “the most metallic bitcoin artwork ever.

Others, meanwhile, disassembled the Greenpeace-selected image, with one Twitter user saying the skull-headed chimneys resembled steam-belching nuclear cooling towers. 

According to the Notgrubles’s Tweet;

Greenpeace’s campaign started a year ago with fellow climate change group and Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen.  

It aims to pressure Bitcoin developers, miners, and governments, claiming Bitcoin can be removed from proof of work if 30 “major” entities agree to the change. 

Greenpeace, a leading environmental organization, recently released a video that criticized the power consumption of Bitcoin mining.

The video featured an animated monster that represented the amount of energy used by Bitcoin miners. However, the unintended consequence of this video was the creation of a new mascot for the cryptocurrency world.

Crypto Twitter embraced the monster, which was quickly dubbed the “Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index (BECI) Monster” due to Greenpeace’s mention of the BECI in their video. The BECI Monster became an instant hit on social media, with users creating memes, artworks, and even tattoos featuring the creature.