How To Add USDC To Metamask?

How To Add USDC To Metamask?

written by John Murphy | March 16, 2023

USDC is a popular altcoin pegged to the US dollar, and it is a cryptocurrency accepted and usable across multiple networks. Similarly, Metamask is a famous self-custodial wallet to access blockchain applications, including Web3 and NFTs. The popularity of both platforms leaves many users searching for how to add USDC to Metamask.

USDC is a great way of storing value on the Ethereum blockchain without worrying about volatility. However, storing USDC on a secure network is an added advantage, as investors can go about their transactions fearless.

However, not everyone can access Metamask, as it allows access to only those networks compatible with the Ethereum network, for instance – Cronos or Polygon.

Let us explore options that satisfy the question “how to add USDC to Metamask.”

Adding USDC to Metamask 

Metamask wallet is a digital storage facility that supports ERC20 tokens like the USDC. However, you need to know how to add USDC to Metamask to enjoy its features. 

So, if you try to add non-compatible coins to the Metamask, there is a big risk that you may lose your digital assets beyond recovery. Hence, it becomes important for users to use Metamask to learn the requirements properly.

Moreover, it is a fairly straightforward procedure to transfer to Metamask. All you need is to follow the below-mentioned steps to enjoy the ever-safe Metamask.

  • Step 1: Log in to Metamask Account

Firstly, you need to have an account to access Metamask. If you already have an account, log in by providing your credentials; otherwise, you can create a new account by clicking the “Sign Up” option.

You can log in using the mobile app or via their webpage. In addition, you can add an extension of the Metamask to your browser for easy access to the network. However, always use Ethereum Mainnet to transact with the Metamask wallet, as it will allow the transfer of USDCs if you use any other network.

  • Step 2: Transact Tokens

Once you log in to your account, the next step is transacting USDC tokens. It is done by clicking the “Import Tokens” button at the bottom of the wallet’s extension.

You will land on the “Import Token” page.

  • Step 3: Search USDC

In this step, you need to search for USDC coins by entering the words “USDC” into the search field. Your search will reveal two options – USD Coin (USDC) and AAVE USDC (aUSDC).

You must select the first option, ‘USD Coin (USDC).

  • Step 4: Transfer USDC

Once you have selected the right option, the next step is to click the “Import Tokens” icon to add it to your Metamask.

There you have it, pretty simple. Now you know how to add USDC to Metamask.

Import USDC To Metamask

Use the verified smart contract address to import the USDC address to your wallet directly. It is the key, as otherwise, you risk losing your cryptocurrency.

Further, you can easily locate verified USDC addresses from the Etherscan portfolio.

Send USDC To Metamask

You can easily send USDC to Metamask by using any centralized exchange. Let us take the Binance crypto exchange to learn to send USDC to Metamask.

The below-mentioned steps will remain the same for all crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, FTX, Binance, or any other exchange.

  • Step 1: Log-in 

First, log in to your cryptocurrency exchange account by providing credentials.

  • Step 2: Search USDC

In the next step, visit the “Wallet” or “Assets” page on the exchange’s webpage and search USDC.

  • Step 3: Create Metamask Account

It is here where it gets tricky. You need to create a Metamask account, and if you already have one, log in. Once logged in, copy the Metamask Wallet address in your clipboard.

  • Step 4: Send USDCs

Paste the copied address into the USDC withdrawal field.

  • Step 5: Receive USDCs

You will receive USDC coins once you confirm the transaction on your exchange’s network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit for storing USDC in Metamask?

There is no limit to storing USDC coins in your Metamask wallet. You can easily buy and transfer USDCs in your Metamask. So, store as much as you can.

Does Metamask support USDC?

Yes, Metamask fully supports USDC as it is an ERC-20 token supported by the platform. However, some crypto exchanges are aligned with the Ethereum blockchain and cannot store USDC tokens.

Can I transfer USDC from one crypto wallet to the other?

USDC is an altcoin that is quite famous in the crypto market; thus, almost all crypto exchanges support trading USDCs. Since it is attributed to the USD, thus makes headlines everywhere.

How can I add USDC to Metamask on the ERC 20 network?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to add USDC to Metamask on the ERC-20 network.

  • Login to Metamask wallet by ensuring you are using Ethereum Mainnet
  • Select the “Import Tokens” option
  • Search for USDC
  • Confirm transaction
  • Receive USDC to your Metamask wallet

What network does Metamask support?

Metamask supports the following blockchain networks.

  • Fantom
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Binance Smart Chain

Parting Thoughts

Learning to add USDC to Metamask is key to successfully relishing the facilities the world’s famous wallet offers. It is straightforward, just like a walk in the park.

You can send USDC tokens to your wallet by following the simple steps explained in this article. So, what are you waiting for? Transfer the coins to enjoy accessibility and enhance the crypto market cap.

Although Metamask only supports Ethereum blockchain-related portfolios, luckily, USDC itself is an ERC-20 token. So, you do not need to work hard to transact with USDC on the Metamask wallet.

However, there is some version of USDC (like the TRC 20 version) that Metamask does not support; hence you cannot store them.

Another key point to remember before storing USDCs is always to use Ethereum Mainnet.

Please leave feedback in the comments section and let us know about your preferred wallet for managing your USDCs. Adios and good luck!