How Many People Own Cryptocurrency?
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How Many People Own Cryptocurrency?

written by John Murphy | December 30, 2022

Just like the world population, cryptocurrency has surged in great numbers. There are now eight million souls sharing the planet earth; similarly, crypto adoption continues to grow. However, financial market analysts develop growth strategies based on how many people own cryptocurrency.

Although numerous figures are circulating, on average, as of November 2022, around 320 million users worldwide own cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the ownership race. At the same time, crypto holder numbers keep on increasing with the population size.

Learning the division of crypto demographics can predict future investment trends and thus improve the portfolio. Similarly, it will help to gauge the value of cryptocurrency in different markets in a global setup.

So, we will provide full demographic details about cryptocurrency ownership and discover how many people own cryptocurrency.

Let us dive in without any further ado!

Cryptocurrency Market Snapshot

Let us start with crucial snapshots from the cryptocurrency market, which will suggest that crypto is the future of finance. It has challenged the traditional financial system and attracted massive investments from users of different age groups.

So, how common is crypto? Here are the key answers:

  • Global crypto users: 320 Million
  • % U.S. crypto owners: 13.7%
  • International market cap (all cryptos): $ 1.07 Trillion
  • Crypto traded daily: $ 103 Billion
  • Most popular crypto: Bitcoin
  • Types of Crypto: 10,000+

Cryptocurrency Gender Demographics

Another critical element is to check cryptocurrency demographics. Demographics will let us understand what age group or from where in the world are more active traders. Thus, enabling us to design strategy accordingly.

So, here are details of who owns cryptocurrency.


  • Male owners: 72%
  • Female owner: 28%


  • Under $50K: 42%
  • $50K – $99.9K: 34%
  • $100K+ – 25%


  • Gen Z: 18%
  • Gen X: 28%
  • Millennials: 42%
  • Baby Boomers: 12%


  • White: 58%
  • Black: 12%
  • Hispanic: 23%
  • Asian or others: 6%

The demographic data shows that youngsters with a medium-income majorly own crypto. It is not a surprise, as this age group is looking to make its mark by taking an even riskier route like a crypto market.

In addition, you might have heard of the “crypto bro” stereotype, and the data fully supports the narrative. It is also a significant reason many projects are addressing modern-day problems to attract young investors to support them.

Cryptocurrency Owners by Country

Although cryptocurrency is global, there is a division regarding which country is more interested in them. So, here are details of the ownership of cryptocurrency based on active users in a country.

  • India: 29%
  • Nigeria: 27%
  • Vietnam: 25%
  • Australia: 22%
  • Ghana: 20%
  • Singapore: 20%
  • Hong Kong: 18%
  • Venezuela: 18%
  • Brazil: 17%
  • Indonesia: 16%

The above data is interesting that most of these countries are developing. It is because cryptocurrency provides a chance to increase financial inclusion and accessibility to unbanked populations.

In addition, cryptocurrency is becoming an essential payment tool in vicinities where access to the traditional financial system is limited. Thus, people without bank accounts can quickly become part of a parallel financial system. 

As the crypto market reaches new financial heights, many governments have regularized cryptocurrency trade; here are a few such countries.

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • The European Union

However, it is not all flowers for cryptos, as the countries below have banned cryptocurrency trading.

  • China
  • Russia
  • Bolivia
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador

Cryptocurrency Owners by Coin Type

The gross market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was $ 1.03 trillion as of November 2022. However, few cryptocurrencies have the highest market share.

Here is a list of top cryptocurrencies and their market share.

  • Bitcoin: 1 Billion
  • Ethereum: 120.5 Million
  • Doge Coin: 1 Million

No doubt that Bitcoin is the world’s first and most famous cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in market cap and number of users. However, Ethereum has shown tremendous growth in recent years but is yet to catch up with Bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency Rich List

In 2021, a list of 12 “crypto billionaires” was published.

  • Brian Armstrong: $8.9 billion
  • Sam Bankman-Fried: $8.7 billion
  • Chris Larsen: $3.4 billion
  • Winklevoss brothers: $3 billion
  • Michael Saylor: $2.3 billion

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cryptocurrency has the most users?

Bitcoin has the most users currently in the world. With a market cap of $ 368 Billion, Bitcoin shares 40% of the market share. In comparison, Ethereum runs in second place.

How many people will own cryptocurrency in 2022?

As of November 2022, there are over 320 million cryptocurrency users worldwide, and the number keeps ticking as we write.

What percentage of the population owns crypto?

As per research in Singapore, about 4.2% of the world population owns cryptocurrency as of November 2022, but it has seen a steep rise in the last couple of years, and by the trend, it looks to reach a higher percentage in 2023.

Who owns cryptocurrency?

Satoshi Nakamoto majorly owns cryptocurrency and has around 1.1 million BTCs. The next in line is The Winklevoss Twins, with aggregate ownership of approx. 70,000 BTCs.

How many people own cryptocurrency in the U.S.?

As per the survey of late 2022, about 20% of the U.S. population owns different cryptocurrencies. The exact number becomes 66 million.

Parting Thoughts

Despite several bumps on the way, cryptocurrency remains a favorite market to invest in for many users around the world. However, many wonder how many people own cryptocurrency.

Knowing that the population of developing countries like India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc., owns most cryptos is vital. Similarly, millennials are the age group that owns the highest share of cryptocurrencies. So, why is this so? Because this age group is ready to risk it all.

Despite its high volatility, we have seen that cryptocurrency has attracted investors from all demographics, races, and age groups. For this reason, many experts tip cryptocurrency as the next big thing, and it has the potential to replace the existing financial system as it empowers users rather than institutions.  

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we researched, extracting this information for you. Please leave us your demographics and let us how when you started trading cryptocurrency.