How To Buy Deutsche eMark/ DEM Price, USD Converts

How To Buy Deutsche eMark/ DEM Price, USD Converts

written by John Murphy | March 1, 2023

The cryptocurrency market has awakened some sleeping giants, and Deutsche eMark is one of them. The project, launched in 2013, attempts to digitally re-create Germany’s old Deutschemark currency. Thus, many users find it attractive to attach to the past and look for how to buy Deutsche eMark.

DEM is a decentralized crypto forked from the Litecoin blockchain like other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, new blocks are generated through mining, while participants can earn rewards by stacking their coins on the Core Wallet.

Although Deutsche eMark is difficult to find compared to popular coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can still buy it from a cryptocurrency exchange.

Moreover, the interest is unparalleled, so learning how to buy Deutsche eMark is vital to diversify your investment portfolio.

Let us dive into learning to buy Deutsche eMark.

Step-by-Step Guide To Buy Deutsche eMark

Here is an easy guide to get your hands on the Deutsche eMark cryptocurrency and enhance your crypto trading experience. 

  • Step 1: Open An Account

Firstly, you need to have an account with a cryptocurrency exchange to buy DEM. The best way to buy DEMs is through Ethereum or Bitcoins. You first use ETH or BTC and then exchange them with DEM.

So, we recommend opening an account with a reputed exchange. Opening an account is straightforward; you have to provide your details. The process is called KYC (Know-Your-Customer), where you may have to provide your ID, email, phone number etc., to open your account.

  • Step 2: Deposit Fiat Money

Once your account is up, the next step is to deposit fiat money to your newly opened crypto account. Major crypto exchanges accept deposits through numerous methods, which include the following.

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal

However, a key point to notice is that payments through credit cards are charged at higher interest by banks as they treat such payments as advance cash. So, to avoid paying extra charges, use direct bank transfer.

  • Step 3: Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum

Once you have successfully deposited fiat money into your account, the next step is to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The reason for buying these cryptocurrencies is that we will use these to exchange Deutsche eMark.

You can buy these coins by searching for them on your exchange’s portal, entering the fiat money you want to spend, or entering the total coins you want to buy. Then click the “Buy” button and receive tokens in your Wallet.

  • Step 4: Exchange Bitcoin or Ethereum with Deutsche eMark

Now you are all set to exchange BTC or ETH with DEM. You need to open another account with a cryptocurrency exchange in Deutsche eMark.

For easy reference, here are a few exchanges that have listed DEM for trading.

  • Cryptopia
  • YoBit
  • Bololex
  • FreiExchange

To make an exchange, you need to copy the ETH wallet address, which is easy to find from the platform you are using.

After copying ETH or BTC address, paste it on the exchange dealing with DEM and transfer tokens (BTC or ETH).

Once ETH or BTC appears in your new exchange account, you can find the exchange pair by searching DEM/ETH or DEM/BTC on the forum.

Click the “Place an Order” button to buy DEM with your ETH or BTC funds.

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of the Deutsche eMark.

  • Step 5: Secure DEMs

The last step is to secure your newly purchased DEMs. There are two options to hold your coins, which are discussed below.

  • Hot Wallet is a digital wallet having an internet connection all the time. Generally, all crypto exchanges provide hot wallets to hold your coins. 
  • Cold Wallet is more secure but expensive because you only attach it to the internet when you want to make a trade.

DEM Price, USD Converts, Charts

Here is a price overview of Deutsche eMark.

  • DEM price – $0.00441
  • Market cap – $236.54K
  • 24H volume – $69
  • Total supply – 53.65M
  • All-time high – $4.89416 (10 June 2021)
  • USD convert – 1DEM = 0.0014 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy DEM with cash?

Unfortunately, DEM is not currently available for sale directly with cash. Although there are ATMs, they are not selling DEMs for direct cash.

Can I buy DEM with Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Yes, the only way to buy Deutsche eMark is through Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is also the cheapest way to get hands-on DEM.

How can I sell my Deutsche eMark (DEM)?

Binance and Changelly are good exchanges that can accept your DEM coins. Moreover, you can even exchange your DEM tokens with other crypto coins.

Is Deutsche eMark (DEM) a good investment?

Based on market data and price predictions, DEM is running slow compared to similar projects. The coin last attained its highest value in June 2021 and ever since has been devaluing. So, you may consider it a good long-term investment as the coin may bounce back, thus offering high returns when the price rises.

What is Deutsche eMark?

The Deutsche eMark (DEM) is a decentralized cryptocurrency using programmed cryptographic algorithms. It was launched in 2013 in Germany to commemorate the country’s old Deutschemark currency.

Parting Thoughts

Learning how to buy Deutsche eMark is fully explained in this step-by-step guide. Although many users find it hard to locate DEM coins, we have thoroughly explained the process.

Since DEM is not a relatively popular coin, thus it is not widely traded across cryptocurrency exchanges. However, a handful of exchanges deal in DEX trade, including Bololex, BTCPOP and FreiExchange. 

Moreover, DEX is not currently directly purchasable with cash. Therefore, investors must first buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum and then exchange them with DEX. However, opening an account and exchanging coins is straightforward, even if you are a newbie.

As far as the future of the DEX is concerned, the coin is striving to stay relevant. Experts do not rank price valuation high, but it adds value to the overall crypto market cap. So, you never know when it will explode.

Best of luck with your trade-in Deutsche eMark (DEX).