How to buy Akoin cryptocurrency
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How to buy Akoin cryptocurrency

written by John Murphy | October 22, 2022

Akoin is a blockchain-led digital currency introduced by Akon. The Akoin targets financially vulnerable countries in Africa. It intends to offer trust and security to otherwise weak and over-inflated fiat currencies, which hinders citizens from accessing financial services. So, the question arises here as how to buy Akoin cryptocurrency?

Akoin is actually one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies and currently trades on several crypto exchanges however, it is not available for purchase with fiats money. You can purchase it with Bitcoin.

By using fiat-to-crypto deals, you can easily convert your cash into Bitcoin and then purchase Akoin using those Bitcoins. This article will introduce you to all the steps needed as how to buy Akoin cryptocurrency?

Steps to buying Akoin cryptocurrency

Let us now have a detailed guide for buying Akoin cryptocurrency. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to get your hands on crypto.

  • Registering on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

To buy Akoin, you first need to have an account on any fiat-to-crypto exchange. You will instead have to buy any other primary cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC).  

Two of the most famous and trustworthy fiat-to-crypto exchanges are Uphold and Coinbase. They have their pricing schedules based on provided features. Therefore we suggest you visit both of them and choose the one which suits you the best.

If you face a login error, use a VPN connection, as it is illegal in some countries to operate with a crypto exchanger.

  • Buy BTC

Once you set up your account with a crypto exchanger, you must buy any famous cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. You can use your fiat money, debit card, or credit card to make payments.

The process is simple and may require you to prove your identity. The verification process takes about five minutes to an hour, depending on your selected payment method. Additionally, few exchangers allow you to buy directly from other sellers. However, we recommend you remain extra cautious if you are making a buy from P2P.

  • Transferring BTCs to an Altcoin exchange

Since AKN is an altcoin, we must transfer our purchased BTCs to another exchanger. You can quickly locate these exchangers online. Find a suitable Altcoin exchanger to move further with the purchase of the AKN.

Here again, you need to open your account. Once your account is active, you can move further with your trade.

  • Depositing BTC to Altcoin exchange

After account creation, you need to deposit Bitcoins with your crypto exchange partner. It usually requires a Know Your Customer process for making a deposit. It will hardly take thirty minutes. 

After you complete your verifications, you now have full access to the exchange wallet. Follow simple clicks on your exchange partner’s website, and deposit BTCs.

If you have activated 2-Factor authentication, you need to authenticate to complete the transaction. You will also receive a deposit confirmation email.

It completes the first phase of buying Akoin.

  • Trade AKN

You are all set to buy your desired cryptocurrency, which is Akoin cryptocurrency. On your account, you can easily view current exchange rates from BTC to AKN.

You can instantly trade or wait for the best offer to make your purchase. Try selecting a time when trade is on the lower side and the rate is also down. Not only this we recommend registering with an exchanger but also with decent daily trading volumes to increase good trading chances.

Valuable tips for trading Akoin Cryptocurrency

To make your Akoin purchase more feasible, here are a few valuable tips to follow.

  • Encrypted connection

A secured connection helps you make your transaction safe from unwanted interruption. Since few countries do not allow cryptocurrency trade, you are always in need of a virtual passthrough.

  • High volume trader

Before choosing your potential crypto-trader, always check for their daily trading volume. Make sure you choose the right broker for your Akoin trade. 

They may have a higher cost, but you will benefit long-term as they offer better trading options.

  • 2-Factor Pass Key

Having a 2-factor identification pass key is vital to keep your trade safe. It is essential to secure your investments from unwanted access. 2-factor authentication offers peace of mind.

  • Expert opinion

There is no harm in seeking an expert opinion. As the crypto market is highly volatile, hence having someone to talk to is essential instead of playing blind.

Hence you will not regret it as they are professionals who can help you out by offering the correct opinion. 

  • Storing AKN

Hardware wallets are more secure as compared to software wallets. Always look to opt for a hardware wallet. Buying is not enough if you do not have any well-sorted storing space. So, give complete importance to after-buy procedures.

Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase Akoin with cash?

No, you cannot purchase Akoin with cash. First, you need to buy Bitcoin before trading these Bitcoins for Akoin cryptocurrency.

What factors determine the price of the Akoin cryptocurrency?

Akoin’s valuation depends on exchange inflows and outflows, economic climate, investments, market cap, and other factors.

How does the AKN network secure consumer data?

AKN developers have a unified network that places consumer data security at the top of its priorities. They offer 2-factor authentication and a message verification system on the client side.

Is it worth investing in Akoin cryptocurrency?

Akoin is gradually gaining popularity among investors. If we review trends, it is making steady upward progress. So, we can say that Akoin cryptocurrency is a good investment. However, always seek professional advice before making the final decision.

How to buy Akoin cryptocurrency?

You can easily buy Akoin cryptocurrency from crypto traders online. However, you first need to convert your fiat money into Bitcoins. Then through Bitcoins you can purchase Akoin cryptocurrency.


Buying Akoin is not difficult; you need to convert your fiat money into Bitcoins. Then use these Bitcoins to purchase Akoin.

We have discussed in detail necessary steps required to purchase Akions. No you can well aware from that why crypto is important? They work just like any other Altcoin. However, doing a pre-assessment before investing is essential and highly recommended.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the article, which proved helpful in answering the question of how to buy Akoin cryptocurrency?

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