How to buy Lithium crypto?
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How to buy Lithium crypto?

written by John Murphy | October 22, 2022

A common query that many new investors ask on social platforms is how to buy Lithium crypto? Well, don’t you worry, as we have covered for you.

Lithium crypto coins are easy to buy and trade. Since they pertain Altcoin category, first, you need Bitcoins. You can easily find online crypto exchangers to convert your fiat money into Bitcoins and then onto Lithium crypto. Furthermore, a few exchanges offer you to buy LIT cryptocurrency with your fiat money.

We will present a step-by-step guide, walk you through the process, and help you make the purchase. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Trade Account Creation

To get hands-on Lithium crypto coins, you first need to open an account with any cryptocurrency exchanger. We recommend to choose from a reputed exchanger, they may appear a bit expensive, but you will appraise your decision in the long term.

A few trusted names include MEXC,, and Kucoin. The things to notice in an exchanger are its functionality, reputation, security, charges, and after-sale support.

Once you have selected your crypto exchanger, sign up on their website. You are generally required to provide the below information for account creation.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Password (make it as strong as possible)
  • Phone Number
  • Address (in a few cases)
  • A few exchanges also require completing a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. Usually, licensed and regulated businesses perform this practice.

After successful account creation, you are not suitable to proceed further.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Some crypto-exchange exchanges allow you to buy Lithium crypto coins with fiat money like the USD, AUD, EUR, and others. Additionally, you can make deposits through your debit card, credit card, direct bank transfer, or e-wallets.

Furthermore, you can involve Bitcoin as well. Through research, you can check whether fiat money will make you a higher return or Bitcoins. If you consider that exchange through Bitcoin yields higher returns, then there is no harm in taking Bitcoin’s route.

Tip: Check additional charges, if applicable, before finalizing your preferred payment method. Each method has its processing charges. Generally, credit card payments bear higher costs. To avoid extra fees, make sure to complete your due diligence. In this way, you can easily save a few extra cents.

Step 3: Buy Lithium Crypto (LITH)

Buying Lithium cryptocurrency is now ready to cook. Almost all exchanges offer uniform patterns. You need to follow the below step to complete your transaction.

  • Navigate through the search bar to locate the desired pair of exchanges—for instance, EUR to LITH or Bitcoin to LITH.
  • Click the right pair, and enter the amount you wish to spend on Lithium cryptocurrency.
  • Click enter, and the exchange will calculate and display the equivalent amount of Lithium you will get based on the rate.
  • Complete your purchase by making the necessary confirmations.
  • The exchange will transfer Lithium crypto coins to your wallet by deducting the fiat amount from your account.

Tip: It is advised to always double-check amounts before finalizing the purchase. Check for additional costs. Furthermore, many exchanges offer their e-wallets to store your Lithium cryptocurrency. You can choose their wallet or purchase your e-wallet in software. We recommend going for the highest protection level hardware wallet, as it is more secure.

Securing Lithium Crypto

Once you have successfully purchased Lithium cryptocurrency, it is vital to keep it safe. Every investor wants to keep their investment safe from unauthorized access. Similar is the case with digital currency.

Numerous online wallets offer highly protected solutions for digital currency. You can even find one with your exchange partner. But we would recommend you have your separate wallet.

A cold wallet is safer and more secure. It may cost more than any other e-wallet, but it serves the purpose better. So, do your homework and select an e-wallet to secure your Lithium cryptocurrency.

Choosing the right wallet for Lithium crypto

As discussed previously, having an e-wallet is necessary to safeguard your money. However, choosing the right wallet is pivotal. A few essential points to remember while deciding on a wallet are listed below.

Trade Frequency

 Generally, hot wallets are better for active traders. Swift login ability enables them to make the transaction quickly. On the other hand, cold wallets are more suited for less active traders.

Trade Volume

All wallets do not support every currency. So, you need to know which wallet keeps your money. If you intend to trade only one or two coins, you should have a good wallet. However, wallets can store hundreds of cryptocurrencies, so choose the one that suits you best.

Security Level

 If you want maximum security, choose a cold wallet. However, a cold wallet is suggested if you are at peace with medium-level security.

Frequently asked questions

How to buy Lithium crypto? Can I purchase it with cash?

Unfortunately, no! you cannot buy Lithium crypto with cash. It is only available through fiat money, e-wallet, or Bitcoin.

What is the fastest way to purchase Lithium crypto?

The fastest route to acquire Lithium crypto is through Bitcoins. Buy Bitcoins with your credit card, and convert them into Lithium crypto coins. It is the quickest way to buy Lithium crypto. The user interfaces are simple and easy to manage.

Where can I buy Lithium crypto?

Almost all exchanges trade in Lithium crypto coins, to name a few – OKX, MEXC, KuCoin, etc. You can also locate a few others as well online.

How can I invest in Lithium crypto?

You can invest in Lithium crypto coins by the traditional way of buying coins and holding them till their price rises. You can then sell them out to make profits.


We covered all the steps required how to buy lithium crypto? Simply put, you can use your fiat money to make the purchase directly. Additionally, you can also use Bitcoins to transact for Lithium crypto.

Buying is not enough if you cannot secure your cryptocurrency. Hence, having a secure storing space is also vital. We recommend using a cold wallet, as it best suits lithium crypto.

Lastly, trade wisely. The cryptocurrency market is evolving and is highly volatile. So, do your research before making an investment move in cryptos.

It is goodbye, and do revisit us for more info on cryptocurrency and lithium crypto mining. Adios!