How to Mine Pi Cryptocurrency?
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How to Mine Pi Cryptocurrency?

written by John Murphy | December 20, 2022

Cryptocurrency mining has developed into a business that requires careful investment and planning. Mining is a complex computational process that requires special equipment. However, recently a project has changed the mining outlook and is available to anyone. This sensation’s outbreak has left many searching for how to mine Pi cryptocurrency.

Yes, it is right! You need a phone and the internet to start mining cryptocurrency: the Pi network has made it possible. According to its creators, Pi is the only cryptocurrency available for mining with an app. Therefore, the mobile mining app created a frenzy around “how to mine Pi.”

Pi is particularly a ground-breaking project. Amazingly, Pi does not use your phone’s resources, so your phone’s performance will not decline as you start mining.

So, let us learn how to mine Pi cryptocurrency without further ado.

What is Pi Network?

Pi (Pi) cryptocurrency is a project of Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Dr. Chengdio, and Vincent McPhillips launched in March 2019. The project caught the attraction of investors who quickly wanted to mine cryptos.

As of now, you have to install Pi’s app and start mining. However, the project owner plans to add new features, such as Electroneum (ETN), which will utilize the device’s resources. The algorithm on the Pi network is straightforward and uses the proof-of-work protocol to verify transactions.

The process of mining Pi

Pi is a game changer; you can easily access it and start mining the Pi cryptocurrency right from your palm. Since blockchains are fundamental units of cryptocurrencies, Pi blockchain also begins and continues as a result of the block-solving process.

Furthermore, a series of computations get performed throughout the mining process that combines individual transaction blocks to form a chain. The miners get coins as a reward for completing the mining process.

Here are the steps you need to follow to start mining Pi cryptocurrency. In simple here is the method how for mining Pi cryptocurrency.

Step 1: Download the App

First, you need to download the Pi application on your mobile phone. It is super easy, visit the app store on your mobile, search for the Pi app, download, and install it. 

Step 2: Create an Account

Secondly, you need to create an account for the Pi app. Generally, you will need to provide below information to complete the sign-up:

  • Provide your full name
  • Enter phone number
  • Create a username

After completing the sign-up, you will see your device’s Pi icon. Click the icon to proceed further. 

You may see a message that reads, “Mining is turned off.” Do not worry, as it is a routine message. To move further with mining, follow the next steps.

Step 3: Create a Profile

In this step, you’ll have to provide your personal information. Always give your real name, address, and phone number to create a profile.

Please note that imaginary details will not allow you to create your profile. So, stay original. In addition, use your phone number, as you will receive passwords on your given number to complete your profile.

 Step 4: Enter Pass Codes

Moving forward, you will have to provide the passcode; you can get it by two methods.

  • Ask your friends, who are already users of the Pi platform, to provide you with a passcode.
  • Search Google for an invitational code

So, once you have your passcode, you are now good to proceed further with the completion of the registration process.

Step 5: Join the Pi Network

Once you enter the passcode and tap “Join Pi Network,” your registration will complete. Further, you will receive a confirmation message.

However, a pro tip is not to sign up and leave the app. It would be best if you kept visiting the Pi app from time to time to ensure that you are a natural person and not a bot. Another tip is to keep notifications ON to get all the essential updates.

You must wait to start mining Pi and will have to wait for 24 hours after your registration.

 Step 6: Mining the Pi Cryptocurrency

You will receive a bonus of 1 Pi from the platform as a reward for registration. You are now fully ready to take off with mining Pi cryptocurrency. 

Click the mine option on the app, and your phone will start the process automatically. You can minimize the app and use your phone for other purposes while the app will keep mining cryptos in the background.

Furthermore, the platform has a rank system based on successful mining by individuals. These ranks include the following:

Pioneer: It is for first-level miners.

Contributor: If you mine Pi cryptocurrency for three consecutive days, you get promoted to this level.

Ambassador: If you invite other people to the platform, you will reach this rank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pi cryptocurrency safe to mine on a mobile device?

Pi’s mobile app is ranked excellent regarding security features. So you can download and install it on your device with complete confidence.

Why mine Pi coins?

Although Pi is a new concept with low value, the ease of mining attracts new investors daily. Thus experts see it as a potential next big thing. However, since it is highly volatile, seek professional advice before investing in Pi coins.

How much Pi can I mine in a day?

Although there is no limit or set quantity that the user can mine a particular day, you can get 3.6 Pi coins daily with just a single click.

Can I store my Pi coins on the app?

The simple answer is yes; your Pi app also works as a wallet where you can hold your cryptocurrency.

How to buy Bitcoin with the Pi cryptocurrency?

Luckily, you can trade Bitcoin with Pi; there are numerous crypto exchanges where you can buy Pi with Bitcoins.

Parting Thoughts

Despite concerns circling liquidation in cryptocurrency, many new and promising projects keep surfacing in the crypto ocean. Pi cryptocurrency is one such platform that has shaken the mining procedures.

The idea has left many users searching for how to mine Pi cryptocurrency. However, the answer is easy; you download the Pi app on your mobile phone and start mining after registering.

The app works in simple ways, just like your favorite game. It will not drain your phone battery and slow down its performance. Therefore, you can start mining cryptocurrency without worrying about the health of your phone.

Please share how your experience was mining Pi cryptocurrency in the comments section.