Exchange Crypto Currency - Best Crypto Exchanges of 2023 | How to List Your Cryptocurrency on Exchange for Free?
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Exchange Crypto Currency - Best Crypto Exchanges of 2023 | How to List Your Cryptocurrency on Exchange for Free?

written by John Murphy | October 22, 2022

Over the past decade, the cryptocurrency market has boomed and reached new dimensions. With new currencies entering the market, it is attracting the eyes of new potential investors. Despite all the speculation, free cryptocurrency trade is on the rise. However, it is not simple to get new cryptocurrency accepted by investors. Furthermore, it would help if you first learned how to list your cryptocurrency on exchange for free?

We have covered you here; we will discuss in detail all the necessary steps required to solve this query. So, let’s get started.

Guide to list your cryptocurrency on exchange

Getting your cryptocurrency listed on the exchange is an easy process. However, the important thing is to have code-embedded solid crypto to have it listed without any hassle.

The following steps will help you with a free token listing of cryptocurrency.

Step 1         

First, you must make a section of your preferred exchange. It depends on the nature and type of cryptocurrency. We recommend to make a thorough research on available crypto exchanges and choosing the best one.

Step 2     

Once you have chosen your exchange partner, start communication with your portfolio. Try to make the best deal possible with minimum to free of charge. We recommend making an expert a part of the communication as it involves complex and technical issues.

Most exchanges ask for several queries before allowing your crypto to list for trade. A few common questions and documents required include the following.

  • Your origin of operations
  • Whether you will allow exchange through fiat money or other cryptocurrencies
  • Platform’s technical details
  • Charges details

Step 3        

Once you are all set with the next step, collaborate with an expert to prepare the necessary documents. Generally, below mentioned documents are required.

  • Legal Memorandum on behalf of token lister
  • Registration details, including currency name and short form
  • Copy of agreement with the exchange
  • Local laws registration details (if required)
  • Details of issuers 

You may require to provide other documents as well, which is the sole discretion of the exchange.

Step 4

You must complete the application form after successfully submitting the documents. Already submitted papers become part of the application form, along with fee submission details, if any. Once application submission is complete, you must make a rigorous follow-up to obtain regular updates. Th follow-up will keep pushing your application upwards through the approval ladder.

Step 5  

Once the application gets approved, the final step to list your cryptocurrency on exchange for free is to list your cryptocurrency on sale. There are a few technical integration steps that you need to look after by yourself. These include allowing the payments and receipts of new tokens.

What makes a good crypto token?

Since cryptocurrencies are built to serve multiple use cases, tokens that make them acceptable in the market have some common traits – which investors highly appreciate.

After the off-the-shelf offering and white-label services, launching a new cryptocurrency is no longer a tricky question. However, gaining investors’ confidence and getting it listed on famous exchanges depend on multiple across. Many new crypto coins fail to deliver their promise because they lack in few key features.

Token listing, most importantly, depends on the standards and blockchain ecosystem where it operates. So, let us explore the key ingredients of a suitable crypto token

Seasoned Team

Crypto ecosystem is demanding continuous improvement. As a cryptocurrency token, investors want its founders to remain available and active at all times.

Activation participation means keeping existing and potential buyers updated with the latest developments. How you plan to secure future challenges, address community concerns, and introduce solutions which can tackle new trends.

Community-focus initiatives     

The better a currency can address initiatives desired by its community, the better its results are on the crypto market. These initiatives include introducing airdrops, and launchpads, commonly called initial DEX offering (IDO). These add-ons attract new clients, thus boosting the currency’s successful chances.

Competitive advantage

A mere hype will only last for a few weeks, so having a competitive edge is mandatory for long-term success. The longevity of a token listing depends on its usefulness.

Most volatile cryptocurrencies offer similar features and acceptability; you must go the extra mile to succeed. It may include offering additional security features, offering excellent after-sale support, providing a free wallet facility, and likewise.

A tip is to visit current crypto users and ask about the hurdles they face in the existing environment. Now try to solve that issue with your crypto coins. 


Digital currency is prone to unwanted access. One of the significant cryptocurrency cons is its security problems. So, always have a well-designed and executed pan for the security of your coins. Security is the essential pillar of trust and here you come to know that why is crypto important?


 In the cryptocurrency market, liquidity means the ease with which a particular currency is tradable in the ecosystem. To increase participation from the community, always use a simple and user-friendly interface for transactions. However, while doing so, do not compromise security.


Where can I list my cryptocurrency for free?

Several online exchanges offer free listing of your cryptocurrency, to name a few: ZenGo, HollaEx, ChangeNow, Atani, Accounting.

What are the charges to list cryptocurrency on Coinbase?

Coinbase offers free-of-charge services for basic token listing. However, you can tariff their customer service support if you require advanced or customized services.

How can I promote my crypto exchange? 

You can promote your crypto exchange using various marketing strategies, including promotion, branding, advertising, event-driven PR, affiliate marketing, and reputation management.

How to list your cryptocurrency on exchange for free?

The process is simple; you need to contact and contract with your preferred crypto exchange. After completing all necessary documents and approvals, you can list your crypto coins and start trading.


Do many newbies enquire about how to list your cryptocurrency on exchange for free? We have answered the question in detail. With the ever-changing crypto ecosystem, it is becoming vital to choose an exchange partner carefully. Having a well-designed marketing strategy is the key to success in the long term.