How To Add Solana To Metamask?
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How To Add Solana To Metamask?

written by John Murphy | February 18, 2023

Solana is a powerful DeFi blockchain built to enhance scalable and user-friendly DApps. It is home to thousands of projects covering Web3 spaces, NFTs, and DeFi. Many investors wants to know that how to add Solana to Metamask?

On the other hand, Metamask is one of the leading non-custodial crypto wallets interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and other EVM-compatible blockchains. 

Hence, if you use Metamask as your wallet for storing cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, you must wonder – how to add Solana to Metamask. 

Although, Metamask does not support Solana since it has Rust as its basic programming language. However, it does support EVM-compatible networks like Fantom (FTM), Avalanche (AVAX), Binance (BSC) and others.

Furthermore, Solana is working on releasing an EVM-compatible update, which will then deploy SOL to the Ethereum Virtual machine. Users must own Sollet or Phantom Wallets to interact with the Solana blockchain.

This article will introduce you to how to add Solana to Metamask.

Adding Solana to Metamask

Although Metamask does not have Solana tokens, luckily, there are other means through which you can enjoy the scalability and user-friendly features of the Metamask crypto wallet.

The following lines contain ways that answer the query “how to add Solana to Metamask.”

Method 1: Binance Smart Chain

One of the most used alternate ways to add Solana to Metamask is to add the wrapped version of it. It is achieved by deploying Solana on other blockchains, for instance, Polygon, Ethereum, or Binance Smart Chain.

You may wonder whether the value of a wrapped Solana coin is the same as the native coin; the answer is yes. The wrapped version of the coin holds the same value across the market as the native $SOL token.

Here is the procedure you can adopt to add Wrapped Solana to Metamask via Binance Smart Chain.

 Step 1: Open Crypto Exchange 

First, you need to have the contract address of the token contract. To get this address, you can follow the below path.

  • Open Wrapped Solana web page on the CoinMarketCap 
  • Click the “More”
  • Click the “Copy” icon near the contract address of Wrapped Solana
  • Copy the address on your clipboard

Step 2: Launch Metamask Extension

Next, unlock your Metamask wallet by entering login credentials. You can do so either by your mobile app or on the extension on your laptop.

 Step 3: Select Binance Smart Chain

Please ensure to add Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask wallet and select it as your default network. It is vital since we are adopting Binance as a medium to manage our Solana on the Metamask.

 Step 4: Import Tokens

Once you have set Binance Smart Chain as your default network, scroll down on the Metamask to select the “Import Tokens” option.

 Step 5: Paste the Contract Address

The final step is to paste the Wrapped Solana contract address and wait for a few seconds. The Metamask will automatically redirect you to the Ticker or the Token Symbol.

Once that is done, click “Add Custom Token” and let the magic happen. It may take a few minutes, and your coins will populate your Metamask in a wrapped version. Now, enjoy the facilities of the Metamask wallet.

Method 2: Alternative Wallets

Another way to add Solana to Metamask is to use an alternative wallet like the Phantom wallet.

Since some platforms, especially DApps in the NFT space, only allow selling, swapping and purchasing NFTs using SOL tokens and not the Wrapped version, thus investors need to use other methods to bring their Solana into use.

Therefore, bypassing this issue is using an alternate wallet that supports native Solana tokens. Phantom is one of the best alternate digital wallets to achieve this feat.

Below are the simple steps to add Solana to the Metamask through an alternate wallet.

Step 1: Download/Install App/Extension

 First, download Phantom wallet mobile or install an extension on your computer. 

Step 2: Create an Account

Login to your account if you already have an account, or you can easily create a new one by following routine steps by clicking the “Sign Up” option.

Step 3: Copy Solana Wallet Address

You need a Solana wallet address to get SOL in your newly opened account. To can get addressed by the following steps.

  • Login wallet app
  • Select Solana balance
  • Click the “Deposit”
  • Click the “Copy” icon 

Send native Solana tokens to your Phantom wallet, and purchase Solana NFTs through SOL tokens stored in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MetaMask support Solana NFTs?

Metamask does not support Solana NFTs because it is incompatible with the native Solana blockchain.

Does Coinbase support Solana cryptocurrency?

Yes, Coinbase supports native Solana ($SOL) tokens; however, only a browser extension is capable, and it is not available on the mobile version of the Coinbase wallet.

Can I put Solana on MetaMask?

No, the Solana blockchain does not support MetaMask; hence you cannot add it to your list of networks. However, there are alternative ways through which you can add Solana tokens to the MetaMask network.

Are Solana wallets safer than the MetaMask?

Solana wallets are as secure as the MetaMask. Both platforms have not suffered data breaches in the last three years; thus, both offer top-notch security features.

Is it safe to store Solana in Metamask with alternate options?

Yes, it is safe and easy to benefit from MetaMask facilities; however, you may not be able to spend $SOL coins on certain purchases when you store your Solana coins in the Wrapped version.

Parting Thoughts

Since Solana is not an EVM-compatible blockchain thus, users cannot directly add Solana to the Metamask wallet. However, developers at both of these are collaborating to make it happen in the future.

However, for the time being, users can adopt alternative ways to mingle with both. Two of the most commonly adopted methods are – using a Wrapped version of the Solana or involving other wallets as a bridge. Both of these methods have their limitations but somehow offer control over the wanted situation.

As Solana continues to develop, we may see it supporting the network in the future. Until then – however, users will have to rely on other options.

We hope you are now equipped with the knowledge to tackle the query “how to add Solana to Metamask.” Please leave feedback and let us have your insights on the topic.